Void Knight Leveling Guide


This Void Knight leveling build showers foes in endless void spells. It uses Smite and Devouring Orb to deal massive single target and clear. You have access to a lot of buffs from other skills like Sigils Of Hope, Volatile Reversal and Anomaly.

This Void Knight build plays in melee as it needs to hit with Devouring Orb to deal most of its damage. In terms of defense it has damage reduction with Armour Clad and Void Aegis. It also has a lot of recovery with leech through World Eater and Time Eater.

Overall, the Devouring Orb Void Knight is an amazing leveling build, as it provides amazing defense, recovery and damage from its skills and passives. It also scales really well into the end-game as gear affixes have a big impact on the build. This combination makes the Void Knight leveling look easy.

Early Campaign Gear Planner
Devouring Orb
Volatile Reversal
Sigils Of Hope

Check out the Campaign Guide for an in depth breakdown of the campaign.

Insane Clear
No Mana Problem

Decent Survivability
High Damage Early and End Game

Has to Respec 1 Skill
Multiple Buttons Build
Heavy Cooldown Management

Lower Damage When Switching to Spell