Hail of Arrows Marksman Guide


Unleash Hail of Arrows (HoA) to cover the screen with a deadly Cold DoT rain and watch enemies die inside of it! This tactical Marksman build controls the battlefield with its huge AoE while staying out of range of enemies. The gameplay is slower and not as flashy as other builds from this Mastery, but it's extremely rewarding when executed properly. The build was conceived in the early stages of the Last Epoch Beta by an experienced Marksman player named Tunk and remains one of the best Marksman builds.

This is one of the only Marksman builds that utilizes the Rogue's Shadows as a core element. It has a clear Skill rotation that you need to learn and execute. Create Shadows with Smoke Bomb to consume them with Dark Quiver's Umbral Resolution Node and buff the Damage of your next Hail of Arrows.

This Marksman has incredible survivability, control and utility thanks to Smoke Bomb and Decoy. While the build does not require any Unique to function, it greatly benefits from items like Reign of Winter and Arrowguard.

Overall Hail of Arrows Marksman shines as one of the best builds for defeating the Monolith of Fate Bosses and pushing in the Endless Arena, even in Hardcore. If you are looking for a ranged build with a tactical, safe and rotation based playstyle, this build is perfect for you!

End Game Gear Planner

Smoke Bomb

Dark Quiver



Hail of Arrows

This article assumes you have a Level 70 Character. Reach Level 70 with our Marksman Leveling Guide.
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Insane DoT DPS
Amazing Boss Killer

Massive Control & AoE ✔
Multiple Defensive Layers ✔

❌ Tedious Skill Rotation
Requires Enemy Knowledge
❌ No Room for Positional Errors
❌ Has To Track Enemy Pathing to DPS