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Corruption Tier List

Last Updated: July 11th 2024

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Patch 1.0

Maxroll's Corruption Tier List ranks a build's power relative to all others. The best builds stand in S Tier and are expected to outperform others. We consider many factors when placing the builds but mainly focus on what Corruption they can reach. Choose wisely, read the guides and defeat all the Bosses!

Builds are ordered within each Tier by their Mastery. It does not reflect a build's power relative to others within the same Tier.

S Tier

iconGlacier Sorcerer
iconBallista Falconer (ZHP)
iconTorment Warlock

A Tier

iconPlasma Orb Runemaster
iconFrostbite Frost Claw Sorc
iconShatter Strike Spellblade
iconSpark Charge Sorcerer
iconFrostbite Swarmblade Druid
iconLightning Swarmblade Druid
iconShield Bash Forge Guard
iconIgnite Shield Rush FG
iconAftershock Werebear Druid
iconSquirrel Beastmaster
iconDive Bomb Falconer
iconBleed Hammerdin Paladin
iconBleed Falconer
iconShadow Dagger Falconer
iconRive Void Knight
iconShadow Daggers Bladedancer
iconWraith Necromancer

B Tier

iconFireball Sorcerer
iconNova Hammerdin FG
iconHydrahedron Runemaster
iconJudgement Aura Paladin
iconHail of Arrows Marksman
iconSmite Hammer Throw VK
iconBlast Rain Marksman
iconBleed Javelin Paladin
iconSmite Hammerdin Paladin
iconThorn Totem Shaman
iconEcho Warpath Void Knight
iconDeath Seal Lich
iconTempest EQ Beastmaster
iconGolem Necromancer
iconBleed Warlock

C Tier

iconFlame Reave Spellblade
iconEarthquake Werebear Druid
iconUpheaval Beastmaster
iconHoly Trail Javelin Paladin
iconRoid Mage Necromancer
iconHarvest Lich
iconDancing Strikes Bladedancer

D Tier

iconDevouring Orb Void Knight
iconMultishot Marksman

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