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Runes of Power Branch Update – Runemaster and More!

Last Updated: September 8th 2023

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The Last Epoch Runes of Power Branch Update is here! Many of our guides have been combed through, and we added new guides for the new Runemaster Mage Mastery, the long awaited final Mastery for the class! Also new is the Exiled Mages activity, and One-shot and Lost Caches!


If you've played Invoker from DOTA2, or are a fan of Magicka, then you'll love Runemaster! The Mastery combines Fire, Lightning, and Cold Runes to trigger 40 unique spells. Whenever you cast an Elemental Skill, a runic icon appears above your head (up to a maximum of 3). Then when you cast Runic Invocation reads all 3 Runes and consumes them. Runemaster's theme involves combining elemental effects, so naturally Runemaster's skills are often tri-element, or can be converted between all 3 elemental types. Defensively, there's great access to Ward and Mana synergies, many of which come early enough in the passive tree that it can benefit all Mage builds.

Runemaster Guides

It wouldn't be a complete update without new and exciting guides to aid your journeys in Eterra. We have cooked up a Leveling Guide and three End Game Builds for you to try out!

Runemaster Leveling Guide

^ Runemaster Leveling Guide ^

The Runemaster leveling build summons devastating turrets called Hydrahedron to annihilate foes. It utilizes two Skills in order to summon the turrets: Runebolt and Runic Invocation. Runebolt is also used for generating Runes while Runic Invocation consumes them to summon more turrets.

Runemaster End Game Guides

^ Frost Claw Runemaster ^

The Frost Claw Runemaster dives deep into the Cold fantasy, with a proc based playstyle that takes advantage of 3 damage dealing skills. This build is pure eye candy for those that enjoy Cold damage while delivering a well rounded build that can handle all content in the game.

^ Disintegrate Runemaster ^

Unleash beams of pure Fire energy to decimate your enemies! The continuous blast of Disintegrate melts away any and all enemies in vicinity.

^ Hydrahedron Runemaster ^

Fill the battlefield with fiery octahedrons that spew a deadly rain of Fire Projectiles that incinerate everything in the area! Combine Lightning, Fire, Fire (L,F,F) Runes to conjure Hydrahedron, a powerful Runic Invocation unique to the Runemaster that turns foes into ashes.

Exiled Mages

Exiled Mages is a new Event that can appear in the Campaign or the Monolith of Fate. The rewards these Mages provide are powerful and exclusive, so be on the lookout and take them out whenever you can!

An imprisoned Exiled Mage.
An Exiled Mage's Prison on the Minimap.

To learn more about Exiled Mages, read about it in our guide.

One-shot and Lost Caches

Caches are chests that can reward special items or just a lot of good ones. There are two types, One-shot Caches help support niche playstyles in the Campaign, giving you exclusive items called personal items. You can also find Lost Caches in the Monolith of Fate, which are random encounters giving you loads of items based on the variant of the chest itself.

A One-shot Cache found in chapter 1 of the campaign.
A Lost Cache found in the end game inside an echo.

To learn more about One-shot and Lost Caches, read about it in our guide.

Maxroll Exclusive GamesCom Interview!

Last Epoch & Maxroll came together during Gamescom to talk about the game, and its exciting future. Eleventh Hour Games's Mike Weicker (Senior Gameplay Designer), Ilkka "Karv" Unkuri (Game Designer), and Judd Cobler (CEO & Founder, Game Director) joined Maxroll's Terek, McFluffin, and LizardIRL for an opportunity to interview them and ask questions the community has been wanting to hear.

Keep Blasting to 1.0!

With the latest patch, Last Epoch is truly shaping up to be everything we want and more! We hope you enjoy the new Runemaster guides, along with the many updates to other resources as well. More is coming down the line as we look towards 1.0 and more in the future!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development.

Written by: Dredscythe

Contributions by: Tenkiei, Terek, McFluffin, LizardIRL, Volca, Binashole

Reviewed by: Xtra37

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