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Nahantu Region Guide

Last Updated: July 3rd 2024

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Welcome to Nahantu-
Welcome to Nahantu

First introduced in Diablo II, Nahantu makes a return in the Diablo IV Expansion, Vessel of Hatred. Nahantu is a jungle region and is full of forgotten ruins, new Towns, and new takes on Strongholds, dungeons, and other core staples of the Diablo Franchise. In addition, there will be feature warring tribes scattered throughout the region.

Region Information

Kurast, in the heart of the Jungle

Two regions have been revealed so far. Kurast, another town from Diablo II, is described as hellishly overgrown and lies deep in the heart of Nahantu. Teganze is a barren, desert-like region. Both are likely to have Strongholds, waypoints, and dungeons of their own.

The Temple of Kurast

Drawing on Diablo II lore gives hints to other possible locations, including the Tomb of Akarat and Travincal. Nahantu played a pivotal role in Diablo II, and was the location of many significant events, including the original imprisonment of Mephisto. Rich with lore (and demons!), this new region promises many more secrets and delights to discover throughout the Vessel of Hatred expansion!


Renown and Special Event Areas

Renown is a critical part of your character growth in Diablo IV, and should be completed at least once in your time in game. While not much is known about renown and special events in Nahantu, details will be added to this guide as they are discovered!


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