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Lunar Awakening Event Guide

Last Updated: February 5th 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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The Lunar Awakening Event sees powerful forces at work, changing and upgrading Shrines across the world. Seeking out these Shrines naturally or as part of completing Whispers can earn you powerful buffs and Favor for great rewards. For all the information on what to expect, read below.

Lunar Awakening Event Start/End

The Lunar Awakening Event starts on February 6th and goes until the 20th.

Event Mechanics

Here are the key points to know to get the most out of the Event.

Lunar Quest Start

When you first log in, you go to Ying-Yue located in Ked Bardu, the capital of the Dry Steppes. This gets you started with the Lunar Awakening Event.

Lunar Shrines

From here, you need to look out for Lunar Shrines and Lunar Shrine Whispers. While underneath the effect of a Lunar Shrine you gain:

  • +50% XP per Monster Kill (Multiplicative)
  • +30% Movement Speed
  • +Event Reputation per Monster Kill
  • + Power Bonus (Base on Shrine)

You can find Lunar Shrines wherever you would normally find a normal Shrine. So the Overworld, Whispers, Dungeons and Nightmare Dungeons too!

Here is a list of all the Lunar Shrine effects.

Example of a Lunar Shrine Whisper & a Blast Wave Lunar Shrine

Lunar Shrine Buffs

Gathering Ancestral Favor

If you want to gather your Ancestral Favor quickly, most likely Lunar Shrine Whispers are going to be your best bet!

Find a Lunar Shrine Whisper and travel to it. Click the Shrine and kill as many enemies as possible. It may be a good idea to gather a large pack of enemies and move them to the Shrine right before to aid in getting more Favor and XP!

Also, Miserly Spirits spawn along with 3 Elites that count as the Mastery for the Whisper to further aid in your Favor gathering.

Lunar Shrine Whisper Goals

Nightmare Dungeon New Affix

During the Lunar Awakening Event, Nightmare Dungeon Sigils (and Vault Sigils) can roll with the Ancestor's Favor Affix. This Affix guarantees Extra Lunar Shrines as well as +10% Glyph XP. On top of this, ANY Sigil that has this Affix on it can be carried over after the Event ends, so you can stock up on them!

Ancestor's Favor Affix


As you work on gathering Ancestral Favor, you gain rewards in the form of Reward Tiers. There are 10 in total, each with Gold and a Cache of items, Cosmetic Items, or even a Mount for the last Reward Tier.

Cosmetic Item Rewards
More Cosmetic Items
Rewards for all 10 Reward Tiers


  • The Lunar Awakening Event goes from Feb. 6th to Feb. 20th.
  • Kill as many enemies as you can when you activate a Lunar Shrine.
  • Lunar Shrine Whispers may be your best bet at collecting Ancestral Favor.
  • Collect (Hoard?) Sigils with the Ancestral Favor Affix to get more Glyph XP.
  • Collect your rewards!


Written by Dredscythe
Reviewed by Tenkiei

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