Elites & Affixes Overview

Elites are more powerful enemies that can randomly spawn anywhere you encounter regular monsters in Diablo 4. They have higher health, damage and come with a range of possible Elite Affixes. These affixes are extra abilities cast by these Elites that make combat more engaging and require you to outplay them.

All information in this article is from the Press Preview Access of Diablo 4. The content presented here is subject to change, and will be updated as we learn more.

In the World of Sanctuary, normal monsters without a doubt are just not getting the job done. They then send forth a threat that's considerably stronger than your average corrupt you just trampled over. They will stop at nothing to finish the job their underlings could not. Armed with many different affixes designed to torture you, make your life miserable or outright kill you, these are dangerous adversaries that should not be underestimated. Don't worry though, we got you covered.

We have studied these affixes carefully and have compiled a complete list of possible threats as well as how they function, so that you are never caught off guard traversing the World of Sanctuary. Let us begin!

Elite teleports on top of unsuspecting victim

Cold Affixes

These elemental Elite Affixes look to maximize zone coverage to slow you down in any way possible.

Cold Enchanted

  • Description - Chills the target that it touches.
  • Duration - Varies depending on your characters crowd control reduction.

Chilling Wind

  • Description - This affix summons an icy wind pillar that chills upon being touched. Ranged projectiles become slowed as it travels through the pillar.
  • Duration - 7 seconds
  • Cooldown - 9 seconds


  • Description - Summons 3 frozen orbs that chills until they are frozen. Deals cold damage upon explosion after 3 seconds.
  • Duration - 3 seconds
  • Cooldown - 8 seconds


  • Description - Summons 4 ice claws that pulls you into the enemy after 1.5 seconds.
  • Cooldown - 13 seconds

Fire Affixes

These elemental Elite Affixes are pretty straight forward. They deal huge burst damage.


  • Description - Spawns 2 fire orbs that explode in a massive area after 5 seconds.
  • Cooldown - 15 seconds

Fire Enchanted

  • Description - Ejects 3 fire damage waves from itself, resembling a fidget spinner in formation.
  • Duration - Permanent
  • Cooldown - 3 seconds
  • Additional Info - This affix explodes in 6 seconds after death. It continues to spawn fire waves.


  • Description - This affix launches 4 mortars into the air that rain down around the target.
  • Cooldown - 3 seconds
  • Additional Info - Mortar ground indicators can overlap, dealing massive damage in a small area.

Lightning Affixes

These elemental Elite Affixes like to do lots of small tick damage across a wide area.

Electrified Obelisks

  • Description - This affix summons 3 lightning pillars that shoot lighting bolts to each other and from the target.
  • Duration - 6 seconds
  • Cooldown - 12 seconds

Lightning Enchanted

  • Description - Releases 3 fast lightning spheres upon being struck. Can bounce off walls and terrain.

Shock Lance

  • Description - Spawns a lightning beam that rotates around an orb at different speeds.
  • Duration - 15 seconds
  • Cooldown - 5 seconds


  • Description - Teleports to the player and deals lightning damage upon landing. Can teleport from off-screen.
  • Cooldown - 8 seconds
  • Additional Info - There is a 0.33 second cast time alongside a visual and audio cue before landing. Not reactable.

Poison Affixes

These elemental Elite Affixes like to deal damage over time. Shown as green in your health globe, taking damage will gradually decrease your life.


  • Description - Leaves a pool of poison that explodes upon death.

Poison Enchanted

  • Description - Drops a blob of poison underneath the target. Taking damage triggers activation.
  • Additional Info - Upon death, drops a blob of poison underneath itself.

Shadow Affixes

These elemental affixes are looking to make you lose control and blind you from the battlefield.

Shadow Enchanted

  • Description - Spawns a shadow clone of itself that attacks the player. Taking damage triggers activation.
  • Duration - 4 seconds (one hit)


  • Description - Spawns 2 Pentagrams on the ground that activate and deal damage after 2 seconds.
  • Cooldown - 7 seconds
  • Additional Info - Fears you for 2 seconds

Utility Affixes

These are Elite Affixes that are more crowd control and defense based with no elemental damage attached.


  • Description - Summons a 3 headed stone statue that binds players in chains within it's radius.
  • Duration - 6 seconds
  • Cooldown - 15 seconds


  • Description - Elite shoots 3 normal projectiles.
  • Additional Info - Rare


  • Description - Summons 2 minions based on surrounding mob type. Can have up to 6 minions out.
  • Duration - 3 second spawn time.
  • Cooldown - 20 seconds


  • Description - Creates a bubble around the target that becomes immune to ranged attacks outside the bubble.
  • Duration - Permanent


  • Description - Leeches health from target using normal attack and other elite affixes.
  • Additional Info - This affix cannot leech life through abilities that protect your health.


  • Description - Walls in U shape to hinder player movement. Part of the wall is breakable by players.
  • Duration - 7 seconds
  • Cooldown - 12 seconds


Elites can spawn with Minions that are also considered Elite but don't inherit their affixes. Instead, they simply have increased Life values.

Increased Health

  • Description - Mobs have increased health.


  • There are many different Elite Affixes. Understanding how they work is crucial to be successful against the toughest foes.
  • Elites can have 1-3 elite affixes.
  • Minions can spawn alongside Elites and have increased health.

Always pay attention to what you are up against and don't fret if you don't succeed every time. You will have plenty of practice throughout your journey. We will see you in Sanctuary!

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Written by DiEoxidE.
Reviewed by wudijo.


Dec 7th 2022
Article Created from the Press Release Version of Diablo 4.