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Mounts & Stable Master

Last Updated: January 6th 2024

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Season 2 - Blood

Diablo 4 has a huge open world and getting through it on foot takes a lot of time. To ease the pain, mounts - more specifically horses - are introduced to aid our plight. They become available on the first main quest in Act IV of the main story line.

Unlocking Mounts

Mounts are locked behind the priority quest "Mount: Donan's Favor". This Quest becomes available at the start of Act IV's main story. You simply have to talk to the Stable Master in Kyovashad to receive it. After completion, you can use the mount and customize it with trophies and bardings.

Stable Master before Mount unlock

Stable Master & Cosmetics

You can customize your mount's appearance at the Stable Master in most major cities and outposts. At this NPC you can customize your mount's horse breed, Armor, Saddle, and display a Trophy from your many conquests.

Stable Master Minimap Icon
Stable Master in Kyovashad

Horse Breeds

There are many different types of mounts that you can choose from. They can be found in the world by killing certain monsters, as a reward of the Gathering Legions Event, or finding hidden locations. Some types can be purchased in the in-game shop to support the game's development. Here are some examples we have seen so far:

Secondary Options

You can further modify your mount's visuals with different Armors, Saddles and Trophies you gathered in battle against demons or purchased in the in-game shop.

Dismount Abilities

Each class has a unique dismount ability, allowing you to jump right into battle while riding your horse. These abilities deal some AoE (Area of Effect) damage to the target location.


The Barbarian's dismount ability is called Bounding Slam and sees them jump onto their enemies. They proceed to slam their weapon into the ground twice. Monsters hit by it are stunned, allowing the Barbarian to unleash all their power on them.

Barbarian Dismount Ability

The Druid's dismount ability is called Pummel. They jump towards the target location, transforming into a Werebear in midair, slamming the ground when they land. Enemies hit by the slam are knocked down for 2.5 seconds.

Druid Dismount Ability

The Necromancer's dismount ability is called Bone Spikes. They jump towards the target location and unleash a massive cone of spikes protruding from the ground, damaging and Stunning enemies for 2 seconds.

Necromancer Dismount Ability

The Rogue's dismount ability is called Volley. They jump high into the air, shooting a wave of arrows that rain down on their enemies, radiating out beyond where they land.

Rogue Dismount Ability

The Sorcerer's dismount ability is called Freezing Wake. They turn into an icy wisp that travels through enemies towards the target location, Freezing enemies in their wake.

Sorcerer Dismount Ability

Breaks Barricades

Your mount has the ability to break through some light fortifications out in the open world. While traversing, if you see a barricade in your path, you can use your mount's Spur (speed up) ability to bust through it and continue on your way to slay some demons.


  • Mounts are the fastest way to travel around Sanctuary.
  • Customize your mount's breed, armor, saddle, and trophy that you find in your travels.
  • Every class has a unique dismount ability that deals heavy AoE damage.
  • Use your Spur ability to break through barricades along your path.


Written by Teo1904
Reviewed by Dredscythe

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