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Echo of Lilith

Last Updated: May 22nd 2024

Season 2 - Blood

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Echo of Lilith, Hatred Incarnate

Level: 100
HP: ~24,000,000
Stagger HP: 500

Echo of Lilith, Mother of Mankind

Level: 100
HP: ~40,000,000
Stagger HP: 200

Echo of Lilith is an optional Boss in Diablo 4 accessible after unlocking World Tier 4 by clearing the second Capstone Dungeon. Players can fight her by entering the Echo of Hatred dungeon in the church of Nevesk. Defeating Echo of Lilith for the first time grants the player "Silence is Hellish" challenge, "Lilith's" title, Reins of the Bloody Liquid Steed and two items of Legendary or above quality. Defeating the boss again grants no rewards except two items, which can be claimed once per character.

Recommended Stats
Before you take on this boss, you need to make sure that your build is sufficiently strong.

Damage. You should have at the very least 1 million DPS, otherwise the fight will take too long and the ever-growing, unavoidable damage from Blood Orb Creation will make it impossible.

Defense. Lilith has 2 kinds of attacks: normal attacks and one-shot attacks. The former are no more dangerous than any regular level 100 boss; if your build can do Helltides and Dungeons, you will be just fine. The latter, however, will outright one-shot you and while some builds can get tanky enough to survive one such hit, for most it's a faraway dream. It's best to dodge these attacks and invest more into your damage.

Utility. And this brings us to the most important stat you need for this encounter - Movement Speed. With base 100% Movement Speed, the wrong Boot implicit, and no mobility skills, many of Lilith's attacks become outright unavoidable. With a couple of Movement Speed rolls on your Boots and Amulet plus extra Evade charges, you can dodge everything she throws at you. Add in some mobility skills like Teleport or Dash and maybe an invulnerability button like Flame Shield or Blood Mist and it becomes almost easy. Get at least 140% Movement Speed and either "Max Evade Charges" or "Movement Speed after Evade" roll on your boots.

Tormented Debuff

Similar to the Tormented (lvl 200) Bosses of the Boss Ladder system, Lilith applies a stacking damage taken debuff to the player when hit by certain abilities. This allows a few mistakes throughout the fight before the incoming damage overwhelms you. These abilities are:

  • Waves (Phase 1)
  • Homing Souls (Phase 2)

It's advised to spec into a proper Bossing setup to complete the fight. Check out our Bossing Tier List to see the best builds!

Attacks and Abilities

Echo of Lilith, Hatred Incarnate

Blood Orb Creation

Lilith siphons the blood out of the player, dealing unavoidable damage and creating a Volatile Blood beneath their feet. At the same time, 3 Dancing Blood Orbs are created, which orbit the player's position for 5 seconds and then swiftly fly out of the arena. Getting hit by a Dancing Blood Orb deals minor damage and makes the player Vulnerable for 2.5 seconds. This attack applies a stacking debuff to the player, which increases its damage by 2% per stack. The initial hit applies 2 stacks and each Dancing Blood Orb applies 1 stack on hit.

Volatile Blood is a common enemy with 1,200,000 HP. If not killed within 12 seconds, Volatile Blood erupts, dealing lethal damage in room-wide AoE.

When Lilith is below 40% HP, this attack creates two Volatile Bloods.


The initial hit is unavoidable its damage grows over time, so you need to have enough DPS to end the fight before you accumulate too many stacks of this debuff. Try to kill Volatile Blood as soon as possible. If you fail to do it in time, only abilities that make you Immune, such as Flame Shield, Blood Mist, or Lacerate can save you.

Melee Combo

Lilith takes 2 steps forward while striking the player twice with her wings. If the player is too far away, Lilith shadowsteps closer to them at the beginning of this attack.


This attack can be easily outranged or side-stepped, but its damage is so low that most builds can just facetank it and use it as an opportunity to deal damage.

Fissure (single)

Lilith creates a series of parallel fissures on the ground which explode after a 1 second delay, dealing damage to players standing on top of them.

