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One-shot and Lost Caches Guide

Last Updated: February 5th 2024

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Caches are chests that can reward special items or just a lot of good ones. There are of two types, One-shot Caches help support niche playstyles in the Campaign, giving you exclusive items called personal items. You can also find Lost Caches in the Monolith of Fate, which are random encounters giving you loads of items based on the variant of the chest itself. See below for examples of both types of Caches.

A One-shot Cache found in chapter 1 of the campaign.
A Lost Cache found in the end game inside an echo.

Locating Caches

Locating a Cache is as easy as looking at the minimap! An icon displays when one is nearby. Since Caches spawn in most end game areas (Campaign, Monolith of Fate and Arena) it's always a good idea to be on the lookout for them. The only place they do not spawn is in Dungeons and maps that are exclusive to Boss fights (example: Lagon's Seafloor Colosseum).

A Cache icon on the minimap.

One-shot Caches

One-shot Caches are special as they can only be opened once, they are always in the same spot in the campaign and always give the same rewards no matter which class you play. Each Cache gives you one Personal Item, which is an item with fixed affixes that you can't craft. They are intended to help niche playstyles during leveling, like hybrid melee and spell damage builds for example.

Ch1 - The Fortress Gardens (lvl 3)
Ch1 - The Keepers' Vault (lvl 5)
Ch1 - Ulatri Highlands (lvl 6)
Ch1 - The Osprix Warcamp (lvl 7)
Ch2 - The Shrouded Ridge (lvl 14)
Ch3 - The Courtyard (lvl 21)
Ch4 - Welryn Outskirts (lvl 23)
Ch5 - Titan's Canyon (lvl 36)
Ch7 - The Tundra (lvl 46)
Ch8 - Etendell (lvl 51)
Ch8 - Lagon's Isle (lvl 51)
Ch9 - The Crossroads (lvl 53)

Lost Caches

Lost Caches are random encounters in the Monolith of Fate. They can appear in any type of echo except for quest echoes. They also come in different types and rarities that decide the items within. When you mouse over one, the name reveals the contents it holds.

Armor Rewards

  • Lost Guardian's Cache - Common rarity.
  • Shrine Guardian's Cache - Uncommon rarity.
  • Divine Guardian's Cache - Rare rarity.

Jewelry Rewards

  • Lost Thief's Cache - Common rarity.
  • Great Thief's Cache - Uncommon rarity.
  • Thief Lord's Cache - Rare rarity.

Melee Weapon Rewards

  • Lost Warrior's Cache - Common rarity.
  • Great Warrior's Cache - Uncommon rarity.
  • Warrior Queen's Cache - Rare rarity.

Caster Weapon Rewards

  • Lost Wizard's Cache - Common rarity.
  • Great Wizard's Cache - Uncommon rarity.
  • Archwizard's Cache - Rare rarity.

Glyphs and Runes Rewards

  • Lost Runesmith's Cache - Common rarity.
  • Great Runesmith's Cache - Uncommon rarity.
  • Master Runesmith's Cache - Rare rarity.

Rare Rewards

  • Pontifex's Cache - Exalted Items.
  • Explorer's Cache - Keys.
  • Lost Lizard's Cache - Health Regen Shards.

Which Cache you get is generally random, but some are rarer than others. If you see a Pontifex's Cache, Explorer's Cache or Lost Lizard's Cache you got lucky!


  • Caches are world spawns that grant either items or crafting materials.
  • They appear with their own icon on the minimap.
  • One-shot Caches are one time use and can be found in the Campaign. They reward Personal Items.
  • Lost Caches can be found in the Monolith of Fate echoes, except for quest echoes.
  • Lost Caches have different reward depending on their type and rarity.


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