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Tree of Whispers Guide

Last Updated: May 9th 2024

Season 4 - Loot

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The Tree of Whispers allows you to access the Whispers of the Dead endgame system after you complete the campaign. This system is similar to Bounties in Diablo 3 in that you have to go out and complete a bunch of randomly generated quests out in the open world to receive a bag full of goodies.

Doing Whispers of the Dead is a competitive way to farm Gold and Gem Fragments and a decent way to farm XP and Items while also doing other activities, such as gathering Renown. It is also the easiest way to get your first Sigils to get started with Nightmare Dungeons. And, of course, it can just be a fresh way to tackle the game that makes you visit every corner of the world instead of being stuck in a single Dungeon. Let's dive in and learn everything that we know about the Tree of Whispers.

Tree of Whispers

The Whispers

Whispers are random quests scattered around the world map. Completing them grants you a certain amount of Grim Favors. After you obtain 10 Grim Favors all the remaining Whispers become inactive until you go to the Tree of Whispers located in the North of Hawezar. There you can turn in your Grim Favors to receive a reward. If you get more than 10 Grim Favors after completing a Whisper, the extra Favors will be carried over and count towards the next reward.

Every hour, six sets of Whispers spawn in the world. Five of them are located in a randomly selected zone of each Act and the last set is split across the two Fields of Hatred in Kehjistan and Dry Steppes. Each set consists of 6 Whispers: 4 small, 1 medium, and 1 large. For completing them you get 1, 3, and 5 Grim Favors respectively. Every Legion Event also has a Whisper objective associated with it. There are several different types of Whispers:

Whispers of the Dead on the map

The large Whispers come in 3 types: Complete a Dungeon, Defeat Seething Abomination (PvP Area Boss), or Defeat a World Boss. They are usually the most efficient to complete because you get 5 Grim Favors at once and don't have to run around too much.

The medium Whispers usually ask you to kill 100 monsters in an area or to find and click several quest objectives spawned in all corners of the zone. In a PvP area, you need to cleanse your Seeds of Hatred.

Finally, the small Whispers are quick and easy quests such as Finding and killing an Elite monster, Completing an Event, Clearing a Cellar, or killing a few specific monsters.

The total amount of Grim Favors that spawn in the world is 72, and while it's possible to do all the Whispers and then have nothing to do until the next hourly reset, you have to be extremely fast to do that.


After you get 10 Grim Favors and turn them in at the Tree of Whispers you receive a decent amount of XP (that scales with your character level) and get to choose one of 3 Collections of Items. These Collections give you a ton of Gold, Gem Fragments, Crafting Materials, a chance of obtaining Nightmare Dungeon Sigils and items for the corresponding gear slot. The tier for Nightmare Sigils rewarded is always within 5 Levels of the highest-level Nightmare Dungeon you have completed.

There's also a chance that you get offered a Greater Collection instead which contains more items with at least one of them being Legendary or higher quality.

There's a Collection of Chaos. Items from this collection are not limited to any particular gear slot but you get more items in total.

Lastly, opening a Collection has a chance at giving you a random Boss Summoning Material. This is great for speeding up material farming.

- Reward Selection


  • The Tree of Whispers lets you interact with Whispers of the Dead that spawn all across the world.
  • Complete these Whispers to earn various amounts of Grim Favors until you accumulate 10
  • Turn in your Grim Favors at the Tree of Whispers to get lots of Gold and Gem Fragments and also some Materials, Items, a chance of a random Boss Summoning Material, and Nightmare Dungeon Sigils.
  • The Whispers are reset each hour but you don't lose any Grim Favors.
  • If you get more than 10 Grim Favors at once, the extra Favors will count towards your next turn-in.


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