Paragon Glyphs

Last Updated: October 22nd 2023

Season 2 - Blood

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Glyphs are a powerful addition to further enhance your Paragon Boards after reaching Level 50. They are rune-like items that are placed in special Socket Nodes on each board. Learn everything you need to know about them below!

Acquiring Glyphs

Glyphs are easy to get, but may take you a bit before getting the several you require for your build. Once you hit World Tier 3 (Level 50+), any activity has a chance of dropping a Glyph for you. The best way, as you could guess, is to run Nightmare Dungeons themselves. You can open your Paragon Board and check for ones you have and ones which are still yet to be found. They can look very similar to regular items when dropped, so be on the lookout to not miss any.


There are two rarity types for Glyphs - Magic and Rare.

Magic Paragon Glyphs

  • One bonus is applied to your character.
  • They start with a Radius of 2. When they are put into a Socket Node, they are affected or affect Paragon Nodes within 2 Nodes.
  • At Level 4, their Radius increases to 3.

For example, Subdue grants +0.8% increased damage per 5 Intelligence allocated in range. You should put this into a Glyph Socket that has as much Intelligence in range as possible.

Magic Glyph

Rare Paragon Glyphs

  • One bonus is applied to your character.
  • An additional bonus is unlocked by allocating enough Paragon Nodes in its Radius to reach the specified Attribute.
  • They start with a Radius of 3. When they are put into a Socket Node, they are affected or affect Paragon Nodes within 3 Nodes.
  • At Level 15, their effect Radius increases to 4.

For example, Fulminate grants +3.0% increased Lightning damage for every 5 Dexterity allocated in range. The additional bonus requires you to reach 25 Dexterity on allocated Paragon Nodes in its Radius. You should put this into a Glyph Socket that has as much Dexterity in range as possible.

Rare Glyph

Using Glyphs

To use a Glyph, you have to place it into a Socket Node on your Paragon Board. Each board has one of these Nodes. Every Glyph has a "base bonus" that applies to your character when socketed.

  • Some scale with a specific Attribute on Paragon Nodes allocated in its radius. Make sure to utilize your Paragon Boards to maximize this effect.
    Example: If your Glyph scales with Dexterity, make sure to put it in the Socket Node with the highest Dexterity you can find.
  • Or increases the effectiveness of Paragon Nodes (Magic and Rare Nodes) within its Radius. Make sure to utilize these Glyphs in Socket Nodes that are surrounded by nodes that benefit your build!

Rare Glyphs have an additional bonus that is unlocked when the specified Attribute from allocated Paragon Nodes is reached. Make sure to unlock these secondary bonuses!

Glyph Socket with Glyph Radius

The example image shows a block of green text at the top. These are the total bonuses that the Glyph adds to your character.

Class Paragon Glyphs

Each class has their own list of Glyphs:

  • Ambidextrous
  • Bloodfeeder
  • Brawl
  • Cleaver
  • Crusher
  • Disembowel
  • Dominate
  • Executioner
  • Exploit
  • Imbiber
  • Ire
  • Marshal
  • Might
  • Mortal Draw
  • Revenge
  • Rumble **
  • Seething
  • Territorial
  • Twister **
  • Territorial
  • Undaunted
  • Weapon Master
  • Wrath
  • Advantage
  • Battle-hardened
  • Overwhelm
  • Power
  • Ruin
  • Slayer
  • Subdue

** New for Season 2

Upgrading Paragon Glyphs

Similar to your character, a Glyph gains power when you level them up. You can allocate experience to Glyphs once you have completed a Nightmare Dungeon.

Aim to level all Glyphs used in your build to their maximum Radius first. Then you can continue to level them up further.

In the example image you can see the Bane Glyph at Level 1. It takes 8 XP to reach Level 2. A finished Nightmare Dungeon granted 4 XP that can be allocated to the Glyph.

Upgrading a Glyph after Completing a Nightmare Dungeon

Experience required per Glyph Level

Experience gained per Nightmare Dungeon Tier


  • Increase a Glyph's Radius by leveling it up to the listed requirement.
  • They are laced in Socket Nodes on the Paragon Board, and interact with allocated nodes in their radius.
  • Allocate as many Paragon Nodes with their specified Attribute in their Radius.
  • Maximize your Glyph's power by placing it in a Glyph Socket that benefits it the most!
  • They exist in Magic and Rare rarity.


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