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Governing Stones and Tuning Stones

Last Updated: May 9th 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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Over the course of Season 3, you need to find Governing Stones and Tuning Stones to outfit your Seneschal Construct, obtained during the new Season Questline. This the heart of the seasonal theme and is fairly involved. Luckily, we got them and you can read all of them below.

What are the Stones?

Governing Stones
Tuning Stones
  • Governing Stones - There are 12 different Stones.
    • You can have up to 2 selected at one time.
    • Governing Stones have different tags including Melee, Ranged and Utility.
  • Tuning Stones - There are 27 different Stones.
    • You can use 3 different Tuning Stones to augment one Governing Stone, for a total of 6 selected at a time.
    • Only certain Tuning Stones work with a particular Governing Stone.
    • Look at the bottom of any Tuning Stone tooltip to see if it is compatible with your Construct's currently equipped Governing Stones.

See below for an example of what you can do with these Stones.

Obtaining the Stones

New Vaults that can drop Stones

The new Seneschal Stones are obtained from a variety of sources. You can obtain them during your progression of the Season Questline. There are ways to craft them (more on this next). There are new Dungeons, called Vaults, that can reward them as well as the new Overworld activity - Arcane Tremors. Lastly, there is an Uber version of the Seasonal Boss, Malphas, that can drop Uber Unique Tuning Stones.

Crafting Stones

Crafting Menu
Uncertain Seneschal Stone Cache crafting cost

Shattered Stones are found while participating in the various new activities. Combining Shattered Stones with other materials at the Jeweler gives you an Uncertain Seneschal Stone Cache that rewards a single Governing Stone or Tuning Stone. If it is a new Stone, great, if you get a duplicate, it contributes XP towards leveling up that Stone. Each Governing Stone or Tuning Stone can level up to Rank 10.

List of Governing Stones and Tuning Stones

Below you will find all the Governing Stones or Tuning Stones that you can use. Do keep in mind that not every Tuning Stone can be used with every Governing Stone. Don't commit fully to what you are going to use 100% based on this list alone, have a few options.

Governing Stones

Tuning Stones


The Seneschal Stones, known as Governing Stones and Tuning Stones are an important part of your power in Season 3.

  • Complete the Season Questline to obtain your Seneschal Construct.
  • Participate in the new Seasonal activities like Vaults or Arcane Tremors to obtain Seneschal Stones
  • Continue crafting or collect Stones for duplicates to level up your equipped Stones and max out their power.


Written by Dredscythe
Reviewed by Tenkiei

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