Dragonsong Marksman Guide


Dragonsong Marksman is named after Dragonsong, a Unique that has a chance to proc Dragonfire on Critical Strikes. The recent addition of Harbinger of Stars, which procs Meteor from Crits, makes this a go-to build for players who enjoy proc based playstyles.

Previously the build revolved around taking advantage of Critical Strike Vulnerability in the Marksman passive tree to guarantee Crits, and because of this it could work out of the box as long as appropriate passives were taken. However, the changes to this ailment in 0.9 require us to invest in Critical Strike Chance in order to cap.

You need Dragonsong to play this build and also need to be at or near Crit cap! The bow is a common drop that can be most easily farmed through Rune of Ascendance and Bow Echo Rewards in the Fall of the Outcasts Timeline. Getting Crit capped is a much more substantial investment.

Overall the Dragonsong Marksman is a great Monolith of Fate farmer and capable Endless Arena pusher. If you are looking for a fast and ranged, proc based playstyle with a large toolkit then this build is for you!

End Game Gear Planner

Smoke Bomb




Cinder Strike

This build guide assumes you have a Level 70 Character. Reach Level 70 with our Marksman Leveling Guide.
The build needs Dragonsong. Check our Unique Item Farming Guide for tips!
If you are looking for a different playstyle, check all our Build Guides!

Fast and Mobile ✔
Great Gear Scaling ✔

Fun Proc Based Playstyl
Multiple Defensive Layers ✔

Requires Uniques
Must Be At Or Near Crit Cap To Play
❌ Will Sometimes Be At Negative Mana
❌ Less Range Than Other Ranged Builds