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Respec Guide

Last Updated: February 19th 2024

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We all want to believe that we're always making the right choice for our build. But sometimes it doesn't work out that way; we need to make modifications or even change the build entirely, while not wanting to start a fresh character. That's where respeccing comes in. By respeccing, we can make those sorts of changes to our build, tweaking it until it's just right or to try something new. In this guide, we cover how to respec as well as the costs of respeccing.

What can be Respecced?

There are two areas where you might want to respec:

  • The points you put into your skill trees
  • Your passive points

You can choose to respec both of them or only one, but the way you go about each and the costs of doing so are different so we'll cover each in their own section.

Skill Trees

Top part of the Skills & Specializations Tab with the skill Shift selected

Each skill gains experience and levels independently. Reaching a new level rewards a skill point, up to a maximum of 20. Players can also equip gear that provides 1 or more additional points to invest into that skill. Both of these can be respecced, but reinvesting those points is different for each.

For gear, you can immediately reinvest the points back into the skill with no consequences. This is similar to taking the gear off and putting it back on. For skill points from leveling, the process is a bit more complex:

  • Each skill has a minimum specialized level. Respeccing below this level gives back the points immediately to be respent into the skill. Your minimum specialized level starts at 1 and increases as you level to a maximum of 10.
  • Any points above your minimum specialized level will need to be releveled.
This bar the level of your skill as well as the minimum specialized level.

To respec a skill, open your skills & specializations tab ('s' by default) and choose the skill you are specialized in and want to respec. From there, click the 'Respec' button in the upper right hand corner. Choose the 'Remove Points' option. You can now click on nodes in the skill tree to remove points, one at a time. Note: you won't be able to remove points from nodes that are connected to other active nodes and would make that node unusable. Example: You have points invested in a node that requires 3 points from a previous node. You will not be able to respec below 3 points in the previous node.

If you want to remove all of the points from a Skill and start fresh, instead of "Remove Points" you can select "Despecialize Skill". This will open the specialization slot and you can then reselect the skill, which will now have no points invested in the tree.

If instead of changing points in a skill tree you want to select a different skill entirely, you can also do this through the "Despecialize Skill" button. Once the skill is removed from your specializations bar you are free to select a different skill.

The Respec button in the upper righthand corner.
This dialogue box lets you choose how to respec.


Top part of the Passive Tree for Void Knight.

Passive points are gained by leveling and through quests. In order to respec passives, you need to visit an NPC named Chronomancer Lerinne who can be found in either The End of Time or The Council Chambers. She has an icon of a head with a visible brain that can be seen on the minimap.

Talking to her opens a dialogue box that offers the option to "Respecialize Mastery Point allocations". Selecting it opens up your passive tree and allows you to select passive points from nodes that you want to remove. Be aware that:

The icon you'll see on the minimap for the Passives respec NPC.
  • You can only remove points one at a time and each time will cost you gold. The amount of gold is determined by how many points you have in that node. Removing points from nodes with a lot of points invested costs more than nodes with fewer.
  • You cannot remove points from nodes if they cause invested nodes from higher up in the tree to no longer meet point requirements. Example: A node you have invested in requires 35 total points in the tree. You will not be able to remove any points below that node if it would cause you to only have 34 points invested below the node.
  • You cannot remove more than 20 points from your Base Class tree if you have any points in a Mastery Tree.

Once you've respecced your passive points you can immediately reallocate them. Unlike skill points, there's no need to relevel passives.

Mastery Class

There is no way to respec your mastery class. Once you make your choice it's permanent, so choose wisely.


  • There are two things that can be respecced: Skill points and Passive points
  • Skill point respecs are free up to the minimum specialized level. Beyond that you'll need to relevel them.
  • Skills can also be despecialized to start fresh or try a different skill.
  • Passives can be respecced for gold.
  • There is no way to respec your mastery class.



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