Echo Warpath Void Knight Guide


If you enjoy the 'Spin 2 Win' playstyle then look no further. This build provides high damage and excellent move speed, making it a great farming/clear build. It is new player friendly with an entry level skill requirement, while also being disability friendly with very low button usage. It's also SSF friendly with no gear required to run the build, and the best uniques for the build are almost completely target farmable through bosses. This build is also capable in Arena, skilled players can take it into the high hundreds of waves.

Clear speed and efficiency for this build is incredible, with more than 100% movement speed and Echo Knight allowing the player to quickly run to an objective while Echoes kill everything along the way, making this one of the best clearing and farm builds. Bossing is also very good thanks to Maw of the Deep and a legendary Apathy's Maw with Melee Critical Strike Chance letting us Crit Cap and take full advantage of Void Corruption. The build's biggest weakness is tankiness, with half of it's EHP cut in 0.9. However, All Resistances While Channelling, World Eater, Wings of Argentus, and Grand Patience of Herkir allow it to stay viable.

End Game Gear Planner


Sigils Of Hope




This build guide assumes you have a Level 70 Character. Reach Level 70 with our Void Knight Leveling Guide.
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Immune to Stuns
High move speed
Great AoE and Single Target DPS
New Player, Disability, and SSF friendly

Not Very Tanky
Not a very involved playstyle
Unlocking Crit Requires a Legendary
Max efficiency requires Managing Sigils