The Husk of Elder Gaspar - The Last Ruin Boss Guide

The Husk of Elder Gaspar is a juiced up version of the The Husk of Elder Pannion fight found in the campaign. He blends similar but more challenging versions of Pannion's skills while also adding in new ones. One of the rarest Uniques in the game has an increased chance to drop from this boss, making him a 'must kill' for anyone wishing to receive a pair of Ravenous Voids.

In this guide, we cover the rewards, boss mechanics, and provide a strategy for defeating this boss.

For more information on the Timeline this boss is found in check out The Last Ruin Timeline Guide.

The Husk Of Elder Gaspar


All timeline bosses have a pool of exclusive Uniques that can drop. They also provide the player with a Blessing, which is a permanent buff to either power or farming/leveling efficiency. Just like Uniques, each boss has their own exclusive Blessing pool.


The Husk of Elder Gaspar can drop 2 Uniques and 3 Set Items:

  • Gaspar's Acuity Has a 50% chance to drop. It is mutually exclusive to Gaspar's Will, meaning you always get one or the other, but not both. It can drop from both normal and empowered versions. The drop rate is not affected by corruption.
  • Gaspar's Will Has a 50% chance to drop. It is mutually exclusive to Gaspar's Acuity, meaning you always get one or the other, but not both. It can drop from both regular and Empowered versions. The drop rate is not affected by corruption.
  • Gaspar's Insight is a rare drop. The drop rate is increased by higher Corruption. We recommend farming this on Empowered.
  • Sacrificial Embrace is a rare drop that can only be found in Empowered. Increases in Corruption improves the drop rate of this item.
  • Ravenous Void is one of the rarest Uniques in the game. While also a world drop, It has a higher chance to drop from Empowered Gaspar. The drop chance increases with Item Rarity. Note: Even at high Item Rarity this is still a very rare drop.

See the Monolith Timeline Guide for more info on Corruption.


The Blessings of this Timeline are focused around increasing drop rates of certain items. Which one you should choose is dependent upon what kind of items you want to farm.




  • Bastion of the Heart
  • Binding of Ruin
  • Comfort of the End
  • Grasp of Hope
  • Knowledge of Skill
  • Memory of Masters
  • Refuge of Despair
  • Remnants of the Elders
  • Temple of the Mind
  • Grand Bastion of the Heart
  • Grand Binding of Ruin
  • Grand Comfort of the End
  • Grand Grasp of Hope
  • Grand Knowledge of Skill
  • Grand Memory of Masters
  • Grand Refuge of Despair
  • Grand Remnants of the Elders
  • Grand Temple of the Mind

Boss Mechanics

Tri-Beam Fire

Gaspar Teleports to the center of the arena and channels three beams that rotate counterclockwise. There is one beam for each element type (Fire, Cold, Lightning) with all of them dealing high damage that increases the longer the beams are active.

Frozen Ice Storm

Gaspar launches a series of swirling Cold tornados outward from his body in an alternating pattern that deal moderate damage. He always uses this skill directly after Tri-Beam Fire.

Teleport With Void Explosion

Gaspar teleports to another location in the arena. Upon reaching his destination he sets off an explosion that does low Void Damage.

Summon Flaming Void Totem

Gaspar summons a totem that mimics his own Flame Burst, an ability that does high Fire Damage in a circle around the caster. When Gaspar reaches 60% health he summons two totems instead of one. Totems have relatively low health and can be killed.

Spark Discharge

Gaspar summons several balls of lightning that explode when touched, dealing moderate Lightning Damage.

Doom Blast With Voidic Whirlwind

Gaspar creates several large but well telegraphed explosions around the arena that do high Void Damage. Shortly after, a Whirlwind is formed on the outside of the arena that persists for several seconds and deals high Void Damage that increases over its duration.


When you go into a timeline boss fight, you carry any modifiers that are active from running echoes. Some of these modifiers can be especially dangerous, while some can actually bring value with little or no downside.

