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Speedfarming Builds Tier List

Last Updated: May 25th 2024

Season 4 - Loot

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This Speedfarming Tier List compares the current meta builds in easy, outdoor and open-world content. This includes Tree of Whispers, Helltide, Zone Events and typically doesn't require killing large Boss monsters frequently. Mobility and AoE damage play the largest part in whether a build is considered high tier.

The arrows indicate where an item has moved since our last Tier List update.
Builds are ranked from top to bottom, left to right within tiers.

S Tier

Arc Lash Sorc
Ball Lightning Sorc
Fireball Sorc
Leapquake Barb
Upheaval Barb
Double Swing Barb
Barrage Rogue
Whirlwind Barb
Penetrating Shot Rogue
Rend Barb
HotA Barb
Blood Surge Necro
Bone Spear Necro
Shred Druid
Frozen Orb Sorc
Lightning Storm Druid
Blizzard Sorc
Pulverize Druid
Chain Lightning Sorc

A Tier

Twisting Blades Rogue
Heartseeker Rogue
Firebolt Sorc
Werewolf Tornado Druid
Firewall Sorc
Meteor Sorc
Rapid Fire Rogue
Ice Shards Sorc
Boulder Druid
Infinimist Necro
Blight Necro
Bone Spirit Necro
Corpse Explosion Necro
Thorns Barb

B Tier

Death Trap Rogue
Flurry Rogue
Stormclaw Druid
Trampleslide Druid
Minion Necro

C Tier

Sever Necro
Shadow Minion Necro
Companion Druid
Hurricane Druid
Shadow Step Rogue
Shadow Surfer Necro
Grenade Rogue

D Tier

Blood Lance Necro

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