Druid Spirit Boons Guide

Every class in Diablo 4 has a powerful, unique mechanic that contributes to its identity and the build-making process. For the Druid, it's called Spirit Boons, which allows you to choose a buff from each of the 4 spirits. Once all of them are unlocked, you can bond with one of the spirits to choose two of its benefits.


There are four Spirits: Deer, Eagle, Snake, and Wolf.

Deer Spirit

Spirit Boons
Deer Spirit

Eagle Spirit

Eagle Spirit

Wolf Spirit

Wolf Spirit

Snake Spirit

Snake Spirit

Druidic Spirit Offerings

Once you reach level 15, monsters start dropping Druidic Spirit Offerings. They are used to unlock the 12 Boons. Bring them to Túr Dúlra to gain the favor of the Spirits.

Spirit Boons - Druidic Spirit Offerings
Druidic Spirit Offering

Unlocking Spirit Boons

Once you reach level 15, you automatically start the Priority Quest "Spirits of the Lost Grove".


  • The Druid's class specialization unlocks at level 15 with the "Spirits of the Lost Grove" questline beginning in Túr Dúlra.
  • After finishing the questline, 4 Spirits with 4 Boons each become available. Each Boon needs to be unlocked by bringing Druidic Spirit Offerings to Túr Dúlra and you can activate one Boon per Spirit.
  • Once you unlocked every Boon, you can "Bond" with one of the spirits to activate a second Boon.

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May 11th 2023