Avoid These Modifiers

  • Critical Strike Avoidance - If you're a Crit based build and have sufficient Crit to be noticeable.
  • Enemies have +X Critical Strike Chance - Avoid these if you don't have capped Critical Strike Avoidance.
  • Enemies have a chance to Dodge - Any builds that rely on Hitting the enemy (including DoT builds that apply Ailments on Hit) should avoid this modifier (except for Rogues with Focus Fire).
  • Enemies heal if they have not been damaged recently - Only take this if you're confident you'll never go 4 or more seconds without damaging the boss (after phase 1).
  • Frenzy and Haste + Berserk - Individually these are manageable (although you may still want to avoid them if you can). Together they can make a boss very difficult to deal with as they significantly speed up the mechanics of the fight. Don't take these unless you're comfortable with the mechanics and confident that the additional speed of the fight won't be a problem.

Take These Modifiers

  • Anything that affects Rare enemies - Bosses are not considered Rare enemies, so those modifiers do not apply to the encounter. However, the rewards do. This is an easy way to boost the value of a fight for any build without increasing difficulty.
  • Enemies have +X Critical Strike Chance when Crit capped - If you're Crit capped, then this modifier provides no extra difficulty.
  • Critical Strike Avoidance on a DoT build - DoTs can't Crit, so this won't matter.
  • Enemies have a X% chance to receive a Glancing Blow when hit on a DoT build - Similar to Crits, Glancing Blows only apply to Hits.
  • Enemies have a chance to Dodge on a build that uses a DoT skill - Ailments generally need to Hit to be applied, so don't take this if you're relying on Hits to stack your DoTs. However, some skills have the DoT tag, meaning they don't Hit. DoTs can't be Dodged, so your damage is unaffected.

Boss Strategy

Gaspar is a 1 phase fight. He has access to all of his skills from the beginning so the difficulty of the fight is largely the same throughout. The fight has an unusually high number of Damage Types with Void, Fire, Cold and Lightning all being a part of at least one of Gaspar's high damage skills, so make sure to cap all 4 Resistances. The fight consists of several punishing but well telegraphed skills so understanding the fight is key to victory. Here are some general strategies:

  • Whenever Gaspar teleports to the center of the arena, get ready for Tri-Beam Fire. He always channels it in a counterclockwise rotation so be prepared to run in that direction. The rotation speed isn't very fast so a decent pair boots with Movement Speed should be enough to avoid the beams.
  • Immediately after Tri-Beam Fire Gaspar uses Frozen Ice Storm. A build with adequate defenses and sustain can tank this attack. It can also be avoided by shuffling side to side as he rotates the attack back and forth.
  • Throughout the fight Gaspar Summons Flaming Void Totems. They don't do anything on their own but Gaspar also casts Totemic Flame Burst on himself and the totems throughout the fight. The damaging zones from this attack can overlap, causing high damage to anyone caught in it. Totems should be killed whenever possible to avoid accumulating too many. Once Gaspar reaches 60% HP he begins to drop twice as many Totems, so managing them becomes even more important.
  • Gaspar also casts Spark Discharge that creates Sparks on the ground. These Sparks act like mines which explode when you touch them. There's a short delay between the initial touch and the explosion, so the blast can be completely avoided by players who have sufficient move speed or a movement ability. Try to detonate these during periods where you don't have to deal with other mechanics to keep them from piling up.
  • Gaspar also casts Doom Blast which is a series of High Damage but well telegraphed explosions that should be avoided. Around the same time he also casts Voidic Whirlwind which increases in damage over its duration and should be avoided at all costs. The whirlwind only appears on the outskirts of the arena so stand near the center until it dissipates.

Gaspar has a number of skills that can be deadly, but fortunately they are all well telegraphed and easy to avoid on their own. The real danger is letting too many of his skills accumulate, leaving nowhere to go. The keys to successfully defeating Gaspar are 1) Familiarizing yourself with the cadence of Tri-Beam Fire and 2) managing the quantity of Flaming Void Totems and Sparks to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.


  • The Blessings for this timeline are all focused around increasing drop rates of certain items.
  • Ravenous Void has a very small chance to drop off of this boss.
  • Gaspar is a single phase fight and he has access to all of his abilities from the start.
  • The fight has high damage abilities that use Void, Fire, Cold and Lightning so you need to cap all four Resistances.
  • Make sure to avoid Tri-Beam Fire. The attack rotates counter clockwise.
  • Manage the number of Flaming Void Totems and Sparks to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.


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Feb 5th 2023
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