The Gathering Legions Zone Event Guide

Last Updated: 29 May 2023

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Zone Events are special open world events in Diablo 4. These prominently show up on the map with a timer and you can participate simply by going there. Other players may be present and assist you as this is a big event. These Zone Events have a much larger scale than and should not be confused with Local Events that you randomly come across as you travel through Sanctuary. In this guide, we cover how to find and complete the Gathering Legions event successfully.


Each zone has a specific area that these will spawn. In Fractured Peaks, you find this event at the top left region known as Kor Dragan. Before it starts, you are alerted on your world map when this event begins.

When an event has started, the icon on your world map glows orange. It is possible to enter an event after it starts, but if the event disappears from the world map, that means it was completed.

Almost there!


Objectives await as you arrive. There are 3 waves and a boss at the end. This works much like a time trial system with each wave being progressively harder. In each wave, you defeat a bunch of monsters within a time limit which eventually spawns a stronger monster called "Harbingers", which also has a time limit. After completing the previous waves, you fight their overlord called Knight Council Mage in the final stage.


Finishing the first wave and defeating the first Harbinger is enough to complete the Gathering Legions. Failing the second wave spawns the overlord. Take down the overlord and the event is complete. The reason to also complete the second and third waves is to achieve the Mastery bonus that offers extra rewards, similar to Local Events.

Failing to finish the first wave results in failing the entire event and despawns all enemies with no rewards. In order to make the most progress possible, everyone present should split up to cover all areas that mobs are spawning.


Ultimately, this is an online multiplayer game where you run into other players doing the same thing as you. Zone Events are no different as everyone can see these as they pop up. If by chance you reach the event and you're alone, it is still possible to complete the event, although much harder. As stated in the previous paragraph, you only need to complete the first wave to spawn the overlord and collect the loot chest. This is entirely possible solo, however, completing Mastery is near impossible as the second and third waves require killing mobs fast enough around the entire area at the same time.


Not found anywhere else in the game so far, world events brings a sense of togetherness in your journey through Sanctuary that works well as a distraction from other content. When you see one pop up on the map, be sure to head there and group up with other people!


Written by DiEoxidE.
Reviewed by wudijo.


  • 30 May 2023
    Updated for the Launch of Diablo 4

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