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Spiritborn Class Overview

Last Updated: July 3rd 2024

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The Apex Predators of the Jungle, the Spiritborn

Introduced in the Vessel of Hatred Diablo IV Expansion, the Spiritborn is a completely new class to the Diablo franchise. While not much is known about it, here are the facts so far. They're described as the apex predators of the jungle, a fast and agile spiritual class that thrives off the connection to the mystical jungles of Nahantu. The design seems very reminiscent of a Monk/Druid/Witch Doctor hybrid, drawing from earlier Diablo games.

The images of the Spiritborn seen so far show polearm or glaive-like weapons, which leans towards them being a melee-focused class. It is also likely that their abilities will draw on the spiritualism of the jungle they originated in, as Blizzard has emphasized their mystical connection to the Nahantu jungle region multiple times. Players who enjoy a blend of melee with magic might find the Spiritborn an intriguing choice.

The Jungles of Nahantu, home of the Spiritborn


While not much has been released about the Spiritborn's skills so far, it is likely that some skills will focus on nature, such as the Druid's companions, while others will be combat focused, such as specific types of attacks. There will likely be combinations and interactions between the two. There may also be some support-focused skills, or skills that allow it to buff its minions or other players.

Spiritborn Summary

  • The Spiritborn is a completely original design, brand new to the Diablo franchise.
  • The Spiritborn have a strong spiritual connection to the jungles of Nahantu, which allows them to blend mysticism with their fighting abilities to be the apex predators of Sanctuary.


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