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Shrines Overview

Last Updated: January 6th 2024

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Shrines in Diablo 4 provide temporary buffs to your character by boosting stats or granting unique effects, tremendously increasing your kill speed. They are rare to find in the Open World, but appear quite often in Dungeons. Let's learn how to take advantage of these lovely buffs!

Base Mechanics

  • Duration: 30 seconds.
  • 6 different Shrine effects.
  • Provide 35% Movement Speed.
  • Movement Speed stacks.
  • Shrine buffs do not stack.
  • In parties Shrines count individually and have to be clicked by every player.
A Shrine on the Minimap during a Dungeon

Artillery Shrine

Divine weapons abet the worthy.

Your Attack Speed is increased, and all attacks summon holy arrows.

Puts your Attack Speed at the cap of 100%. Every attack you perform you summon holy arrows damaging enemies they hit. These arrows piece through enemies hitting them all and deal damage that scales with game's difficulty.

Best Use:
Walk and kill as you move by enemies. Focus and burst down Elites and Bosses with the insane Attack Speed and extra damage.

Blast Wave Shrine

Arcane power brings destruction.

You periodically explode, damaging enemies around you.

A blast wave forms around you and explodes every 3 seconds, dealing significant damage to all nearby enemies (around 1/3rd of your screen).

Best Use:
Walk and kill as you move by enemies.

Channeling Shrine

Endless harmony dwells within

Your skills cost no resource and have reduced cooldown.

Grants 100% Resource Cost Reduction and 60% Cooldown Reduction. Also all your skills that are currently on cooldown are reset when you click the shrine.

Best Use:
Depending on the build and situation, you can use this to kill Elites and Bosses with your main resource spender. It can also be used to reset your movement skills with significantly reduced cooldowns and the extra base Movement Speed to get to objectives quickly or skip through content.

Conduit Shrine

You are the storm's fury made manifest.

You can shock and surge through enemies.

You become completely Immune and transform into living lightning. All of your 6 skills on skillbar transform into Surge. Surge bursts through a target enemy, dealing Lightning Damage and making enemies Vulnerable. This allows you to teleport a short distance onto enemies with a 1 second cooldown. Next to the Surge ability, you also shock nearby enemies periodically for a good amount of damage scaling with your Weapon DPS. The damage of Surge grows as you kill more enemies while Conduit is active.

Best Use:
Effective at covering long distances and killing enemies along the way.

Greed Shrine

Wherever the brave strike riches follow.

Enemies drop Gold when hit and you automatically pick up Gold from farther away.

Enemies drop Gold when you hit them with a skill or another shrine effect. The amount of Gold dropped scales with the difficulty of the content you are doing. The additional pickup radius allows you to pick up Gold without walking directly over it.

Best Use:
Since Gold is the main currency in Diablo 4, gather several enemies around the shrine before clicking it for maximum rewards. It is an efficient way to farm Gold to trade or to respect.

Greed Shrine

Lethal Shrine

Fate guides the deft hand to strike true.

All of your skills deal more damage and Critically Strike.

Increases Critical Strike Damage by +25%. Does not change your Critical Strike Chance on your character sheet, but makes all direct damage to always Critically Strike (does not work for damage over time skills and effects). Unlike all other Shrine, Lethal only lasts 10 seconds instead of 30.

Best Use:
To kill Elites, Bosses and finish objectives.

Protection Shrine

Faith is the Shield against darkness.

You are Invulnerable and Unstoppable.

While you are Invulnerable you cannot take any damage to your Life pool, aka you cannot die. Unstoppable removes all currently control impairing effects and prevents them for the entire 30-second duration.

Best Use:
To click objectives, teleport to town or fight formidable foes. Especially useful in Hardcore.

Cursed Shrines

All Shrines above have a small chance to be Cursed if they appear in Dungeons, channeling the player with a new objective:
Once you click this Shrine you do not get the unique effect right away, and instead have 60 seconds to slay up to 3 waves on monsters. If you succeed, you get the Shrine and a Radiant Chest. This Radiant Chest contains Items, Murmuring Obols and Gems.

Defaced Shrines

Sometimes in the Dungeons, instead of normal functioning Shrine, you can find a Defaced Shrine Base.

You can repair it by finding a Defaced Shrine Cap somewhere on the ground nearby and bringing it to the Shrine Base.

After channeling for 4 seconds the repair is complete and you can use the shrine as normal.

Healing Well

Next to Shrines you can also find Healing Wells in the Open World and Dungeons.

Healing Wells restores 100% Life and Resources and can not be activated until if the player is not at 100% Life.

Best Use:
Usually spawns in the tile set leading to a Dungeon Boss and can be used before the fight to fully prepared for a proper battle.


  • Shrines can be found all across Sanctuary and are most common in Dungeons.
  • They have different unique effects, last for 30 seconds and provide +35% Movement Speed.
  • You can find Artillery, Blast Wave, Channeling, Conduit, Greed, Lethal and Protection Shrines.
  • Shrines have a chance to be Cursed, giving you a new objective and a chance to win a Radiant Chest.


Written by Northwar, Rob.
Reviewed by Raxxanterax.

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