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Paragon Boards

Last Updated: January 6th 2024

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Paragon Boards when unlocked are a powerful way to continue progressing your character after reaching level 50. You place points in Normal Nodes to increase your character’s base Attributes, which are important for Glyphs later on. You can also select from more specialized Magic, Rare, and Legendary Nodes that enhance certain affixes or skills you are using. Glyphs are particularly strong enhancements and can only be placed into a Glyph Socket on a Paragon Board.  Ultimately, the system forces you to make meaningful decisions that can impact your build greatly. Make as efficient use of your points as possible! Let's have a look at what we know so far.

Paragon Board Animation when placing a Glyph

Paragon Nodes

The boards are structured with 6 different node types that are combined to create a massive grid for you to navigate through.

Normal Node

These Nodes are the "veins" of Paragon Boards. They connect all other nodes and always grant +5 to an Attribute (Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, or Dexterity).

Choosing the correct route allows you to unlock additional bonuses from Rare Nodes and Glyphs, as they require a minimum amount of certain Attributes to achieve.

Normal Paragon Node

Magic Node

Magic Paragon Node

These Nodes can give larger amounts of Attributes compared to Normal Nodes or grant a power affix bonuses. There are always 5 Magic Nodes surrounding any Rare Node at all times.

While leveling, they are a nice increase to your character's power. Be sure the bonus they provide works with your build prior to selecting them to not waste points. Magic Nodes that are near Glyph Sockets are especially valuable to either increase a Glyph's power or when the placed Glyph increases Magic Nodes' power in its Radius.

Rare Node

These Nodes have a significant impact on your character's build. They are especially powerful while leveling up. Rare Nodes consist of 2 Attributes and a Bonus that needs to be unlocked. To do so, your character must meet the minimum Attribute requirement stated on the Node. This requirement consists of one or two Attributes. When you attach multiple Paragon Boards, the thresholds for those Bonuses increase, making them more difficult to unlock.

The Spiritual Power example Rare Node requires both Intelligence and Willpower. The base Node grants 14% Core Skill Damage and 35% Basic Skill Damage. When both requirements are met, the Core Skill Value doubles to 28% and the line turns green to indicate that the Bonus is unlocked.

No Requirements met-

Legendary Node

Legendary Paragon Node

These Nodes can have a massive impact on your character's power and playstyle. Each Paragon Board contains one Legendary Node that determines the general theme of the board.

While leveling, having multiple Legendary Nodes can be very powerful. When Min-Maxing your endgame builds, it can be more beneficial to path towards additional Glyph Sockets instead due to required point allocation. Evaluate what has the biggest impact per board to figure out what is best for your build.

Board Attachment Gate

These Nodes connect one Paragon Board to another one. Every board contains four Board Attachment Gates in the center of the four board edges. One is used to enter the board, the other three can be used to connect the next board. They also grant +5 to all Attributes.

Board Attachment Gate

Glyph Sockets and Glyphs

Glyph Sockets allow you to place the powerful Glyphs you unlock after level 50. Each Paragon Board contains one socket. Glyphs have a variable radius that is dependent on their rarity and level.

A Magic Glyph starts with a Radius of 2. This increases to its maximum Radius of 3 at Glyph Level 4.

Rare Glyphs start with a Radius of 3. At Glyph Level 15, this Radius is increased to the maximum 4.

Learn more about the importance of Glyphs here.

Rare Glyph Radius in Glyph Socket

Paragon Board Selection

When you reach a Board Attachment Gate, you have the option to select your next Paragon Board. Every class has 8 unique Paragon Boards to choose from.

Initially, you get an overview of each board's Legendary, and Rare Nodes. Each board has a specific theme, for example, the Eldritch Bounty board focuses on the Imbuement Skills of the Rogue.

When you hit the "Preview" button, the Board Preview Mode shows up. Here you can see the layout of the selected board and rotate it in 90° steps, allowing you to optimize your path through it. When you are happy with the board and its rotation, you hit the "Attach Board" button to finalize your decision. You can also cancel the preview and go back to the Board Selection.

Board Selection View

Gaining Paragon Points

Paragon Points are a limited resource. There are only three ways to gain them:

When you complete all of these objectives, you gain up to 225 Paragon Points.


  • Paragon Boards are structured in a grid with Normal, Magic, Rare, and Legendary Nodes.
  • Each board has one Legendary Node and a Board Attachment Gate in the middle of each edge.
  • Rare Nodes have stats that unlock when certain Attribute requirements are met.
  • You can gain up to 225 Paragon Points.
  • One Glyph can be put in each board. All allocated nodes within its radius contribute to its total power output!
  • Select your Paragon Boards wisely! They are the biggest power gain you can get in Diablo 4!


Written by Teo1904
Reviewed by Dredscythe

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