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Legendary Items Crafting Guide

Last Updated: March 4th 2024

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Crafting Legendaries has the potential to create some of the most powerful items in the game. With the right bases it's possible to make items that are exceptionally rare and can take a build to the next level. In this guide we cover all you need to know about crafting Legendaries with Legendary Potential, including what they are, how to find the components to make them and finally how to craft one.

What is a Legendary

A Legendary is a Unique item that has one or more additional affixes added to it. Up to four total affixes can be added if the unique has enough potential (two prefixes, two suffixes). Each affix can range from tier 1 up to tier 7, meaning the right affix(es) can add an incredible amount of power to an already powerful unique!

Almost any kind of Unique can become a Legendary with the right components (There are three guaranteed drops in the story that cannot, but they all have endgame variants that can). However, not every Unique that drops on the ground is able to be crafted into one. In the next section we'll cover the criteria necessary to turn a Unique into a Legendary.

A Legendary Siphon of Anguish with two affixes.

Legendary Components

There are two ways to make a Legendary:

  • A Unique with at least one Legendary Potential.
  • An Exalted item of the same type as the unique that also has two prefixes and two suffixes.


  • A Unique that has Weaver's Will

For our purposes, we are interested in the items with Legendary Potential because these Legendaries are made through crafting. For more information on Weaver's Will, check out our Weaver's Will Guide.

A Unique with 3 Legendary Potential
An Exalted Axe that could be used with Tempest Maw when crafting a Legendary.

Some things to know about the Unique:

  • The Legendary Potential of the Unique determines how many affixes will be added to the Legendary from the Exalted item and this number ranges from 1-4. A Unique with 1 Legendary Potential will only take one affix, whereas one with 4 will take all four affixes.
  • The roll ranges of the affixes already on the Unique will remain on the Legendary. Since they do not reroll, getting a Unique with high rolls is desirable.

Some things to know about the Exalted:

  • By 'same type' we mean the base is the same. Example: If your Unique with Legendary Potential is a pair of gloves, then you also need an Exalted pair of gloves. If it's a one handed axe, then you also need a one handed axe for your Exalted.
  • Outside of the number of affixes on the Exalted, it won't matter what kind they are or how many tiers they have. You can technically craft with one Tier 6 and three Tier 1 affixes if you want.
  • It can have a sealed affix. However the sealed affix cannot be transferred to the Legendary.
  • Each affix has an equal chance of being transferred to the Legendary (an Exalted affix is no more or less likely than any other affix) so having high tier affixes that are meaningful for the Legendary you are trying to make will improve the odds of creating an item you want to wear.
  • If you put an affix on the Legendary that is class specific, the Legendary becomes class specific.
  • Forging Potential does not matter. The Exalted can have 0 Forging Potential and still be used.

For more information on Unique and Exalted items check out our Gear Walkthrough.

Crafting Process

In order to make a Legendary you need to complete the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. To do this you'll need a Temporal Sanctum Key which drops randomly in the world and has a high chance of dropping from Timeline Bosses in the Monolith of Fate.

For more information on the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon check out our Temporal Sanctum Dungeon and Julra Boss Guide.

After killing Julra and walking into the next room you're presented with the Eternity Cache, a large monolithic structure that you can interact with.

Eternity Cache in the Divine Era
Eternity Cache in the Ruined Era

In order to start the process of crafting your Legendary, you need to start in the Divine Era (use Temporal Shift if necessary) and Open the Eternity Cache. Once opened, put your Unique with Legendary Potential and your Exalted with four affixes into the Cache. Press 'Seal Cache' and switch eras using Temporal Shift. Now open the cache one more time to find your Legendary inside.

Sealing a Unique and Exalted in the Divine Era.
Retrieving the Legendary in the Ruined Era.

This process can be completed once per dungeon run. If you want to make another Legendary you need to obtain another Temporal Sanctum Key and run the dungeon again.

Component Farming

While making a Legendary is relatively straightforward, acquiring the Unique and Exalted items you need can prove challenging. Below is a list of tips and strategies to guide you in your search of making truly epic Legendaries:

For Uniques:

  • The likelihood of finding an item with Legendary Potential is determined by three factors:
    • Every Unique in the game has a Legendary Potential level. A higher level means the item is less likely to have Legendary Potential.
    • Zones with higher area levels are more likely to drop Uniques with Legendary Potential
    • Corruption also has a small effect on Legendary Potential.
  • Boss specific Uniques can be farmed easily by farming that boss. Increase Corruption and Item Rarity to improve your odds.
  • For world drops, either farm a specific Timeline that has echo rewards for that unique type, or use a Rune of Ascendance.
  • We do not recommend farming the Lightless Arbor dungeon since this method is better served for farming Crafting Materials and Exalteds.

For Exalteds:

  • In order to get tier 7s to drop you need to be in at least area level 90
  • For general hunting (not targeting a specific type) echo reward nodes are pretty efficient, especially with higher corruption.
  • The Lightless Arbor dungeon is a great way to get a lot of Exalted items at once if you have the gold necessary to juice the vault.
  • The Soulfire Bastion dungeon provides an opportunity to target belts, boots and gloves which don't have Timeline reward echoes.
  • If you have an incredible Exalted that you want to use as a Legendary, but either don't want to lose the Exalted item or want more than one shot at getting the right affixes on your Legendary you can use Rune of Creation to make a duplicate of the item. Note: this only works if the original item has some Forging Potential so be careful with your crafting!

For more information on Timelines, Corruption and Item Rarity see our Monolith Beginner Guide.



  • A Legendary is a Unique with 1 or more additional affixes on it.
  • To create a Legendary from a Unique, it must have Legendary Potential or Weaver's Will. This guide discusses Legendary Potential.
  • Uniques with Legendary Potential are combined with Exalted items that have four unsealed affixes (it can have a sealed affix, but it won't count).
  • Crafting a Legendary this way occurs at the end of the Temporal Sanctum dungeon.
  • There are a number of strategies to use when farming for Uniques or Exalteds for Legendaries.


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