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General Farming Guide

Last Updated: January 21st 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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There are many different items, materials and currencies to farm and use in Diablo 4. All are important and have their uses for your character and gear alike. Some are easy to gather, while others are tricky and can only come from specific areas or events. This farming guide aims to arm you with the best information to stock up on what you need to supercharge your progression!

Gathered Materials

Gathered materials range from Plants, Ore, Skins, Monster Parts and Salvage. Each has their own purpose and place to collect them. The general rule to remember with Gathered Materials is the ABCs - Always Be Collecting! Tapping on a node to gather these materials happens instantly and can even be done on your mount, so doing a hit-and-run on a few enemy covered nodes is possible if you want to risk it.

General Farming: Plants

  • Howler Moss is found in Scosglen.
  • Biteberry is found in Fractured Peaks.
  • Reddamine is found in Dry Steppes.
  • Blightshade is found in Hawezar.
  • Lifesbane is found in Kehjistan.
  • Gallowvine and ‍Angelbreath are found everywhere.
  • Fiend Rose is found in Helltides.
All the Plants you pick.

Plant Farming Tips

Regional Plants

Howler Moss, Biteberry, Reddamine, Blightshade and‍ Lifesbane can be found with relative ease in any of their respective regions. Plant nodes tend to be around the edges of terrain and structures alike. The game doesn't make it easy on you by placing them in the middle of an open field. Keep an eye out for any Plant node you may pass while traveling from one activity to the next, and quickly gather them when seen. In addition, you can receive a random assortment of Plants from a reward chest at the end of a Local Event. Completing a Side Quest can also reward a Plant Cache, granting a small stockpile of Plants to use. Lastly, if you're just short for an Elixir, you can convert 5 spare Gallowvine to a specific region Plant at the Alchemist to save farming time. This can be done the other way around at a 1 to 1 ratio.

Gallowvine and Angelbreath

Gallowvine and ‍Angelbreath are the utility Plants. ‍Gallowvine is the basic plant that is required for a lot, if not every Potion upgrade and Elixir recipe. Do not fall into a false sense of security in that you have enough. There is always an Elixir to be made for specialty buffs and an XP boost. Gallowvine can be found in any part of the world alongside the region-specific Plants.

Angelbreath is Gallowvine's rarer cousin. It can also be found worldwide, but is a lot more scarce. Unlike the other Plants, it has a chance of dropping from Elites in higher difficulties and Nightmare Dungeons. This helps when you're not being a worldly traveler on a particular day.

Fiend Rose

Fiend Rose is a crucial Plant to start gathering in mass once you can start comfortably farming Helltide. It's used in rerolling a singular property on a gear piece via Enchanting. To keep it brief, Helltide takes over a few connected zones of a region for the period of 55 minutes. During that time, you muster yourself (or a full party) and search the area for Aberrant Cinders to open Tortured Gifts and locate and gather Fiend Rose. Nodes spawn in typical Plant fashion, around the edges of terrain and structures. Along with other unique Helltide clickable items, Fiend Rose drops along with a few Aberrant Cinders, making it an efficient way of gathering these special items. You can go even further by spending your Aberrant Cinders on the cheaper 75 Tortured Gift of Protection (Armor) and Tortured Gift of Jewelry (Rings) to have a 50/50 shot at getting more Fiend Rose. Tortured Gift of Mysteries, which costs 250 Aberrant Cinders, guarantees you receive a decent amount of Fiend Rose. Lastly, you can open a Tourted Gift of Living Steel for many Living Steel along with both Fiend Rose and Forgotten Soul.

This positive feedback loop is accelerated in a well organized group that is on the lookout, as Tortured Gift of Mysteries appear for a brief time before rotating to a new location at the top of each hour. Having a group that splits up to each zone of a Helltide to call out spawn locations with the Map Pin maximizes your chances of success.

General Farming: Ore

  • Iron Chunk and ‍Silver Ore are both found everywhere in the world in Ore Veins, with Silver Ore being a rarer drop chance.
  • Scattered Prism is a unique material that drops primarily off of World Bosses, Treasure Goblins, Elite enemies, and from completing Legion Events as well. They are used to add sockets to Armor, Weapons and Jewelry.
All the Ore you break

Ore Farming Tips

Two Different Ore Veins

Iron Chunk and ‍Silver Ore can be found with relative ease. Ore nodes tend to be around the edges of terrain and structures, similar to Plants. Keep an eye out for any Ore node you may pass while traveling. Regular Ore Veins always drop Iron Chunks and have a roughly 50/50 chance at ‍Silver Ore. Glittering Ore Veins, while rarer, always drop both and in higher amounts.

