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Weaver’s Will Uniques

Last Updated: July 8th 2024

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Weaver's Will is a set of Uniques with a mechanic that functions as an alternative path to making a Legendary. Because of their ability to become Legendary, they have some of the highest potential for power in the game, but they are also highly RNG dependent. This provides players with another avenue to chase for amazing items.

What Is Weaver's Will?

Weaver's Will is a special stat that shows up on some Uniques and provides them with the opportunity to become far more powerful. It takes the same item slot as Legendary Potential and has a similar effect, eventually turning the item into a Legendary. However, the path to creating it is very different.

Weaver's Will has a number range from 5-28 that determines the overall power potential of the item. The higher the number the more upgrades the item can get, and so the stronger it can become.

A Unique with Weaver's Will on it.

Upgrading A Weaver's Will Unique

The process to upgrading these items is very straightforward, but time intensive. In order to begin, you need to equip an item that has Weaver's Will on your character. From there, just go kill enemies! As you gain XP so will the Unique. Eventually, it will level up and add a new Tier 1 Affix from the pool of possible Affixes for that item slot (example: If you equip a ring, it can only roll affixes that can be added to a ring.)

A Ring with Weaver's Will being upgraded.

Continue to kill monsters with your item equipped and it will continue to get XP and level up. After the first affix, it has a chance to either upgrade the Tier of that Affix or add a new one. Up to 4 new affixes can be added (two prefixes, two suffixes) and they can be upgraded as high as Tier 7. Whether a new Affix is added or a Tier is upgraded is pseudo random, with the chance being weighted towards upgrading an existing affix. Each upgrade on the item lowers the Weaver's Will by one. This process can be continued until there is no more Will left on the item.

How many Affixes you ultimately receive and what Tier they reach is determined by the amount of Weaver's Will on the item and RNG. Higher amounts of Weaver's will provide more total Tiers, with 28 Will guaranteeing 4 Tier 7s.

Restrictions and Important Mechanics

Not every Unique can drop with Weaver's Will. In fact, there are only a few that can. Any item that can drop with Will cannot drop with Legendary Potential, and vice versa. All of the Uniques with Will are also world drops, so they cannot be target farmed through specific bosses. Uniques with Will are typically more rare than ones with Legendary Potential so finding them won't be easy!

These boots always drop with Weaver's Will.
These boots never drop with Weaver's Will, but they can have Legendary Potential.

Here are some additional attributes of items with Weaver's Will:

  • The Affixes that are chosen when upgrading aren't always completely random. They are more likely to roll a rare Affix on most items, except for Boots. They are much more likely to roll a rare Affix on Relics
  • Farming at a higher area level will increase the likelihood of getting larger amounts of Will on an item.

Farming Uniques With Weaver's Will

Due to the previously mentioned restrictions, farming items with Will isn't easy, but there are several strategies you can employ to improve your chances for success.

  • Farm at area level 100. Higher area level increases the odds for higher Will on the item.
  • Target Monolith Timelines with Unique Echo Rewards for the item type you're looking for.
  • Increase corruption on the Timeline to imcrease the number of rare echo types, giving you more Unique Echo Rewards.
  • Use Rune of Ascendance on the item type that you're farming (Example: if you're trying to get a ring, use Ascendance on a Ring)
  • Get the Grand Winds of Fortune Blessing to increase your overall drop rate.
Higher Corruption means more Uniques.

Following these strategies increases your Unique drop rate for the item type you're looking for substantially, which ultimately increases your drop rate for items with Weaver's Will!

For more information on Monolith Echo Rewards and Corruption check out our Empowered Monolith and Advanced Monolith Strategies guides.



  • Weaver's Will is a new mechanic for Uniques that allows them to become Legendaries in a different way than Legendary Potential.
  • Weaver's Will Uniques will always have Weaver's Will on them and can never have Legendary Potential.
  • Each item can have between 5-28 Weaver's Will on it.
  • Wearing an item with Weaver's Will allows it to 'level up' through killing monsters. Each level either adds a new affix or upgrades the tier of an existing one. Four total affixes can be added (2 prefix, 2 suffix) and each affix can be upgraded up to Tier 7.
  • When a Weaver's Will item upgrades, it loses one Will. Once all Will is depleted from the item, it cannot be upgraded further.


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