This version is used when Lilith is above 70% HP.


Don't stand in the fire if you want to avoid the damage, but, similar to Melee Combo, this ability's damage is low enough for most builds to simply ignore it.

Wave of Spikes

Lilith turns to face the player and then summons two shadow clones of herself. After a brief delay, Lilith and her clones jump backwards while launching forward a wide wave of demonic spikes that deals lethal damage on contact.


The easiest way to dodge this attack is to simply move behind Lilith while she is preparing the wave. If Lilith's back is to the edge of the arena and you can't stand behind her, you need to run backwards and to the side to get out of the way. In some cases the wave can be aimed directly through the arena's center, making it impossible to dodge without leaving the circle. To prevent this from happening, never stand between Lilith and the center of the arena when you both are close to the edge.

Death From Above (same direction)

Lilith leaps upward, briefly leaving the arena. After a 1.2 second delay, 3 warning markers are created on the ground: one directly next to the player and two more to the sides and slightly back. One second later, Lilith's shadow clones come crashing down and launch 3 narrow waves of demonic spikes from the position of the markers. Finally, Lilith herself comes down, launching the 4th wave down the middle lane from further back.

This version is available at all times.


As soon as you see Lilith crouch before her jump, start moving to the edge of the arena. If you get there fast enough, all the launching spots of the waves will be inside the circle. Then all you have to do is run to the opposite side until you get behind the 4th warning marker. This way you are never in a path of any waves and you are also right next to the Lilith's landing spot, ready to deal damage.

If you fail to get to the edge of the arena in time, the safe areas may land outside the circle. In that case you have to dodge the attack the hard way. Move to the side of the first marker to let the wave pass you by. As soon as it passes, immediately get behind it to avoid the incoming side wave. Again, as soon as side wave passes, go behind it again to avoid the final wave coming down the middle. Keep in mind that the hitbox of the waves is slightly in front of them (which is further exacerbated by your latency), meaning that you will get hit before the wave even touches you. On the bright side, that also means that back side of the wave is quite safe: if you approach a wave from behind you can literally stand on top of the spikes without taking damage.

Echo of Lilith, Mother of Mankind

Blood Orb Creation (single)

Lilith plunges her tail into the ground while siphoning blood out of the player at the same time, dealing unavoidable damage and creating 8 Dancing Blood Orbs going around the player in two concentric circles. After a brief delay an explosion of blood goes off next to the player dealing damage and creating a new Blood Orb in the center. All previously created Blood Orbs caught in the explosion are destroyed.

Dancing Blood Orbs deal minor damage and make the player Vulnerable for 2.5 seconds upon impact. After orbiting the player's original position for 5 seconds, Dancing Blood Orbs swiftly fly out of the arena.

In this phase, Blood Orbs are not enemies but obstacles on the map. Stepping into a Blood Orb deals low damage over time to the player and slows them. During certain attacks in this phase, Blood Orbs create deadly Red Souls that chase down the player. If Lilith is Staggered, all Blood Orbs except two (selected at random) are destroyed.

This attack applies a stacking debuff to the player, which increases its damage by 2% per stack. The initial hit and the blood explosion apply 2 stacks and each Dancing Blood Orb applies 1 stack on hit.


The initial hit is unavoidable. Its damage grows over time, so you need to have enough DPS to end the fight before you accumulate too many stacks of the debuff. The explosion deals high damage but it's easy to dodge with Evade if you remember it's coming.

Melee Combo

Lilith strikes the player 1-3 times with her tail.


Similar to first phase, the damage of this attack is so low that most builds can just facetank it and use it as an opportunity to deal damage.

Ground Slam

Lilith flies up into the air and pulls all enemies towards herself while slowing them for 3 seconds. At the same time, she summons 4-6 (depending on her HP) Children of Lilith. After a 2 second delay, Lilith slams down onto the ground, dealing lethal damage in a large circle.