You can also receive a random assortment of Ore from a reward chest at the end of a Local Event. Just like Plants, completing a Side Quest can reward an Ore Cache, granting a small stockpile to use. Lastly, you can convert 10 Iron Chunks to 1 Silver Ore at the Alchemist, saving farming time if need be.

T‍he primary way to obtain Scattered Prisms is through defeating World Bosses when they appear. Their spawn times can vary, but it is safe to say every 5–6 hours. There is a small chance to obtain one through Dungeon Bosses or Treasure Goblins too. Overall, this means that Scattered Prisms are a lot more scarce than other materials. With that in mind, keep an eye out for World Boss spawns in the world.

Sometimes efficient farming really means effective usage! Don't go adding sockets to every piece as you replace one for another. This goes especially true when you just enter Nightmare Difficulty and want to start upgrading gear like mad. Save these materials for pieces that have a majority of the correct properties to know you're getting good value when using them.

General Farming: Monster Parts

  • Demon's Heart is found from the corpses of Demons you kill.
  • Paletongue is found from killing evil Humans.
  • Grave Dust is found in the bodies, bones, or cerements of the Undead.
  • Crushed Beast Bones are found from killing Beasts and Werecreatures.
All the Monster Parts you take.

Monster Part Farming Tips

Monster Parts are a deceptively tricky material to farm. You could follow the advice of the tooltip, but you may have to kill quite a few enemies to only get a few Parts. One method of getting guaranteed Monster Parts (albeit random which one you receive) is to do Cellars. Any Cellar rewards a chest after completion which contains a few of a random Monster Part. One catch, however: if the Cellar has a proper event that rewards a bigger golden chest at the end, it does NOT reward any Monster Parts. Keep this in mind if Monster Parts is your only reason for doing Cellars.

Another method is to hunt down Rare Elites in the world as they drop the same amount of Monster Parts each time when killed. They are located across the world, so we have provided the information you will need below:

Fractured Peaks
Dry Steppes

All Fractured Peaks Rare Elites drop 5 Grave Dust when killed.

(1) Sir Lynna

(2) Corlin Hulle

(3) Rotsplinter

(4) "Wrathful" Osgar Reede
Rare Elite Locations

All Scosglen Rare Elites drop 5 Crushed Beast Bones when killed.

(1) Gaspar Stilbian

(2) Blind Odwyn

(3) Garbhan Ennai

(4) Lord Eonan
Rare Elite Locations

All Kehjistan Rare Elites drop 5 Demon's Heart when killed.

(1) Abe-Mari

(2) Nine-Eyes, The Broodmother

(3) Faraya Tehi

(4) Qiniel *

Qiniel appears as a Priestess of the Light with a few bandits on their knees around her. You must talk to her a few times before transforming. Each time after, you talk just once.

Rare Elite Locations

All Hawezar Rare Elites drop 5 Paletongue when killed.

(1) Renn Dayne

(2) Enkil

(3) Captain Willcocks

(4) Trembling Mass
Rare Elite Locations

All Dry Steppes Rare Elites drop 1 of each Monster Part when killed.

(1) Bhotak the Inevitable

(2) Pitiless Gur

(3) Zarozar the Mighty

(4) Almunn
Rare Elite Locations

General Farming: Skins

  • Rawhide and Superior Leather are both found by killing wildlife and beasts, with Superior Leather being a rarer drop chance.
All the Skins you create.

Skin Farming Tips

Roaming around the eastern half of Scosglen is your best bet. It's littered with Chargers, Bears and Werewolves.

General Farming: Salvage

  • Forgotten Soul is found during a Helltide.
  • Abstruse Sigil is primarily gained by salvaging Legendary jewelry.
  • Coiling Ward is primarily gained by salvaging Legendary armor.
  • Baleful Fragment is primarily gained by salvaging Legendary weapons.
  • Veiled Crystal is primarily gained by salvaging Rare items.
  • Sigil Powder is primarily gained by salvaging Nightmare Sigils.
All the Salvage you can make.

Salvage Farming Tips

Forgotten Soul are exclusively found from Tortured Gifts and special Bosses during Helltide and are critical to Enchanting gear and upper end gear Upgrading. There are a few methods you can employ to collect them. The simplest is similar to Fiend Rose. You can spend Aberrant Cinders on the cheaper 75 Tortured Gift of Protection (Armor) and Tortured Gift of Jewelry (Rings) to have a 50/50 shot at getting Forgotten Souls. A better way is grouping up and target farming Aberrant Cinders in mass for Tortured Gifts of Mysteries, which guarantee some to drop. Lastly, look for Kixxarth, Helltide Assassin or the Portal Invasion event, as both can have a chance to drop Forgotten Souls.

