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Battle Pass Guide

Last Updated: January 22nd 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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The Diablo 4 Battle Pass is a way to unlock Cosmetic Items and other rewards as you play the game. The Season 3 Battle Pass features Smoldering Ashes, Free Cosmetics, and Premium Cosmetics that you can unlock by completing Reward Tiers. The Free Battle Pass awards Smoldering Ashes, which can be traded in for Season Blessings. No boosts, gold, mats, or player power of any kind are awarded by the Premium Pass, only additional Cosmetic Rewards. Whether you are staying with the Free Tiers or paying real money to upgrade your Battle Pass for those extra Premium Tiers, you can be sure the battlefield is fair for everyone!

Learn more about Season 3, Season of the Construct here!


The Battle Pass is one of several Diablo 4 Seasonal features. It plays a key part in translating your day-to-day progress in the world into rewards, unlocks, and Season Blessings (which can be obtained by trading in Smoldering Ashes). There is the Free Battle Pass that every player has access to, and the Premium and Accelerated upgrades that must be purchased with real money.

Battle Pass Versions

While there has been much speculation on pay to win, the Diablo Development Team has assured us that there are no P2W mechanics. Smoldering Ashes are only available as Free Tier Rewards. Premium and Accelerated Tier Rewards only provide exclusive access to various Cosmetic Items.

Premium and Accelerated Battle Pass Menu
  • Free Battle Pass - 28 Reward Tiers. (Smoldering Ashes are Free Reward Tiers only).
  • Premium Battle Pass - Includes all the Free Battle Pass perks plus 62 additional Reward Tiers for a total of 90. All additional rewards are COSMETIC ONLY. Can collect Adamant Armor Set for each class (Base + Awoken versions), Clockwork Equid Mount (Base + Awoken versions) and Spheral Barding Mount Armor (Base + Awoken versions) as well. Costs 1,000 Platinum (equivalent of $9.99 USD)
  • Accelerated Battle Pass - Includes all Free and Premium Battle Pass perks in addition to 20 Tier Skips and "The Spinning Loom" Emote. Cost 2,800 Platinum (equivalent of $24.99 USD).

Battle Pass Completion

Seasons in Diablo 4 are targeted to last 3 months, with the Battle Pass running its entire length. There is no rush to get it right at the beginning. Additionally, if you buy the Premium Tier, you receive any back rewards from previously completed Tiers in your progression to that point.

Also, the developers have stated it should take you about 80 hours to complete the Battle Pass during a season. The Season Journey, which is making a return from Diablo 3, earns you Favor that helps progress your Battle Pass even quicker. See more about Favor in the section below.

Getting Cosmetic Rewards won't take all Season long.

Battle Pass Mechanics

Battle Pass Mechanics

Smoldering Ashes

  • Only available on the Free Tiers.
  • Earned by progressing the Battle Pass with Favor.
  • Have Character Level requirements to unlock.
  • Completing all Free Tiers of the Battle Pass is required to unlock all of your Smoldering Ashes.
  • CANNOT purchase the Premium or Accelerated Battle Pass to acquire Smoldering Ashes faster!
  • Smoldering Ashes unlock Season Blessings boosts to XP, Gold, Mats, Elixirs, and Season-specific drops (see the section below for recommended order).


  • Used to unlock Reward Tiers
  • Earned via killing monsters, completing Quests, and, most importantly, completing the Season Journey Objectives and Chapters (on top of items and Legendary Aspect unlocks).
  • Completing Chapters requires completing a certain number of Objectives. You do not need to complete every possible Objective in every Chapter.
  • Completing Objectives grants Smaller Favor, while completing Chapters grants Greater Favor.
Season Blessings unlocked using Smoldering Ashes from the Free Reward Tier of the Battle Pass.
Earn Favor to progress the Battle Pass

Smoldering Ashes

Below are the Battle Pass Reward Tiers and Character Levels you need to achieve to unlock Smoldering Ashes

Reward TierCharacter Level# of Ashes

Season Blessings

It is recommended to allocate your Smoldering Ashes into Season Blessings in this order:

  1. Put 4 Smoldering Ashes into Urn of Aggression (XP boost).
  2. Put 4 Smoldering Ashes into Urn of Helltides (Chance on bonus item from chest).
  3. Put 4 Smoldering Ashes into Urn of Tuning (Chance for additional Tuning Stone from Wardwoven chests).
  4. Put 4 Smoldering Ashes into Urn of Enduring Grace (Increase duration of Shrine effects).
  5. Put 4 Smoldering Ashes into Urn of Whispers (Increase chance to receive a Greater Collection from Whisper rewards).


  • The Premium Battle Pass gives NO player power. Smoldering Ashes, which unlock various boosts, are part of the Free Battle Pass available to all players each Season.
  • The Premium Tier costs 1,000 Platinum ($10.00 USD) and includes additional Reward Tiers, with all additional rewards being COSMETIC ONLY. The Accelerated Battle Pass includes all Free and Premium perks in addition to 20 Tier Skips and a bonus Emote.
  • It should take about 80 hours to complete, with the Season Journey accelerating this process.
  • If you buy the Premium Tier late in a Season, you receive all the back rewards that you have completed.
  • Smoldering Ashes require certain Character Levels to unlock. Using them to unlock Experience Boosts is the priority early-on.


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