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Mercenaries Overview

Last Updated: July 3rd 2024

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This is a Mercenaries Overview of the new companion introduced in Vessel of Hatred, the new expansion for Diablo IV. Now, you'll never fight alone, as Mercenaries can be by your side through Nahantu and beyond!

While not much is yet known about Mercenaries in the Vessel of Hatred, they first appeared in Diablo II. In Diablo II, Mercenaries are available from the beginning, but you unlock the different classes over Acts. It could be possible that all Mercenary types are available in Diablo IV right away, or they may be unlocked over time.

The Mercenaries of Diablo IV

Mercenary Type Overview

Although nothing official has been announced yet, the press release image shows there will be several types of mercenaries. Drawing on Diablo lore, here are possible types and mechanics:

  • An Archer/Ranger Style Mercenary: Based on appearance, this could be a ranger native to the Jungles of Nahantu who is helping you out.
  • Shield-Bearer Style Mercenary: Possibly from Caldeum, these shield-bearing warriors could be like the Mercenaries in Diablo II that gave buffs to the player character, or they could simply be tanks.
  • Axe-Wielding Style Mercenary: A grizzled crone of a mercenary, it's possible she is related to the Barbarians of Harrogath, which first appeared in Diablo II.
  • A Satyr-style Mercenary: Likely the Caster archetype, as seen by the flame in its hand.


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