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Season Journey

Last Updated: May 13th 2024

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Season 3 - Construct

The Season Journey is a series of challenges, called objectives, that offer rewards for players who choose to complete them. The challenges are broken up by Chapters, with substantial rewards for completing each of them. Earlier Chapters consist of relatively easy challenges, while later they become substantially more difficult. Each Season has a different journey with unique challenges, so completing it is never the same!

Getting Started

The Season Journey Window

Your progress can be accessed through the Season Journey Window. Here you can see each chapter, objectives, and the rewards. We can also track the progress of individual objectives and entire chapters from here.

To complete a Chapter you must finish a certain number of objectives. The number required to complete a Chapter is less than the number of Objectives offered for each chapter, so you have some flexibility in which ones you choose to target. For example: Chapter 3 of the Season Journey shown above only requires 10 of the 13 objectives available to be completed. So if you wanted to complete Chapter 1 but aren't ready to take on a World Boss and haven't found enough Treasure Goblins, you can skip Shards of the Fiends and complete 10 of the other objectives offered instead. Chapters can only be completed once per Season per account.

Season Journeys can only be completed within the Season they are connected to. They cannot be completed within the Eternal Realm. Example: The Season Journey shown above is for Season 3 and can only be completed by a Seasonal character during Season 3. Once Season 4 starts, Season 3 will have ended and this Season Journey will no longer be accessible.

In order to participate in a Season Journey, you must play on the Seasonal Realm.


There are two types of rewards that can be earned from the Season Journey: Favor and Chapter Rewards.

Favor is earned through completing objectives and as a Chapter Reward. Objectives award a small amount of Favor, while Chapters award a much larger amount. Favor is used to progress your Battle Pass, which is another system exclusive to Seasons.

Completing this objective rewards a small amount of Favor.

Chapter Rewards are earned by completing a Chapter. The rewards vary greatly and can be anything from Favor, to Caches filled with loot, to Legendary Aspects.

A Favor Reward
A Journey Cache
An Unlocked Aspect

For more information on the Battle Pass, check out our Battle Pass Guide.


  • The Season Journey is a series of objectives that can be completed for Favor.
  • Objectives are broken up into Chapters, and you don't have to complete all of them to complete a Chapter.
  • Finishing enough objectives in a Chapter completes that Chapter, providing substantial rewards.
  • Objectives in later Chapters are significantly more challenging than earlier Chapters.
  • They do not provide Renown points.


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