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Echo of Andariel

Last Updated: May 22nd 2024

Season 4 - Loot

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Welcome to the Echo of Andariel Boss Guide. Here you will find all the information to gather summoning materials, summon the Boss, and successfully defeat it.

Basic Information

  • World Tier Minimum Required: World Tier 4
  • Boss Level: 100
  • Activity Required: Collect components by defeating The Beast in the Ice and Lord Zir (both in WT 4 only).
  • Summoning Material: 2 Pincushioned Dolls (from The Beast) and 2 Sandscorched Shackles (from Lord Zir). Note: Only the player that summoned The Beast & Lord Zir receives these items!

For the Tormented version, you need 2x Stygian Stones and 3x the regular materials outlined above.

  • Element Type: All
  • Cosmetic Reward: The Smoldering Brimstone Mount
Echo of Andariel

Summoning Requirements & Location

In order to summon Andariel, collect 2 Pincushioned Dolls (from The Beast in World Tier 4). Then collect 2 Sandscorched Shackles (from Lord Zir in World Tier 4). Again, only the player that summoned The Beast & Lord Zir receives these items!

Once you have these you can travel to Tarsarak, and head east to the Hanged Man's Hall where you can summon Andariel to fight.

Before heading to the fight, drop by the Alchemist to pick up a resistance potions that help your lowest resistance value.

Andariel is located in the Hanged Man's Hall to the East of Tarsarak

Health Bar & Stagger

One example of a Boss health bar.

Each Boss's health bar has multiple breakpoints. Once a breakpoint is reached, the red arrow flips up and turn grey. This indicates that you are in the next phase of the fight, while also dropping multiple healing vials. Each phase is more challenging than the last.

Stagger Bar Mechanic

Immediately beneath the health bar is a stagger bar, this slowly fills when Crowd Control (CC) is dealt. Once full, the Boss is rendered helpless for a short window of time. Use this opportunity to unleash as much hell as you possibly can.

Boss Mechanics and Strategy

Pay attention to each of the attacks used by Echo of Andariel, the following section guides you through the boss's most dangerous abilities.

Echo of Andariel awaits you in her tortured domain.

Andariel's Abilities

  • Basic Attack - Andariel strikes with her arm. After a short delay 3 blood projectiles shoot from behind her in a cone pattern.
    • This is difficult to avoid, but doesn't hit very hard.
  • Heavy Attack - Andariel gives a backhand slap to the player Knocking them Back. After a short delay 3 groups of 3 blood projectiles fire towards the player from behind Andariel's position.
    • This attack also deals no damage but Knockback effect can cause you to get hit by other attacks.
    • Stay out of melee range or be mindful of what's behind you.
  • Poison Nova - Andariel conjures a Poison orb in her right hand. After a brief delay she jumps either away or through the player and releases a semicircle of slow moving Poison projectiles.
    • This attack is very easy to avoid by standing in the gap between projectiles if you move a bit further away.
    • On the other hand, if you happen to be at the point of it's origin you can be hit my multiple projectiles at once, taking heavy damage!
  • Ground Circles - Andariel conjures a large runic circle underneath the player. The circles explodes after a short delay, dealing heavy damage and knocking the player back. At the same time two waves of progressively smaller smaller runic circles are created around the first one, which also detonate one after another.
    • Standing just out of range of the initial circle is an easy way to avoid all of them.
    • This attack can combo with itself when bigger circle pushes you into a small one that detonates just a moment later. If you can't completely avoid the attack, at least try to make sure that there's no secondary circle directly behind you.

Intermission Phase

Throughout the fight, Andariel sometimes disappears, summoning 3 Effigies of Anguish. The effigies have a Suppressor field and do not attack you but they need to be destroyed for the fight to proceed. While you try to destroy the Effigies you are assaulted by different attacks:

  • Dust Storm rages on the edge of the arena, dealing damage over time to everything within, effectively limiting the size of playable area.
  • Lightning Sparks are scattered randomly around the arena and slowly rotate counterclockwise. These deal minor damage on contact.
  • Blood Stripes are created on the floor that deal heavy damage over time when you stand on them. (<40% HP)
  • Green Phantoms periodically appear and run at the player. They explode when entering melee range, dealing damage and knocking the player back.
  • Giant Laser Beam periodically shoots across the entire arena dealing heavy damage.

The first Intermission Phase happens when Andariel goes below 80% HP, second - at 40%. After that Intermission Phases will happen periodically if the fight goes on long enough. Dust Storm and Lightning Sparks created during the first Intermission Phase stay on the arena for the rest of the fight. Additionally, after the second Intermission Phase, Andariel summons two floating skulls at the opposite edges of the arena. The skulls are connected by a Fire Beam that splits the entire arena in two and slowly rotates.

Tormented Version

As part of the Boss Ladder system, this boss has a Tormented level 200 version that is much harder but more rewarding. In addition, certain abilities add a stacking extra damage taken debuff that only allows a few mistakes throughout the fight before the incoming damage overwhelms you. These abilities are:

  • Poison Nova
  • Intermission Phase Beam
  • Rotating Fire Beam
  • Ground Circles

Tormented Bosses require x3 the amount of materials and x2 Stygian Stone acquired from high level Pit clears to summon and drop x5 the amount of loot. For endgame farming of Uber Uniques, it's advised to spec into a proper Bossing setup to complete these.

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Loot Tables and Rewards

Each Boss has a different loot table of Uniques and cosmetic item(s).

Unique Loot table

The items listed below have increased chance to drop from this Boss. You can still find items that aren't on the list, and you are not guaranteed to find a Unique every time you kill the boss.


  • Azurewrath
  • Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty


  • Tempest Roar
  • Dolmen Stone


  • Black River
  • Blood Moon Breeches


  • Cowl of the Nameless
  • Scoundrel's Leathers


  • Flamescar
  • Blue Rose

Non-Class Specific Uniques:

  • Godslayer Crown
  • Flickerstep
  • Tibault's Will
  • X'Fal's Corroded Signet
  • Soulbrand
  • Banished Lord's Talisman

Uber Uniques:

  • Doombringer (Barb, Necro, Rogue)
  • The Grandfather (Barb, Necro)
  • Melted Heart of Selig (All)
  • Andariel's Visage (All)
  • Harlequin Crest (All)
  • Tyrael's Might (All)
  • Ring of Starless Skies (All)
  • Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander (Druid, Sorc)

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Cosmetic Reward

You can unlock the following exclusive cosmetic reward when you defeat Echo of Andariel.

Smoldering Brimstone Mount


Echo of Andariel boss fight video guide.

Tormented Echo of Andariel fight


Echo of Andariel boss guide covers everything you need to know about where to go, and how to complete this encounter.

  • Collect 2 Pincushioned Dolls from The Beast in the Ice and 2 Sandscorched Shackles from Lord Zir (both in WT 4 only). Remember, only the player that summoned The Beast & Lord Zir receives these items!
    • Then head to the Hanged Man's Hall East of Tarsarak.
  • Make sure your gear is the best it can be; Upgraded Armor and Gems.
    • You should be level 100 for the smoothest experience, but you can attempt the boss any time after entering World Tier 4 if you're confident in your build.
  • Andariel's attacks deal different forms of elemental damage, try grabbing Elixirs which increase your Resistance.
  • You can target farm many rare Uniques from Andariel, including Uber Uniques!


Written by Dredscythe, Northwar
Reviewed by Dredscythe

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