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Fields of Hatred PvP Guide

Last Updated: March 3rd 2024

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The Fields of Hatred are endgame Player vs Player (PvP) zones where you can test your might in Diablo 4. It is a battlefield ridden with carnage, blood, death and destruction where many meet their end. The goal is to kill monsters and players to collect Seeds of Hatred and then purify them for rewards. Let's learn everything about this game mode and how you can be the ruler of PvP!

General Information

Born from his contempt of mortals, Mephisto has cursed specific areas of Sanctuary, transforming them into deadly Fields of Hatred. These designated PvP zones are the proving grounds for players looking to bring renown to their name through blood and zeal.

The Fields of Hatred combine PvP and PvE into a fun and chaotic battleground. You are constantly attacking monsters, bosses and other players while trying to stay alive and collect experience, loot and resources. If you are strong enough to fend everyone off, it can be quite lucrative to hold the PvP zone for as long as you can. Beware though: the more you kill, the higher the price that is placed on your death!

A PvP Match between a Rogue & Druid

Both Fields of Hatred locations are in the Dry Steppes. Once you arrive you can turn on Mark for Blood to attack other players. You can choose to enter the zone peacefully and simply fight monsters, but any player who has marked themselves for blood can be attacked and attack you freely. You can remove the Mark for Blood at the Altar of Cleansing in town.

Use the Emote Wheel to Mark yourself for Blood
The Fields of Hatred in the Dry Steppes

Warning: Deaths in the Hardcore PvP zone are permanent. Enter them cautiously and preferably with a full party!

Rewards Altar of Extraction - Purification Ritual

Monsters, Events and Chests in the Fields of Hatred drop Seeds of Hatred. They can be turned into Red Dust at the Altar of Extraction. Once a player starts a ritual at any of the altars, other players are notified and can try to kill the player who started the ritual. If a player is killed, collected Seeds of Hatred are dropped and can be picked up by other players. Once a player purifies Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust they are bound to the player and won't drop on death. Red Dust can be used to obtain Special Transmogs, new Mounts and Weapons.

Note: If you leave the Fields of Hatred without purifying the Seeds, they disappear and are lost.

Defeated players also drop Ears on death that can kept as a trophy or be sold for 1 Gold... but we all know the trophies are priceless.

Altar of Extraction - Purification Ritual
PvP Ears to collect

Vessel of Hatred

As you kill other players, you infuse yourself with the Curse of Mephisto and start becoming a Vessel of Hatred. Once that happens, everyone within a very large radius of you (possibly the entire zone) is going to see you as a threat on the map. If they kill you, they receive bonus rewards. Here your mission is simple - survive. If you're successful without running away or taking a town portal trying to escape, there are major rewards waiting for you! We never knew we'd BECOME the treasure goblin everyone is after :).

Vessel of Hatred


  • In PvE the damage reduction you get from Armor is halved for Elemental damage, while in PvP you get 65% of your Armor's damage reduction. Read on in our Defense for Beginners Article.
  • Every class gets an extra 92% Damage Reduction in PvP.
  • They are not "designed to be fair", so playing with a full team is always advised. There is no system to ensure there are 1v1 fights.
  • There are some checks built in to make sure you're fighting players "around your level". How they exactly work will be determined after launch.

Note: These damage reduction values have changed over time, so they will be reviewed after the game is live.

Buffs and Consumables

Certain buffs will appear as battles occur in the Fields of Hatred. Exactly how, when and why are still unknown. We will update this section with all of the information once it's fully understood.

A PvP Buff in the Fields of Hatred

You can buy consumables for Red Dust that are only usable in the Fields of Hatred to aid you:

  • Cursed Scroll of Chaos
  • Cursed Scroll of Hatestalker
  • Cursed Scroll of Recklessness
  • Cursed Scroll of Tranquility

PvP Class Guides

We'll have a list of them right here before Season 1 - Stay Tuned!


  • The Fields of Hatred are PvP battlegrounds located in the Dry Steppes.
  • They are combined with a PvE element where you slay monsters and plays for Seeds of Hatred.
  • The goal is to purify Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust and exchange them for rewards like Mounts and Transmogs.
  • You lose any Seeds that haven't been purified if you leave the PvP zone.
  • Use the Emote Wheel to Mark yourself to attack anyone in the zone. You can purify this with the Altar of Cleansing in town.
  • If you get a kill streak, you metaphorically become a treasure goblin for a period of time. Survive this without going to town or using a town portal to earn major rewards.
  • Show everyone what you're made of!


Written by Raxxanterax.
Reviewed by Dredscythe.

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