Forgotten Souls from a Tortured Gift of Mysteries (left) and Kixxarth, Helltide Assassin (right)

Abstruse Sigil, Coiling Ward and Baleful Fragment are rather straightforward. Each one comes from Salvaging a Legendary Armor, Weapon, or Jewelry piece. The amount of Legendaries you get of the three and break down correlates to how many of these materials you get. If you find yourself getting low on one particular material, you can take a chance and gamble at the Purveyor of Curiosities to get one or two more items to break down. You can also go to the PvP version of this vendor, however, you can only gamble Armor pieces. Lastly, going for the cheaper Tortured Gift of Protection (Armor) and Tortured Gift of Jewelry (Rings) can net you a few required materials for a last Upgrade on a piece of gear in a pinch.

‍‍Veiled Crystals come from Salvaging (see a trend here...) Rare Items. With that in mind, don't just ignore Rare Items on the ground. Make sure to pick up the highest ones you can get (Normal, Sacred, or Ancestral ) as you should be for gear upgrades anyways. If they do not provide you with a gear upgrade, simply Salvage them all to get some materials. ‍Veiled Crystals can also start to drop off Elites as you get in higher Difficulties, too. This helps speed up your acquisition, so don't bypass all the Elites you see.

Sigil Powder comes from Salvaging, you guessed it, Nightmare Sigils. Since your intake of this material is directly linked to your intake of Nightmare Sigils, you need to plan accordingly. For an easier time, complete Whispers of the Dead from the Tree of Whispers to get Collections. Once opened, these Collections have a decent chance of dropping various other materials we have covered along with the possibility of a Nightmare Sigil. A better method is to just pick an easy Nightmare Dungeon you can run and do it. You usually get 2–4 Sigils per run, giving you room to keep certain Sigils to run and others to Salvage.

Boss Summoning Materials

With the addition of new Bosses, there are certain materials you need to collect on in the world. These materials are linked to certain activities you must complete to get. Once you have gathered enough of them, you can summon the Boss and attempt to kill it. See the list below for all the important information on materials and where to get them.

To learn more about how to fight these Bosses, read our full Boss Guides.

Echoe of Varshan:

In order to summon Varshan, Defeat Grotesque Debtors while completing Grim Favors in WT3/4. This has a chance to drop Blackened Femur, Gurgling Head or Trembling Hand. A Malignant Heart can drop from the same sources but only in WT4. When you turn in 10 Grim Favors to the Tree of Whispers, there is a guaranteed Malignant Body Part in the Collection you choose. You need 1 of each to summon this Boss.

Varshan drops a Mucus-Slick Egg required to summon Duriel. Only the player that summons Varshan recieves the material.

Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint

  • World Tier Minimum Required: World Tier 3
  • Activity Required: Participate in Helltide
  • Cosmetic Reward: Demonbinder Mount Armor Cosmetic

In order to summon Grigoire, collect 5 Living Steel from Tortured Offerings (opening chests) during a Helltide. All chests drop 1 Living Steel while Living Steel Chests drop 5, with a chance at an additional 5!

Grigoire drops a Shard of Agony required to summon Duriel. Only the player that summons Grigoire recieves the material.

The Beast in the Ice

  • World Tier Minimum Required: World Tier 4
  • Activity Required: Complete Nightmare Dungeons Tier 30+
  • Cosmetic Reward: Skull Torch and Fell Steed Mount Trophies

In order to summon The Beast, collect Distilled Fear when completing a Nightmare Dungeon (Tier 30+). Once you have gathered 9, go to The Occultist and craft a Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil.

Duriel, King of Maggots

  • World Tier Minimum Required: World Tier 4
  • Activity Required: Collect components by defeating Echos of Varshan and Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint (both in WT 4 only).
  • Cosmetic Reward: The Smoldering Brimstone Mount 

In order to summon Duriel, collect 2 Mucus-Slick Egg (from Varshan) and 2 Shard of Agony (from Grigoire). These materials only drop for the player that summoned Varshan or Grigoire.

This is the ONLY Boss that can drop Uber Uniques!

Lord Zir

  • World Tier Minimum Required: World Tier 4
  • Activity Required: Collect components by defeating World Bosses or completing Legion Events (both in WT 4 only).
  • Cosmetic Reward: Diadem of the Ancient Helm Cosmetic

In order to summon Lord Zir collect 9 Exquisite Blood from completing Legion Events or defeating World Bosses.


All the lovely currency and items to collect.

Currencies are your bread and butter to do almost everything in the game. Gold fuels your gear Upgrading, Enchanting, Extracting and Imprinting Aspects on gear, Skill and Paragon point respecing, repairing and more. Obols allow you to target gamble for a particular gear slot along with Red Dust (Armor only). Aberrant Cinders also let you target a particular gear slot for possible Legendaries and Uniques. Let's learn how to farm each one.


