Holy Trail Javelin Paladin Guide


Burn cultists, undead monsters and void abominations with this holy Paladin and get the blessing of his sacred river of flames! Unleash Holy Trail every time you throw a Javelin, a versatile and powerful DoT Spell capable of disintegrating enemies and healing yourself and allies simultaneously. As a Paladin, you also have access to Holy Aura, an amazing support ability that buffs yourself and everyone else around you!

Cast Sigils Of Hope to gain powerful defensive and offensive buffs, use Volatile Reversal to apply debuffs to your enemies and move quickly around the map with Lunge, a versatile dash.

This setup doesn't require any Unique to function. However, Items like Atrophy, Bastion of Honour or Ravenous Void are amazing for the build.

Overall, the Holy Trail Javelin Paladin is a solid build capable of defeating all the content in the game. It's easy to play, has great Damage and is extremely sturdy thanks to its healing capabilities. If you are looking for a chill build that performs well and is great for group play, this setup is perfect for you!

End Game Gear Planner

Volatile Reversal

Sigils Of Hope


Holy Aura


This article assumes you have a Level 70 Character. Reach Level 70 with our Paladin Leveling Guide.
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Beginner Friendly
Great For Party Play
Amazing AoE Healing
Scale DPS & Survivability At Once

DPS Downtime
Damage Can Be Missed
Heavy Buff Management
Cooldown Based Gameplay