Aspects From Legendary Items

When you get a Legendary Item during normal gameplay, you can equip it to use the Aspect, or travel to the Occultist to Extract the Aspect from the Legendary Item, destroying it in the process. Once you have an Extracted Aspect, you can Imprint it onto any Rare Item or Legendary Item that you wish. If you Imprint a Rare Item, it becomes a Legendary Item, and if you Imprint a Legendary Item, it overwrites the existing Aspect gaining the new effect. You can also find Aspects from the Codex of Power. Read about the Codex of Power and how it works here.

All information in this article is from the Press Preview Access of Diablo 4. The content presented here is subject to change, and will be updated as we learn more.

Aspect Categories

Not all Aspects can be Imprinted to just any Rare or Legendary Item. Aspects are divided by category, and depending on its category it can be Imprinted on different slots. This forces you to think a little more deeply about your build instead of just putting every damage multiplier you can find on all your items.

  • Offensive: Gloves, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100% Effectiveness), Ring, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)
  • Defensive: Helm, Chest, Pants, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)
  • Resource: Helm, Ring, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)
  • Utility: Helm, Chest, Boots, Gloves, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)
  • Mobility: Boots, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)

All Classes - Aspects from Legendary Items

EludingUtilityTaking [15-35]% of your total Life in damage while Stunned, Frozen or Immobilized will clear the effect.

Rogue - Aspects from Legendary Items

TrickshotOffensiveWhenever Penetrating Shot damages an enemy, {2} additional arrows split off to either side. These side arrows deal [30-40]% of Penetrating Shot's base damage and do not split.

Not many items outside the Codex of Power have been found. We will keep updating this post with new powers as soon as they are known.



Written by Echohack.
Reviewed by Rob.


Dec 4th 2022
Article created from the Press Preview Access of Diablo 4.