First rule of making Gold , don't over spend what you have! Make sure you don't Upgrade every piece of gear, or Extract every Aspect you get, etc. If you do, you can never earn enough to out pace your spending. With this in mind here are the two best methods for generating Gold.

First, complete Whispers of the Dead. Whispers are a great source of Gold and are a required activity for collecting materials to summon one of the End Game Bosses. You can recieve several MILLION Gold per turn in, making Whispers quite good! Get two things done at the same time - efficient!

Second, the best way to actually earn Gold is to sell unwanted Rare Items. Rare Items sell for a decent chunk of 10k to over 20k Gold for one item! A healthy half-hour of farming can net a lot of Gold to aid in your gearing, re-speccing, Enchanting and more.


The best method for farming Obols is to simply find and complete Local Events. Grouping up while doing these can make completing them go even faster. Obols can also come from a Reward Cache by completing a Side Quest.

Aberrant Cinders

Gathering even just one friend to help kill enemies faster can yield more Aberrant Cinders during an hour of farming Helltide. Local Events have the highest yield of Aberrant Cinders due to enemy density and event rewards, so be on the lookout for them when traveling in a zone. Certain Helltide-specific Nodes drop guaranteed Aberrant Cinders, but only if they have a red hue around them. Regular gathering nodes have a chance to drop some as well. The roaming boss, Kixxarth, Helltide Assassin, drops plenty of cinders, too.

Collected Aberrant Cinders shown underneath Helltide timer.

Red Dust

Red Dust only comes from purifying Seeds of Hatred by completing a purification ritual at an altar of purification in either the Dry Steppes or Kehjistan PvP zone. In general, it is best practice to farm enemies in these zones with a full group that sticks together to deter would-be attackers. Focusing on big Elite packs grants more Seeds of Hatred to convert. The roaming boss, Seething Abomination, drops 1,000s of Seeds of Hatred when killed. Be sure your group goes after it quickly, as its appearance tends to draw all players in the zone to it.

Just remember, if you die, your Seeds of Hatred drop. So, if you die, either have your party protect your dropped Seeds of Hatred or pick them up so they don't get taken away by an attacker. Once cleansed, they turn to Red Dust and cannot be lost anymore.

So many Seeds of Hatred.


Gear, Gems and Skulls are some of the most basic but required items we need to farm. Legendaries and Uniques are relatively easy: kill, kill, kill! Gems and Skulls are just the same, but with a few additional methods to obtain them.

Legendaries and Uniques

Legendaries and Uniques are best found by the tried and true method of killing density. Find enemies and kill them! Some other tips to keep in mind while slaughtering the endless hordes are as follows:

  • Regular enemies good, Elites better. Knowing where to find packs of Elites that respawn quickly to kill is the best way to find items in general. Some areas include PvP Zones, Helltide, Dungeons and Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Overlap activities for gamble currency. Go around the world and complete Local Event Whispers of the Dead to gain Obols while also gaining Grim Favors to turn in for Collections at the Tree of Whispers. This is an efficient way of getting currency to gamble for possible high-end items, as well as target items via the Collections. Getting and purifying Seeds of Hatred for the Armor-only gambler in PvP zones is another way.
  • Completing Nightmare Dungeons. When you complete a Nightmare Dungeon, you get a guaranteed Legendary Item. Sometimes a Unique item takes its place! Running these at a Tier you can safely handle allows you more opportunities for potential upgrades.
  • Fight Endgame Bosses. For farming Uniques and potentially even Uber Uniques, you want to fight Endgame Bosses. Each one has a different loot table allowing you to target farm specific Uniques for your build! If you dare to dream of getting a Uber Unique, Duriel, King of Maggots is you Boss of choice.
  • Fight World Bosses. Legendaries and Uniques and can both come from the Weekly Reward Cache after defeating a World Boss. THis is done in World Tier 3 & 4.
An assortment of Legendary and Unique Items.

To learn more about how to fight these Bosses, read our full Boss Guides.

Gem and Skull Frgments

Gem and Skull Fragments can be found off of enemies as you kill them. Incorporating Local Events for their Reward Chest is another great way to gather them. Fragments can drop from non-gather nodes including random chests, logs rock piles, etc. Gem Fragments specifically can also drop from Ore Nodes.

Note that there are 5 levels of Gems and Skulls. Upgrading them increases the stats they grant depending on the gear-slot you socket them into.

You can combine Gem and Skull Fragments with Gold to craft any level of Gem or Skull you require. If you find you have crafted Gems or Skulls you no longer need, you can Salvage them to get the Fragments back to make a different one. With this knowledge, refer to your build guide to see which Gems or Skulls you need and how many.

A healthy collection of Gem and Skull Fragments


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