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Blacksmith Upgrade & Salvage

Last Updated: May 13th 2024

Season 4 - Loot

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The Blacksmith repairs your broken gear, salvages any useless items for valuable crafting materials, and Tempering & Masterworking items to increase their stats! You are going to spend a lot of your down-time at the Blacksmith, clearing out your piles of loot while powering up any new pieces of gear you come across in your adventures. Your gear also takes a Durability hit whenever you die, so coughing up a bit of Gold gets everything back in working order!

Unlocking the Blacksmith

When your character reaches level 10, you receive a Priority Quest objective to go and see Zivek the Blacksmith in Kyovashad. You're given the task of upgrading a piece of gear, and in return you're awarded experience.

But the true reward is meeting the NPC you very well may spend the most time with as you progress through the world of Sanctuary. Salvaging extra loot for materials for Tempering & Masterworking is a core progression loop.

With every death, you lose 10% of your gear's Durability. Once this hits 0%, your item's bonuses are partially disabled, making you significantly weaker. Keeping your gear in good condition is important. But, if you're a Hardcore player, you never need to worry about this part of the game.

Blacksmiths can be found throughout the world in various outposts, towns, and cleared Strongholds, so you don't always have to come back to Kyovashad for these tasks.

Meet Zivek: The Blacksmith of Kyovashad


Salvaging a piece of gear gains you an amount of crafting materials that are needed to upgrade that item type. Higher rarities typically award more rare materials. Salvaging Tempered or Mastworked gear also recoups some of the materials used on that item. Also salvaging a Sacred item will yield 2x the amount of crafting materials, while an Ancestral item will yield 3x the materials! If an item was socketed with a Gem, the Gem is returned to your inventory. Potentially the most important thing of all, salvaging an item unlocks that item's Transmog.

You are able to quickly salvage all items in your Inventory except items that were altered in any way (enchanted, socketed, transmogged). In addition, you have the option to mark individual items as "Junk" with a hotkey and then salvages all of those with a single click once you visit the Blacksmith, with the same restrictions. Likewise, you can mark items as "Favorite" to prevent the blacksmith from taking his hammer to them. Good inventory management can save you a lot of time between adventures.


  • Common: Iron Chunks
  • Magic: Iron Chunks
  • Rare: Iron Chunks, Veiled Crystals
  • Legendary/Unique: Iron Chunks, Rawhides, Baleful Fragments, and a chance at a Forgotten Soul.


  • Common: Rawhides
  • Magic: Rawhides
  • Rare: Rawhides, Veiled Crystals
  • Legendary/Unique: Iron Chunks, Rawhides, Coiling Wards, and a chance at a Forgotten Soul.


  • Common: Iron Chunks
  • Magic: Iron Chunks
  • Rare: Iron Chunks, Veiled Crystals
  • Legendary/Unique: Iron Chunks, Rawhides, Abstruse Sigils, and a chance at a Forgotten Soul.

Tempering and Masterworking

As you progress your character, you unlock priority quests that teach you about Tempering and Mastworking your gear.


Tempering gear allows you to add additional affixes from Temper Manuals to all your items. You can add 1 to a Sacred item or 2 to an Ancestral only. Temper manuals can have standard affixes like Movement Speed, or more intriguing affixes like casting multiple projectiles for certain skills.

You have a limited amount of attempts to roll the desired affix on your item before your Temper Attempts are consumed, so be warned! Tempering is your first major step to customizing your build.

For more, see our full Tempering Guide


Masterworking is similar to the old Upgrading system. As you upgrade an item through the 12 ranks, each affix (base affixes + Tempering affixes) gains 5% power. At Ranks 4, 8, and 12 however, one of these affixes at random receives a major 25% increase. This 25% increase can hit three different affixes, hit one affix twice and another once, or one affix all three times for an insane boost! Only Ancestral Legendaries and Uniques can be Masterworked.

To fuel this crafting, you need to get to The Pit and start grinding! The Pit is unlocked after completing a Nightmare Dungeon Tier 46+ and requires RUNESHARDS to open, which you get from completing many activities out in the world. The materials you get are:

  • Pit Level: 1-29: Obducite
  • Pit Levels 30-59: Ingolith
  • Pit Levels 60+: Neathiron

As you climb higher in The Pit, you can transmute higher-level crafting materials into lower-level materials (at the Alchemist). This is great because it allows you to continue to do harder content but gain materials to start upgrading new gear pieces.

For more, see our full Masterworking Guide


Your mighty hero eventually dies. When it happens, your Armor and Weapons lose 10% of their total Durability. Once that value reaches 0, your gear is considered broken and must be repaired. Every 10% Durability increases the Gold cost, which also increases with Item Power. When your gear becomes completely broken, you don't lose all of their stats and Aspect bonuses. You lose a massive percentage of their bonuses, but at least you can continue using your Skills.


Wudijo's video on the topic of Upgrade Breakpoints


  • The Blacksmith is can salvage your unused gear for crafting materials, Temper and Masterwork your gear to max their stats, and repair your broken gear to keep you in the fight!
  • Salvaging Weapons, Armor and Jewelry get you crafting materials needed to Temper and Masterwork the items you find on your adventures.
  • Every time you die, your item's Durability drops by 10%. When it hits 0 you need to get it repaired ASAP!


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