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Exiled Mages

Last Updated: February 20th 2024

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Exiled Mages is a new Event that can appear in the Campaign or Monolith of Fate. The rewards these Mages provide are powerful and exclusive, so be on the lookout and take them out whenever you can!

What Are Exiled Mages?

Lore-wise, they were Mages that experimented on forbidden magic and were caught, leading to their imprisonment. These prisons can be found throughout the campaign and Monolith of Fate. Opening a prison releases the Mage, who attacks both you and any monsters in the area. The Mage has a variety of skills at his disposal and also uses Teleport, making him very agile. He is more challenging than the other enemies in the area, so be prepared for a battle!

An imprisoned Exiled Mage.

Locating Exiled Mages

Exiled Mages have a chance to spawn on almost every zone in the Campaign and Monolith of Fate. Finding them is as simple as exploring the map and looking for the icon on the minimap. Once you've located one, walk over to it and click on the prison that's trapping the Mage inside. After a short animation, the Mage appears and the fight begins!

An Exiled Mage's Prison on the Minimap.


Once you defeat the Mage he drops a variety of items, including one item with an Experimental Affix. This Affix is exclusive to the Mage, so it cannot drop anywhere else in the world. It can be crafted, but only through special crafting materials.

An Experimental Affix (Blue)

Speaking of special crafting materials, Exiled Mages can also drop a special Rune, called Rune of Research, with higher level Mages more likely to drop this Rune. The Rune is guaranteed to seal the Experimental Affix on an item, even if the Affix is Exalted! Sealing an Experimental Affix with this Rune also has a chance to create a Glyph of Insight, which changes a prefix into an Experimental Affix. An item can only have one Experimental Affix on it, so you cannot use a Glyph of Insight after sealing an Experimental Affix with Rune of Research.

This Seals an Experimental Affix
This rerolls an Affix to Experimental

Together, the Experimental Affixes and Crafting Materials provide a strong chase to seal high Tier Experimental Affixes on already great items, further increasing the ceiling for the strongest items in the game.

Farming Exiled Mages

Since Exiled Mages drop very valuable and exclusive loot, many players will want to farm them to get the items they need. Here are some tips:

  • General Farming Strategies:
    • Don't farm in Dungeons or the Arena. These zones cannot spawn Exiled Mages
    • Avoid Arena Echoes in the Monolith. Exiled Mages do not spawn there.
    • Once you reach Empowered Monoliths, farm at the highest Corruption you can efficiently.
  • If you're looking for items with Experimental Affixes:
    • Farm higher area level. Experimental Affixes can be Exalted, but only if the area level is high enough.
  • If you're looking for Crafting Materials:
    • Similar to Affixes, farm higher area level. This increases the likelihood that a Rune of Research drops.
    • Glyph of Insight can only be acquired by using Rune of Research on items, so if you've got extra Rune of Research and need more Glyph of Insight, craft away on some items to get those drops!

Following these strategies improves your chance of getting what you're looking for, but ultimately it's up to RNG, so good luck!

For more information on Corruption check out our Empowered Monolith and Advanced Monolith Strategies guides.


  • Exiled Mages is a new Event that can appear in the Campaign or Monolith of Fate.
  • Defeated Exiled Mages drop items with Experimental Affixes, which are exclusive to them.
  • They can also drop a new type of Crafting Material, called Rune of Research, that is used to seal Experimental Affixes.
  • Using a Rune of Research has the chance to create a Glyph of Insight, which is another Crafting Material used for Experimental Affix Crafting.


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