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Bosses Overview

Last Updated: November 19th 2023

Season 2 - Blood

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Welcome to our Boss Overview guide! You got here quicker than expect I'm sure, as you run into your first boss within minutes of your early campaign journey. Fear not, we got you taken care of!

Here we will go over the different types of Bosses you can expect to come across in your adventures. We will also go over what makes them different than the average enemy and elite monsters.

This is Lilith. She is a Boss... many times.

Health Bar

Example of a Boss health bar

A Bosses health bar has multiple breakpoints. Once a breakpoint is reached, the red arrow flips up and turn grey. This indicates that you are in the next phase of the fight. Each phase becomes increasingly more challenging.

Stagger Bar

Immediately beneath the health bar is a stagger bar that fills when Crowd Control (CC) is dealt. Alternating Crowd Control sources will fill the stagger bar quicker. Once full, the Boss is rendered helpless. Use this time to unleash as much hell as you possibly can. World Bosses also has a unique mechanics in addition to being staggered. For example The Wandering Death World Boss spawns 2 caged Trapped Souls after being staggered that can be destroyed before he consumes them, causing massive damage.

Campaign Bosses

The first type of Bosses you'll run into are in the Campaign. Expect to fight many of them throughout and each of them have their own set of attacks to learn. For example, you'll fight Vhenard, X'Fal The Scarred Baron, Tchort, Herald of Lilith and Lilith's Lament all in Act 1 alone. Since you are lower level here, these fights will take a bit to finish, so you'll have plenty of time to learn attack patterns for survivability.

Campaign Bosses don't just reside in the Campaign, they can be found elsewhere in the world, such as Helltide events.

The Blood Bishop

Dungeon Boss

While every dungeon won't always have a boss to kill at the end, a number of dungeons do. Much like the Campaign Bosses, they have attack patterns to be learned to ensure victory.

A Dungeon's Boss will always be the same boss for that specific dungeon, and they take on the aesthetics of the region that you're in. For example, Khazra Abomination is of the Goatman Family that resides in Dry Steppes. He's in Champion's Demise, also located in Dry Steppes. You get the idea.

Some of the Dungeon Bosses can spawn in zone events around the world.

Khazra Abomination

Capstone Dungeon Boss

Capstone Dungeon Bosses are some of the hardest Bosses you'll fight in the game. They are there to test your character to see if you're ready for the next difficulty.

The first Capstone Dungeon is in the Fractured Peaks and called Cathedral of Light. This is available right after you complete the campaign, and the recommended level is 50. Killing this boss will unlock World Tier 3 difficulty.

The Second Capstone Dungeon is in the Dry Steppes and called Fallen Temple. This is available as you approach level 70. Killing this boss will unlock World Tier 4 difficulty.

Capstone Dungeon Icon. Boss image coming soon.

Helltide Boss

This is a specific Boss that only spawns during the Helltide end game event. For whatever reason, this thing has ridiculous amounts of health and phases, making it quick and dangerous, so approaching him alone is rarely ever a good idea.

Unlike the other Bosses, it is not required to defeat him. It's mainly for fun and flex.

This guy is really a pest

World Bosses

These are the biggest and most dangerous bosses of them all, so much so that you're automatically put in instances when you reach a location to fight it. These massive behemoth is equipped with many dangerous abilities looking to flatten any heroes that dare to challenge them. When slain, weekly cache and loot drops alongside a special item called Scattered Prism, used to add sockets to certain slots of gear.

World bosses can spawn at the Crucible in Fractured Peaks, Saraan Caldera in Dry Steppes, and The Seared Basin in Kehjistan. They are important to kill to collect Exquisite Blood that allows you to summon Lord Zir (World Tier 4 ONLY).

Avarice, The Gold Cursed

Endgame Bosses

As you progress through World Tier 3/4, you start to collect Boss Summoning Materials from certain Endgame activities. These Bosses are designed to be to challenge you and provide exclusive cosmetic rewards along with being able to target farm specific Uniques.

Each Boss has a differing loot table that provides increased drop chance of Uniques and in the case of Duriel, Uber Uniques. Be sure to check them out to take your build to the next level.

These Bosses want your mind, body, and soul!

Unique Bosses

These are special iconic Bosses that like to show up at random while you're in a Dungeon or a Cellar. At the moment, only one of these has been announced and seen, and that is The Butcher.

According to the Devs, more will be coming in the future. Checkout our Butcher Guide for more info on this special Boss!

THE Butcher. Nuff said.


This concludes the Boss Overview guide! It's important to learn the mechanics and attack patterns to overcome theses Bosses as you journey on. You have the know-how, it's on now!


Written by DiEoxidE
Reviewed by Chewingnom

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