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Rare Elites Overview

Last Updated: January 7th 2024

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Rare Elites are special enemies in the world of Diablo 4. They drop unique Rare Items that have fixed properties on them with a set range. Some of these items contain properties that you otherwise could not find on normal items, making them interesting finds to place a Legendary Aspect on for your build. Let's take a deeper look at where to find them and what to expect when killed.


Rare Elites spawn in specific places in the world. They always have the same name, elite affixes, minimum level and have a 33% chance to drop the same specific Rare Item. You can farm them repeatedly to acquire a specific drop with better rolls and at higher rarity tier of Sacred or Ancestral. You may need to wait 5–10 minutes for respawns, depending on the amount of people in the area and if you are part of a group or not.

The Rare Item can be modified in the same way you modify other Rare Items. With their low vendor sell value, they are extremely cheap to Enchant. They can potentially roll double properties to stack huge amounts if desired. In addition, they can be Imprinted with a Legendary Aspect, just like other Rare Items.

Due to their unusual stats, some of them may be useful for your build, allowing out-of-the-ordinary gear combinations and min/maxing. This can make a well rolled and extremely high Item Power drop worth a lot of gold!

A Rare Elite Item Enchanted to have double Lucky Hit Chance!

Locations and Items

Each region of the world contains four Rare Elites. Below is all the information you need to determine which one to target, where they spawn, and what you get after killing them. Note: Key item property ranges have been replaced with [XX] due to being dependent on Item Power and Rarity when dropped. We are also aware that most of the tooltips do not properly show as Rare Item rarity, this is a known issue.

Fractured Peaks

Sir Lynna (1) / Corlin Hulle (2) / Rotsplinter (3) / "Wrathful" Osgar Reede (4)

Fractured Peaks Rare Elites


Gaspar Stilbian (1) / Blind Odwyn (2) / Garbhan Ennai (3) / Lord Eonan (4)

Scosglen Rare Elites


Abe-Mari (1) / Nine-Eyes, The Broodmother (2) / Faraya Tehi (3) / Qiniel (4)

Kehjistan Rare Elites


Renn Dayne (1) / Enkil (2) / Captain Willcocks (3) / Trembling Mass (4)

Hawezar Rare Elites

Dry Steppes

Bhotak the Inevitable (1) / Pitiless Gur (2) / Zarozar the Mighty (3) / Almunn (4)

Dry Steppes Rare Elites

Monster Parts

Monster parts are a critical component in Elixirs, especially if you are playing Hardcore. The descriptions of these materials can be vague in telling you where to find them. Luckily enough, Rare Elites drop specific amounts of a particular Monster Part each time they are killed.

  • All Fractured Peaks Rare Elites drop 5 Grave Dust when killed.
  • All Scosglen Rare Elites drop 5 Crushed Beast Bones when killed.
  • All Kehjistan Rare Elites drop 5 Demon's Heart when killed.
  • All Hawezar Rare Elites drop 5 Paletongue when killed.
  • All Dry Steppes Rare Elites drop 1 of each Monster Part when killed.


  • Hunt down Rare Elites if a particular build requires or could fit in their unique Rare Item.
  • They can be killed repeatedly; not a one time occurrence.
  • They also drop Monster Parts, key for crafting Elixirs.


Written by Dredscythe
Reviewed by IBoilerUp

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