Multishot Marksman Guide


Turn into a DPS turret and cover the screen with a deadly barrage of Physical projectiles. Watch your enemies die as they struggle to approach you! This Marksman fills the battlefield with arrows while staying out of the range of enemies. Is one of the easiest and most beginner friendly builds the Marksman Mastery has to offer.

This Marksman utilizes channelled Flurry to proc as many Multishots as possible thanks to Fusillade and Arrow Storm. The fact that you have to stand still while channelling Flurry is fully embraced with this build and enhance it with every component, making full use of the Grand Patience of Herkir Blessing, Pavise Passive Node and All Resistances While Channelling Suffix.

This Marksman has incredible range and AoE and deals good Damage even without any Uniques. However with items like Drelkor's Compass and Somnia it can scale Stuns to the point where mobs can barely move.

Overall Multishot Marksman is a great build for fully clearing Echoes in the Monolith of Faith. It can Stun Dungeon Bosses with ease and is great at applying Ailments like Critical Vulnerability in party play. If you are looking to fill the screen with arrows and kill enemies off-screen, this is a great build for you!

End Game Gear Planner

Smoke Bomb





This build guide assumes you have a Level 70 Character. Reach Level 70 with our Marksman Leveling Guide.
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Widescreen AoE
Perma Stun Bosses

Easy Mana Management
Great Ailment Spreader for Party Play

Can't AFK Facetank
Can't DPS While Moving
Stationary While Attacking
❌ Vulnerable to Persistent AoE Damage