Children of Lilith are a ghoul type enemies who pose no threat on their own but can become a source of Souls during certain attacks.


If you get hit by the pull + slow you won't be able to get out of the AoE by just running. You need to use an Unstoppable ability to prevent the pull or to remove the slow. Alternatively, you can use a mobility skill or 2-3 Evade charges to get out even while slowed. After dodging, kill the Children before continuing to fight Lilith.

Shadow Clone

Lilith lets out a scream, knocking the player back. After that, Lilith dashes towards the player and shoots a three-pronged fork of shadows at the player, which deals heavy damage. Then she does this dash + fork combo a second time. At the same time, a shadow clone of Lilith is created nearby, which mimics her initial scream and two fork attacks with a 1 second delay. After all 4 forks are shot, Lilith slams the ground near player's position, releasing a massive shadow explosion that deals lethal damage.

If Lilith is killed or Staggered during this attack, the shadow clone will continue acting on its own. Since Lilith's death animation is very long, you will receive no rewards for double KO.


Very tanky builds can survive a single hit by a fork, but most have to dodge this attack entirely. To do that, move away from Lilith and run in a large circle. Each fork's middle prong is always aimed directly at you, so you will always dodge it as long as you move laterally. In doing so, you risk running into one of the side prongs, so you need to either be far enough away from Lilith or slow down a bit after you dodge the middle one. When Lilith raises her wings before the final part of the attack, move quickly to the opposite side of the arena to avoid the explosion.


Lilith flies up and leaves the arena. After a brief delay, she comes back flying across the entire battlefield, covering the ground behind her in a thick layer of cursed blood. After a 3 second delay, the blood ignites, dealing lethal damage to all enemies caught in it for the next 2 seconds.


There's always a safe zone at the side of the arena where Lilith finishes her flight. This attack is trivial to dodge on it's own and only becomes dangerous when combined with Souls chasing down the player. Remember that no damage is done until the blood catches fire, so you don't need to rush into the safe zone immediately.

Fight Progression and General Strategy

After player enters the arena, Lilith will drop down in the center, knocking the player back and creating a Circle of Doom that limits the size of the playable area. Stepping outside of the circle will deal extremely high damage over time to the player. The fight always starts with the fixed sequence of attacks:

  1. Blood Orb Creation
  2. Melee Combo x3
  3. Fissure
  4. Melee Combo
  5. Blood Orb Creation

After that she will select one of 5 attacks available to her:

  • Melee Combo (no cooldown)
  • Blood Orb Creation (15 seconds cooldown)
  • Fissure (3 second cooldown)
  • Wave of Spikes (20 seconds cooldown)
  • Death From Above (20 seconds cooldown)

Lilith will always prioritize Blood Orb Creation if it's not on cooldown. She will never do Melee Combo more than twice in a row. Otherwise the attacks are selected at random.

During this stage of the fight, Lilith has long cooldowns on her high-damage attacks, giving you plenty of time to damage her and/or apply Stagger. Be ready to dodge Wave of Spikes or Death From Above when they come and you should be able to get through this stage without much trouble.

First Minion Phase

When Lilith's health goes below 70%, she will finish her attack and summon 2 Enforcers. After that, she will continuously use Death From Above as long as at least one of the Enforcers is alive (but no less than 2 times). Each Enforcer will leave behind 2 Volatile Bloods and 6 Health Potion charges upon death.

Enforcers themselves deal almost no damage. Your primary focus should be on dodging the Death From Above spam while killing them. Stay at the edge of the arena and let the Enforcers come to you. Be mindful of their pull attack as it can move you into the one-shot attacks from Lilith. If your build is not great at cleaning up Volatile Blood, try to kill the minions one-by-one and kill the Blood in-between.

After you kill both minions, the camera returns to the normal zoom level and the second stage of the fight begins. Lilith's abilities are upgraded:

  • Blood Orb Creation's cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Fissure now spawns 2 sets of fissures in criss-cross pattern. You can take damage twice if you stand on an intersection.
  • Death From Above unlocks its second variation (opposing direction waves) and has its cooldown drastically reduced (to ~7 seconds).

