Multiplayer and Party Mechanics

In the Open World of Diablo 4 you can invite other players to your party to team up against the forces of evil. Grouping up has many benefits, such as increasing your experience gained.

All information in this article is from the Press Preview Access of Diablo 4. The content presented here is subject to change, and will be updated as we learn more.

How to join a Party?

You can directly group up with your friends by hovering their name and either inviting them to your party or requesting to join their party. If you meet a player in the vast Open World, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the player with your mouse or get close to them when playing Diablo 4 on console.
  2. Hit the action wheel and click "Invite to Party".
  3. Your trade partner receives a request to group up. When they accept the request they are now a part of your party.

Base Mechanics

Generally, it is an advantage to group up as party with friends on characters with similar power levels. The life and damage done by monsters in the Open World does not scale with the amount of players. However the life and damage done by Monsters in Dungeons (instances with a maximum of 4 players) scales up with the number of party members.

  • There can only be up to 4 party members in the same party.
  • There is one party leader that can add or remove other players.
  • The State of your Open World State & quest progression depends on the party leader.
  • Once you join a party your World State is set to the party leaders and you might lose any unfinished quest progression, so make sure you do not accept a party invitation when you are about to finish a quest.
  • There is a separate in-game party chat to communicate.
  • Buffs from skills like War Cry benefit party members as well as non allied players nearby in the Open World.


If a party member dies they turn into a gravestone and have 2 options:

  1. Spawn at the latest checkpoint by clicking the "Revive at Checkpoint" button.
  2. Get revived by a party member by clicking the gravestone. This process takes around 3 seconds and can be sped up with multiple members reviving the same fallen players. While doing so you can be interrupted by monster attacks. Once a player gets revived, they are in an invulnerable ghost state until moving or casting a skill.

There is no known cap on how often players can be revived.


Loot is personal and has a high chance to be specific to your character, via the Smart Loot system. Don't worry, no one can steal your Legendaries. After picking up the loot however, you can then trade or gift it to other party members or players. No loot is bound to a specific party. Here is an overview of items that can and Cannot be Traded

Can be Traded

  • Common Items
  • Magic Items
  • Rare Items
  • Gold
  • Gems
  • Elixirs

Cannot be Traded

There seems to be no Magic Find bonus or additional loots drop while in a party. However if you are in the same zone as your party members you also get rewards and items from monster that they kill.


When a monster dies in Diablo 4 its level is compared to your level and you are rewarded a certain amount of experience. This does not change in parties. No matter if you or your allies kill a monster, you always get the experience suited to your level and the monster's level.

In parties experience is gained zone wide, so even if your allies kill a monster off-screen you are still getting the experience. Due to this mechanic it can be very beneficial to split farm within the same zone in the Open World.

On top of that there is a group buff similar to Strength in Numbers from Diablo 3. If players are close to one another you gain bonus experience. Here are the base mechanics:

  • Scales per party member:
    • x5% experience bonus with 2 members.
    • x8% experience bonus with 3 members.
    • x11% experience bonus with 4 members.
  • Range is about 3 screens.
  • Multiplicative experience bonus.

How To Find Party Members

As of now there are no automated group finder tools or systems in the game, however players have a variety of options: Friend list

You might know a few people from other Blizzard games. Use your friend list to group up!

Local Players

Next to your friend list there is also a local player system in Diablo 4 allowing you to connect with players around you.

In-game Chat

There are different in-game chats that can be used.


The Clan System in Diablo 4 is another great tool to connect with your friends and organize groups.

Discord, Streamer Communities, Forums or other Applications

There are many more options out there. We have a dedicated Diablo 4 Channel in our Discord that also includes a LFG channel on launch. Stay tuned!

Characters at the Campfire


  • Group up with other players using the Action Wheel.
  • Do not worry about other players taking your loot. It is all personal and some of it can be traded and shared with your friends.
  • Whenever you can, group up with friends and socialize with other players in the Open World. It's much more fun slaying demons together while getting nice party only bonuses such as additional experience!


Written by Rob
Reviewed by Raxxanterax


Dec 7th 2022
Article Created from the Press Release Version of Diablo 4.