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Season of Construct

Last Updated: May 9th 2024

Season 3 - Construct

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After coming of the heels of the Season of Blood, Diablo 4 strikes again with season 3 : Season of the Construct! Similar to late Diablo 3 seasons, each Diablo 4 season delivers a special theme which let players a new mechanic to discover and play around.

Season of Construct Overview

Ancient forces threaten Sanctuary. Aided by your Seneschal Companion, hazard the many traps and devastating Constructs beneath the deserts of Kehjistan. Deep beneath the swirling sands, elemental forces are amassing for malicious whims of the demon Malphas. Only by descending far below the surface will you be able to cull this cursed threat from its root.

Season of the Construct begins on January 23 at 10 a.m. PST. Prepare to uncover the powerful secrets of Zoltun Kulle’s Loom with a new Dungeon type called Vaults, a seasonal robotic Seneschal Companion, and Weekly Leaderboards in The Gauntlet. Several key quality-of-life features—including almost constant Helltide events—arrive to help aid your conquests while fighting in the Vaults.

Malphas awaits you!

Unearth Zoltun Kulle's Legacy in a New Questline

A new threat lurks deep beneath the sands of Kehjistan, where the Loom, an ancient technology—designed by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan of Caldeum—has been usurped by the forces of evil. The Demon Malphas is responsible for twisting the Loom for his cruel whims. Zoltun’s former companion Ayuzhan leads you through the treacherous Vaults, desperate to stop the formidable Malphas and his deadly constructs from overtaking Sanctuary.

Travel to the Gatehall, a town center underneath Kehjistan that serves as your base of operations in the fight against the Constructs. The Gatehall is your conduit to access the deadly Vaults— riddled with elemental Hazards and Constructs, these Vaults are the key to harnessing the true potential of the Loom. Travel to the Loom to stop the threat at its source and defeat Malphas in a new Boss fight.

To play the Season of the Construct Seasonal Questline, you must create a new character on the Seasonal Realm and have completed the Main Campaign. Take advantage of the Skip Main Campaign feature once you’ve completed the prologue if you want to jump right in!

Battle Side by Side with Your Seneschal Companion

Wield the power of the Loom by acquiring your very own Seneschal Companion, which becomes available during the Seasonal Questline. In Zoltun’s vision the Seneschal compliments your adventures by engaging directly in the fight or aiding you dutifully on the sidelines.

Using magical Governing and Tuning Stones recovered from the Vaults and elsewhere in Sanctuary, augment your Seneschal to best suit your targeted build for Season of the Construct. Governing Stones determine which attacks your Seneschal can perform, while Tuning Stones will augment those skills and provide greater utility. You can equip your Seneschal with 2 Governing Stones and 6 Tuning Stones, one Governing stone for each attack and three Tuning Stones to augment the ability. There are 12 Governing Stones and 27 different Tuning Stones of different rarities to seek out in the Vaults to unlock the full power of the Seneschal construct.

Seneschal Construct UI Menu

Tuning and Governing Stones can be acquired in a few different ways. Complete Vaults to earn one random Tuning Stone and seek out Wardwoven Chests to earn additional Tuning Stones-- both of which can be earned through various levels of the Season Journey. Both types also have a low chance to appear as drops when playing Vaults and Arcane Tremors. Defeating enemy Constructs within the Vaults will also grant Shattered Stone, which can be crafted into Governing and Tuning Stones at Jewelers found throughout Sanctuary.

To unlock the full power of the Stones, you will need to increase their raw power by levelling them. Collect or craft duplicates of the same Stones, fuse them together to grant experience and eventually level up your currently held Stones. Increasing the level of these stones increases the potency and ability of these attacks. Increasing the level of your Tuning Stones can add additional projectiles or augment the damage type they perform.

Once you’ve acquired your Seneschal, they’ll follow you everywhere in Sanctuary until Season of the Construct ends. Below is a full list of the Governing and Tuning Stones available for the Seneschal Companion:

Governing Stones:

  1. Autodefense
  2. Bushwack
  3. Firefly
  4. Flash of Adrenaline
  5. Focus Fire
  6. Gyrate
  7. Impale
  8. Lightning Bolt
  9. Protect
  10. Reconstruct
  11. Slash
  12. Tempest

*Note: Rarities of some Stones are not known and will be updated soon after season start.

Tuning Stone Abilities:

  1. Arcing Support
  2. Bleeding Support
  3. Breaking Support
  4. Burning Support
  5. Devastation Support
  6. Duration Support
  7. Dusk Support
  8. Efficiency Support
  9. Electrocution Support
  10. Evernight Support
  11. Fortify Support
  12. Frigid Support
  13. Genesis Support
  14. Gripping Support
  15. Initiative Support
  16. Mockery Support
  17. Multishot Support
  18. Piercing Support
  19. Poison Support
  20. Registered Damage Support
  21. Resource Support
  22. Safeguard Support
  23. Seeking Support
  24. Slowing Support
  25. Swift Support
  26. Tactical Support
  27. Voluminous Support

*Note: Rarities of some Stones are not known and will be updated soon after season start along with Genesis's effect.

Test Yourself in Deadly New Dungeons: Vaults

While Ayuzhan slept, Malphas grew in strength, harnessing the awesome power of the Loom and corrupting the vast network of Vaults lying dormant. Originally armed to keep out any demonic influence, the various Hazards implemented now protect the forces of evil they once kept at bay.

The Vaults are specialized dungeons that house elemental Hazards devised by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan themselves. Amongst the Hazards lay The Constructs, an entirely new monster family. Several elemental variants of these monsters lurk in wait for any unsuspecting wanderers to fall into their mechanical clutches.

Upon entering the Vault—after converting the required Pearls of Warding— you can be blessed by Zoltun’s Warding, a special layered blessing which grants access to riches within the Vaults. Zoltun’s Warding diminishes stack by stack if you manage to fall prey to the various Hazards scattered throughout the Vaults.

If you manage to keep Zoltun’s Warding intact after defeating the Vault Boss, you’ll unlock a Wardwoven Chest, which has a higher chance of granting Legendary items. Using Pearls of Warding can increase the risk by exchanging them for extra stacks of Zoltun’s Warding at the Vault entrance—succeed, and your reward will increase as well.

At World Tier III, Nightmare Vaults unlock. Vault Sigils will drop alongside typical Nightmare Dungeon Sigils, or they can be crafted which will require Pearls of Warding to create. These Vaults function similar to Nightmare Dungeons—however they will have deadly Constructs and Hazards scattered throughout, and the Wardwoven Chests for the savvy wanderer.

Staunch the Spread of Arcane Tremors

Malphas’ seeks to unleash deadly Constructs upon Sanctuary, pouring from the underground Vault to terrorize the innocents and sinful alike. Dismantle deadly traps, destroy Lesser and Elite Constructs to earn Shattered Stone. Dispatching Elite Constructs grants Pearls of Warding which can be used to earn higher valued rewards from replaying Vaults. Negate the Arcane Tremor by defeating the Vault’s mighty Herald Construct, securing a tenuous peace to the denizens above.

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  • Season of Construct introduces a special theme and mechanic for players to discover.
  • Zoltun Kulle Questline, Seneschal Construct & Vault Dungeons are only available in seasonal mode.
  • They will disappear once Season 3 ends.


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