Her attacks, in general, will follow this pattern:

  1. Death From Above
  2. another attack
  3. Death From Above
  4. other attacks for 10-15s
  5. repeat

Your best strategy is to focus on dodging during steps 1-3 and doing damage during step 4. Since her Blood Orb Creation now has reduced cooldown and still has highest priority, the attack in step 2 will often be Blood Orb Creation. It's recommended to focus on dodging the incoming Death From Above first and killing Volatile Bloods second. Since Volatile Bloods take 12 seconds to detonate, you have plenty of time to kill it without the threat of a one-shot hanging over you.

Second Minion Phase

When Lilith's health goes below 40%, she will finish her attack and summon 3 Oppressors. Same as the first minion phase, she will spam use Death From Above as long as her minions live.

This phase is not very different from the first one. Now there are 3 minions instead of 2 but they pose little threat and all the danger is coming from now further upgraded Death From Above. Our strategy stays the same: focus on dodging first and killing second.

After the minions die, the fight continues with more improvements to Lilith's attacks:

  • Death From Above unlocks 2 more variants
  • Blood Orb Creation now creates 2 Volatile Bloods

During this stage Lilith will simply use Death From Above after every 2-3 attacks giving you little time to deal damage. Stay at the edge of the arena at all times to make dodging easier and slowly work through her HP bar.

When Lilith's HP hits 0, the circle created at the start of the fight will disappear and 20 seconds later Echo of Lilith, Mother of Mankind will spawn in the center.

Lilith, Mother of Mankind

Lilith opens up the fight with a semi-fixed sequence of attacks:

  • Blood Orb Creation (quadruple)
  • Melee Combo x1-2
  • Flight (top to bottom)

After that she behaves similar to her first phase. She casts Blood Orb Creation whenever its 15s cooldown is ready and otherwise randomly chooses between Melee Combo, Flight (~20s cooldown), and Shadow Clone (~20s cooldown).

During this part of the fight, the only threatening attack Lilith has is Shadow Clone, but with plenty of space to dodge it, you can always run in a big circle and be completely fine. Instead, you should focus at dealing damage and managing Blood Orbs. When the Blood Orb Creation is coming up, move next to (or even inside of) one of the existing Blood Orbs to make sure that their numbers don't increase. Staggering Lilith at this stage is also beneficial as it will destroy some of the Blood Orbs. Alternatively, you can just run to the top of the arena to spawn new Blood Orbs, as this section of the arena will soon be destroyed. This, however, makes the next phase transition very hard to survive, so only do this if you have an Invulnerability skill to help you.

First Platform Break

After Lilith's HP falls below 85% she will finish her current attack and use Flight (bottom to top). After that, she performs a special move (Lilith can't be Staggered during this time) where she uses her wings to destroy part of the arena. This section overlaps with the safe zone of previously used Flight and players standing on it take minor damage over time. 6 seconds later, the cut-off section crumbles down into the abyss, instantly killing all players standing on it.

While the platform is crumbling and for 2 second after, Blood Orbs shoot Souls at the player. 2 Souls are created each second, regardless of the number of currently active Blood Orbs. Souls move at ~133% Movement Speed and home in on their target, but their turn speed is very low, making it possible to sidestep them. Souls deal heavy damage on contact.

After the platform is broken, Lilith teleports to the center of arena and uses Ground Slam. Dodging all these attacks can be tricky but it becomes much easier if you can outrun the Souls. Then you just have to run in a large circle, timing it in such a way that you enter the crumbling platform right before the blood on the floor starts burning, and then leave it before it falls down, all without stopping. In this case, you only have to worry about the Souls coming straight at you and you Evade or simply take a step to the side to dodge them. Be aware that the pull from the Ground Slam attack will happen while there's still some Souls out, so you need to make sure that there are no Souls between you and arena's center when it happens (or simply use Unstoppable ability to prevent the pull).

