Strongholds are bastions of evil located around the world of Diablo 4. When you come across them, your task is to liberate them from the occupying hellspawn! As a reward, you get a big amount of Renown and some turn into central hubs with Waypoints, some become inhabited with vendors and artisans or unlock new Dungeons and Zone Events.

All information in this article is from the Press Preview Access of Diablo 4. The content presented here is subject to change, and will be updated as we learn more.

Strongholds Overview

In the Press Preview, we only had access to Fractured Peaks, one of the five major regions in the game. Here you encounter a total of 3 Strongholds while progressing through it, each with its unique chain of objectives. It seems likely that other regions follow a similar pattern. Once we have access to all zones and Strongholds, we provide you with detailed guides on how to complete them.


This Stronghold is located North of Nevesk, the starting location of every Character in Diablo 4. The minimum monster Level is 12. Once the Stronghold's objectives are completed, Nostrava becomes a small city with a Blacksmith, Weapons vendor, Stable Master, Healer, and Waypoint. Nostrava also contains an Altar of Lilith tucked behind one of the houses. Additionally, the Cultists Refuge dungeon is unlocked on completion.

Stronghold Objectives

  1. Investigate the town
  2. Speak with the Priestess
  3. Survive the Craze Villagers
  4. Investigate villagers' homes
  5. Destroy the effigies
  6. Return to the chapel
Survive the Crazed Villagers

The chapel in the east of Nostrava is your first destination in this Stronghold. Inside, you find some praying villagers and a Priestess next to the altar. With an epic red nova that knocks you down, she transforms into a Succubus and all the villagers go crazy and attack you. Defeat the villagers and start investigating their homes. Each house contains an effigy that needs to be destroyed. Be careful, there lies an ambush inside each house! Return to the chapel to engage in an epic battle against 3 Succubi with different abilities.


This Stronghold is located East of the Fractured Peaks' capital city, Kyovashad. The minimum monster level is 10. Once the Stronghold's objectives are completed, Malnok becomes an outpost with a Blacksmith, Armor vendor, Jewelry vendor, and a Healer. Two dungeons, Anica's Claim and Remiscar Cavern are located in Malnok, which become unlocked on completion.


  1. Search for the source of the storm
  2. Find and slay Ice Clan Stormcallers to stop the blizzard 0/3
  3. Return to the center of Malnok
  4. Kill the remaining Ice Clan
  5. Slay Frosthorn
Rope climbing gap

Chill and Freeze are your main concerns in this Stronghold. Make sure you have an ability that gets you out of crowd controls! Enter the zone and move towards the epicenter of the storm. Once you reach it, 3 icy lines connect the center of the storm with 3 Ice Clan Stormcallers that summon the blizzard. They initially are immune to damage, attack them and an Elite spawns next to them. Killing them turns the Stormcallers vulnerable. Finish them all to interrupt the ritual. Return to the center of the zone and kill all highlighted Ice Clans. Face Frosthorn in an epic 1 vs 1 in the small arena in the center of the zone - HE HURTS!

Kor Dragan

This Stronghold is located North of the Fractured Peaks' capital city, Kyovashad. The minimum monster Level is 20. Once the Stronghold's objectives are completed, Kor Dragan once again becomes an abandoned fortress that is haunted by The Gathering Legion Zone Event at times.


  1. Investigate Kor Dragan
  2. Purge Kor Dragan of vampiric corruption
  3. Slay the remaining Sanguine Knights
  4. Destroy the Vampiric Aberration to gain access to the Archives
  5. Slay Nilcar
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Enter Kor Dragan and witness what vampires have done to this old fortress. There are 3 Vampiric Incubators, each connected to smaller Vampiric Corruptions. The incubators are invulnerable until you destroy the smaller ones. Once an incubator is destroyed, a Sanguine Knight is released. Kill all 3 of them, then head North to the Vampiric Aberration. It is invulnerable until the last incubator is destroyed. Get rid of it and face Nilcar in a hard fight as he summons Elites to aid him in fighting you!


Each completed Stronghold grants 50 Renown points and Experience. In addition, Waypoints and Dungeons might become unlocked as well. Completing all 3 Strongholds in Fractured Peaks unlocks 1 Waypoint and 3 Dungeons in total.


  • All Strongholds are unique in their appearance and objectives to complete them.
  • 50 Renown points are rewarded, making them the best source of these in the game!
  • Each Stronghold has a minimum monster level. Don't go there until you at least reached that level, or you will struggle!


Written by Teo1904
Reviewed by wudijo


Dec 5th 2022
Article created from the Press Preview Access of Diablo 4.