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Alchemist Potions & Elixirs

Last Updated: May 9th 2024

Season 4 - Loot

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The Alchemist allows you to create Potions, Elixirs, Incenses, and Crafting Materials for your character. Whether it's empowering your Healing Potion to help top off your Life pool, or crafting a powerful Elixir to increase your Attack Speed and Experience gain, the Alchemist is your one-stop shop for min-maxing your potential with consumables.

Unlocking the Alchemist

When your character reaches Level 10, you receive a Priority Quest objective to go and see the Alchemist in Kyovashad. Here you are given the task of upgrading your base Weak Healing Potion to a Tiny Healing Potion! At the low cost of 8 Gallowvine, your Healing Vial increases its efficiency by 31 additional Life.

From here you can see the Level progression and materials required to further upgrade your Potion, and the other options the Alchemist has available. Once you have the Alchemist unlocked you can see the different consumables that can be crafted, including Elixirs and whatever the unfinished Incense tab holds.

Veroka, the Alchemist of Kyovashad

Upgrade Potion

As your character's level increases, you are able to increase the base Life granted on use by your Healing Potion. The cost to do so includes Gold as well as Resources found by picking flowers and completing side-quests. The cost and resource intensity is fairly linear all the way to Character Level 90.

Upgrade Potion Costs

Craft Elixirs

Elixirs are consumable items that give your Character specific buffs for a 30-minute duration. These can include different Resistances to increasing your Attack Speed. Every Elixir increases your Experience gain by 5% for the entire duration. Keeping a steady supply of Elixirs in your "Consumables" tab is a sure-fire way to blast through the leveling progression and min-max your Character for difficult content. You may only have one Elixir active at a time and they don't expire on Character death.

ElixirBasic Details
Elixir of Cold Resistance
Elixir of Cold Resistance II
Cold Resist, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Fire Resistance
Elixir of Fire Resistance II
Fire Resist, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Lightning Resistance
Elixir of Lightning Resistance II
Lightning Resist, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Poison Resistance
Elixir of Poison Resistance II
Poison Resist, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Shadow Resistance
Elixir of Shadow Resistance II
Shadow Resist, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Iron Barbs
Elixir of Iron Barbs II
Armor, Thorns, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Fortitude
Elixir of Fortitude II
Maximum health, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Resource
Elixir of Resource II
Maximum resource, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Destruction
Elixir of Destruction II
XXX, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Advantage
Elixir of Advantage II
XXX, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Precision
Elixir of Precision II
Critical Strike Chance + Damage, Experience Gain.
Elixir of Holy BoltsArtillery bolt effect, Experience Gain.
Elixir of MomentumMovement Speed on Kill, Experience Gain.


The Alchemist allows you to take some of the hard fought over resources you have found and transmute them into others or items alike. This is a great boon to the player as you may have one of a particular material and can essentially convert it to your needs. Study what can be done to help you be as efficient as possible while playing.

Crafting Materials

As you level and take on the new challenge of The Pit, you can transmute higher-level crafting materials into lower-level materials. This is great because it allows you to continue to do harder content but gain materials to start upgrading new gear pieces through Masterworking.

RecipeResource Cost
Ingolith Cache
(Gives Ingolith x5)
Neathiron x1
250,000 Gold
Obducite Cache
(Gives Obducite x5)
Ingolith x1
50,000 Gold

Summoning Items

As you advance your build, Uniques becomes a more integral part of your build. To target farm them, there are special bosses with specific loot tables. One such boss is Echo of Varshan. To summon him, you must have one each of the following (Blackened Femur, Gurgling Head, and Trembling Hand) for WT3. In WT4 however, you require all the previously mentioned items plus Malignant Heart. These items are obtained while doing World Bosses, The Gathering Legion Event, Whisper Collection Rewards, and from Malignant Monsters that have a chance to spawn after completing a Whisper.

Example body part conversion recipe

With that known, it can be difficult to get some Body Parts as compared to others. Luckily, the Alchemist allows you to convert Body Parts in two different ways:

  • The first set of 3 recipes allows you to take a Blackened Femur, Gurgling Head, or Trembling Hand (with other materials) and craft a cache that has a RANDOM chance to give you one of the three Body Parts back. Yes, you can get SAME one you used to create the cache. We don't usually recommend doing these recipes as the cost is pretty high for just a random chance of getting the correct one you need.
  • The second set of 3 recipes allows you to take a Malignant Heart and create a cache to specifically target one of the other three Body Parts. While still being costly, this at least allows you to get the one you require 100% of the time, no RNG.

Summoning Item Recipes

In any case, these recipes are good to use in a pinch or if you have a lot of materials left over to use. Usually the answer to, "Should I use these?" is...just do more Whispers.

Transmute Sparks

Are you blasting away bosses and their Tormented versions, getting all the Uber Uniques except the one you need? Well, this is the transmutation for you! Salvage any unwanted Uber Uniques at the Blacksmith to grant you a Resplendent Spark. Bring 4 of them to the Alchemist and you can select which Uber Unique you want and craft it. All have the same costs and roll the same way they would if dropped, so all rolls are maxed and have a chance for Greater Affixes to be applied too.

Uber Unique Recipes

Getting "Easy" Resplendent Sparks

In Season 4, Resplendent Sparks are rewarded for completing certain activities. See below where to find them.

  • Completing the Iron Wolves Reputation.
  • Defeating Uber Lilith.
  • Defeating a Tormented Ladder Boss (first time only).

Craft Incense

Incense applies a buff to all players within a decent-sized range around the user for 20 minutes. Players can only benefit from one of each buff at any given time. Incense grant an experience buff and persists through death. You can only use one Incense of each type (I, II, III) at a time. Four players in a Dungeon can hypothetically benefit from a total of 9 Incense buffs.

Type I Incenses:

  • Spirit Dance
  • Desert Escape
  • Storm of the Wilds
  • Ancient Times
  • Blessed Guide
  • Queen's Supreme
  • Sage's Whisper
  • Song of the Mountain

Type II Incenses:

  • Soothing Spices
  • Scents of the Desert Afternoon
  • Spiral Morning
  • Reddamine Buzz

Type III Incenses:

  • Chorus of War



  • The Alchemist can empower your Healing Potion, brew powerful Elixirs to boost your Stats and Experience gain, and transmute your Resources into others for a small cost.
  • Your Healing Potion can be upgraded at major level milestones up to Level 90! Make sure to keep the necessary resources on hand when you hit these milestones to always have the strongest Potion on your belt!
  • Transmutation lets you swap your resources on the fly! Allow your hoarding mindset to take over...you may need to convert those resources later!
  • Incense allows you to provide a buff to all players around you, or your team members while in a dungeon. You can only benefit from one of each type of Incense at a given time.


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