The second stage of the fight is no different from the first one, but now Lilith has one more ability to choose from: Ground Slam. The next stage begins when Lilith HP falls below 60% mark.

Second Platform Break

Lilith will once again open up with Flight (bottom left to top right) and then will start breaking off the corner of the platform. Unlike the first time, the safe zone of Flight doesn't perfectly overlap with the crumbling platform and there's some burning blood in the left corner of it.

There's nothing different in the way you dodge this attack but it's a bit more difficult because the safe zone and the arena itself is now smaller. After the platform is broken, Lilith will teleport to the center and use Ground Slam.

During this stage of the fight, Lilith doesn't gain any new abilities but she gets some upgrades:

  • Ground Slam summons one more Child
  • Flight and Shadow Clone now cause the Blood Orbs and surviving Children of Lilith to shoot Souls at the player.

Third Platform Break

When Lilith falls below 30% HP, she will break the last corner of the platform, starting with Flight (bottom right to top left), then platform break with all the bells whistles and Souls. As she destroys the last platform, she will cast Shadow Clone.

After this, the fight continues but Lilith now has no cooldown on her Flight ability and will often use it twice in a row in opposite directions, forcing you to run from one end of the arena to the other and stand in a tiny safe zone while dodging all the Souls coming for you. On top of that, the arena itself is so small now that you barely have space to dodge her Ground Slam and Shadow Clone attacks.

Needless to say, staying alive and dealing damage is extremely difficult so it's recommended to Stagger Lilith either right before or right after the last transition and then deal as much damage as possible to shorten this stage of the fight or even outright kill her.

Tips, Tricks and Cheese

The above description of the fight tells you what happens if you slowly and steadily deal damage to Lilith and she has plenty of time to perform all her special attacks. Things can be very different if your damage is overwhelmingly high and certain parts of the fight can be outright skipped.

For example, if you deal 60% of Lilith's HP in one hit at the beginning of the fight, she will go up and then come down to summon Oppressors, and you will never have to fight any Enforcers. Now, most builds can't do that kind of damage but that's where Stagger comes in. Staggering Lilith lets you deal damage to her for 5 seconds uninterrupted and many builds can deal serious damage during that timeframe. If you Stagger her before she gets below 70% HP and then kill her before Stagger ends, you skip the most difficult parts of the first phase. If you manage to build stagger fast enough to Stagger her during the opening sequence of attacks, then you can finish the fight without dodging once. Depending on your damage output you can aim to stagger her at different HP thresholds:

  • If you can 100-0 in one Stagger: just stagger ASAP and nuke
  • If you can almost 100-0 in one Stagger: first bring her to about 75% and then Stagger and kill her.
  • If you can deal around 50% in one Stagger: fight through the first minion phase normally and then Stagger at around 50% to skip the last part of the fight.

To manipulate the moment when Stagger happens you need to adjust the amount of stagger damage your build deals. There's two ways to do that:

  1. Add different Types of Crowd Control to your build. This can be done by various class abilities or passives, as well as by Penitent Greaves, Fists of Fate, or a Lucky Hit: Chance to Slow on Hit affix.
  2. Add more Crowd Control: Roll these stats on your items and further increase them with Smiting Aspect and Exploiter's Aspect.

If you lack the damage to skip parts of the fight within one stagger, you can swap your gear during the fight. For example, you can use Fists of Fate and Smiting Aspect to build up Stagger and then switch to offensive gloves and Aspect of Retribution during the Stagger.


  • Get 1 million or more DPS, enough defenses to survive a level 100 dungeon, and 140%+ Movement Speed
  • Bring as many mobility and invulnerability skills as you can
  • In the first phase, stay on the edge of the circle to make dodging easier
  • In the second phase, bait Blood Orb Creation onto existing Blood Orbs to keep the arena clean
  • Don't get hit (:


Written by Northwar
Reviewed by IBoilerUp, wudijo

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