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Abattoir of Zir Seasonal Event

Last Updated: January 22nd 2024

Season 2 - Blood

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The Abattoir of Zir Seasonal Event is a true test of your character's power and your skill! It is also the first true post level 100 content that is meant for fully fleshed out builds and give you something to grind for at the end of the season with the new Tears of Blood Unique Paragon Glyph. The event and Glyph are Season 2 only, but may return in the future based on feedback. Let's get to the bloody details.

Unlocking Abattoir of Zir

The Abattoir of Zir Seasonal Event arrives December 5th, 2023 until (almost) the end of Season 2.

Entrance to the AoZ event in Ked Bardu, Dry Steppes

The Abattoir of Zir Seasonal Event is intended to be some of the hardest content in the game. While it does not have a level requirement, you should be Level 100, with decent gear Upgraded at the Blacksmith and your best Gems from the Jeweler. What is a hard requirement to unlock the Event is completing the Season Journey. If you haven't done so, get on it quickly.

Abattoir of Zir Mechanics

Now that you have unlocked the Event, let's see what you need to do to get in and be successful.

Entering the Event

After completing the Season Journey, you can head over to The Occultist to craft a Tier 1 Bloodforged Sigil. The AoZ Event has 25 total Tiers to it, with each Tier being much harder than the previous. This is intentional, compared to the difficulty jump between Nightmare Dungeon Tiers. On top of all this, Bloodforged Sigils are not cheap to make. A Tier 1 Sigil will run you 800 Sigil Powder and 60,000 Gold. With that stated, don't be wasteful.

Completing the Event

A Barbarian running the Event

Here are some quick bullet points when running the Event itself.

  • Event Location - The Entrance to the AoZ event in is Ked Bardu, Dry Steppes.
  • Afflictions Unknown - There are Afflictions like Nightmare Dungeons, but you will NOT know what they are beforehand.
  • Timed Event - You have 10 minutes to kill enough enemies to fill up the progression bar and defeat the summoned Bosses.
  • Bosses - Yes, that is correct, you will face off against 3 Blood Seekers once you fill the progression bar.
  • Different Each Time - From the tilesets, to the layout, to the mobset, each time you go into the Event, things will change.
  • One Life to Live - You have 1 life to complete the event, if you die it ends immediately!
  • No Multiplayer Advantage! - If 1 person in your group dies during the event, the run ends. Grouping up does not provide an advantage, no reviving!

Once you complete a Tier, the next Tier is unlocked along with rewards which we touch on in the next section.

Abattoir of Zir Rewards

When completed, you gain a massive amount of Glyph XP (1,000 at Tier 1), the recipe for next Tier, and a new Unique Glyph Tears of Blood. This Glyph is invaluable as its powers are multiplicative and can be leveled up to 200!

The Glyph will be mandatory in completing the Event at mid to later Tiers due to its truly unique properties.

The first big difference is its starting radius is 4, not 3 like Rare Glyphs. At Level 50, it increases to 5. Also, you'll notice it states Core Stats not a particular one like only Willpower or Strength. This means all Basic Paragon Nodes help power up this Glyph!

Some Endgame Builds will need some decent changes to fit this bad boy in and max out the huge area of Nodes. Be prepared as you may have to sacrifice an entire Paragon Board to reclaim enough points to make this work, but the massive power increase should more than make up for this.

Tears of Blood Unique Paragon Glyph

Abattoir of Zir Tips and Tricks

With all this information, here are a few key tips to keep in mind when prepping and doing the Event:

  • Solo vs. Group - This is a real decision you and your friends will need to decide on. With 1 person dying in your group ending the run, you need to evaluate the pros/cons of grouping.
  • Bring Your Best Build - This is not just another Varshan run, this is a difficult, timed Event. Even if your build is really tanky, if you can't defeat the enemy in time, you still lose!
  • Go in Maxed Out - Make sure your current Glyphs are at least Level 15 if not 21. Also, Upgrade your gear at the Blacksmith and have your best Gems from the Jeweler.
  • Kill at a (Safe) Speedy Pace - With death possibly being your biggest enemy, keep a good pace in killing enemies, but make sure you don't get overwhelmed by enemies. Rushing in to a small room with Defensive cooldowns not ready can be a recipe for disaster. Play smart!
  • Look Out for Afflictions - With Afflictions being a complete mystery until you go into the Event, keep a keen eye out for typical ones. Watch your minimap as well for Afflictions like Blood Blisters or Nightmare Portals. Figure these out quickly and adjust.
  • Bosses, All 3 of Them - Controlling when you summon the Bosses can work to your advantage, since they appear once you fill the progression bar. As you get close, look for rooms that can help you possibly spread them out or funnel them, which ever can help your particular build out the most. Once summoned, it may make sense to split them up to lower your incoming damage if possible.


  • Complete the Season Journey to unlock and create your Tier 1 Bloodforged Sigil.
  • Bring your best build with the best gear that has been fully Upgraded and maxed out Gems or Skulls.
  • Make sure your current Paragon Glyphs are at least Level 15, if not Level 21 to have their maxed effects active.
  • You have 10 minutes to defeat enough enemies to fill the progression bar and then the summoned Boss to successfully complete the event and move to the next Tier.


Written by Dredscythe
Reviewed by Tenkiei

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