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Season of Blood

Last Updated: January 19th 2024

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Season 2 - Blood

After the first season, Season of the Malignant, Diablo 4 strikes again with season 2 : The Season of Blood! Similar to late Diablo 3 seasons, each Diablo 4 season delivers a special theme which let players a new mechanic to discover and play around.

Season of Blood Overview

Sanctuary has been overrun, invaded by an army of vampires and their loyal followers gathering blood for a terrible ritual. But what will they do with the blood they’ve drained from the people of Sanctuary? Partner with Erys, a Vampire Hunter, to uncover and put an end to the Vampire Lord’s dark plot before all is lost.

An army of vampires are terrorizing Sanctuary, gathering the blood of innocents for their dark master. Only you can wield the enemy’s blood magic against them, infusing your own armor and gaining enough power to put a stop to their sinister plans.

With a Season character, we meet Erys, a professionnal Vampire Hunter to fight Lord Zir and his army of Vampires.


Vampiric Power Information

For a dedicated guide about Vampiric Powers, you can consult this dedicated article.

Blood Boil Vampiric Power
Accursed Touch Vampiric Power
Metamorphosis Vampiric Power

These Powers are the main content of Season 2. During the seasonal questline, we will be assisted by Erys in our adventures. Lilith's Blood protects us from the infliction that has taken so many before us. In the end, we'll go after and take out the leader of this threat, Lord Zir.

To help us, we will be able to obtain Vampiric Powers from many different sources. These powers can bolster your damage or defensive abilities. Similarly, they can add large amounts of Utility and even interact with the new (Seasonal) ability - Vampiric Curse. We'll touch on that a little later.

Obtaining Vampiric Powers

Vampiric Powers are not a "set it and forget it" type system. There are several steps involving other components to unlock these Powers and upgrade them to their max potential.

Hunter's Acclaim and Blood Harvest Event

For a dedicated guide about Blood Harvest & Hunter's Acclaim, you can consult this dedicated article.

Hunter's Acclaim (new season progression system - left) - Blood Harvest (new season event - right)

You get Vampiric Powers through two main methods during the season. The first is through the new season only progression system - Hunter's Acclaim. Hunter's Acclaim is tied to events and actions you do during the Blood Harvest Event. Per the official blog post:

Putting enemies to the sword during Bounties, bursting Blood Blisters, completing World Events, disrupting vampiric rituals, and freeing prisoners, will earn you some Reputation. With Reputation, you’ll climb Tiers containing useful rewards, such as crafting materials, Items, and Pact consumables.

Blood Harvest will be crucial to getting some Vampiric Powers so take advantage when these Blood Harvest Events. They will always be active in the world, appearing in different zones of the world. It should not be too difficult to grind these areas out as you can start at Level 1, too.

Potent Blood and the Sanguine Circle

Sanguine Circle UI during Season 2

The second method is simpler and just a good old grind. You grind out a new component for the season called Potent Blood. This allows to you spend a certain amount to randomly unlock one Vampiric Power at a time in the Sanguine Circle UI on your Character screen. You may get lucky, or you may not. The RNG Gods be with you.

To get Potent Blood, travel the open world and kill the new Shadow Vampires (Lord Zir's minions). The new Blood Harvest Event is going to be your best and easiest source for this component. In addition, you can farm Blood Lures, that can be used to start a mini-event to summon Blood Seekers. After defeating the Blood Seekers, they can drop Seeker Keys that open Seeker Caches (inside a Blood Harvest Event) which sometimes rewards Potent Blood. Potent Blood is critical to not only gaining Vampiric powers but also upgrading them, so don't neglect farming it up.

Preparing for Vampiric Powers

Now that we know what Vampiric Powers are and where to get them, let's talk about the last part before we bring it home. We need to farm Pact Armor and get our Pacts in order to activate our Powers to use!

A piece of Pact Armor containing one of each Pact

During the course of the season, while killing Shadow Vampirers, taking part in the Blood Harvest Event, or climbing the Hunter's Acclaim reward tiers, you can get a piece of Armor with Pacts on it. There are three different types of Pacts you will need to keep track of:

  • Ferocity Pacts have a Crown icon.
  • Divinity Pacts have a Chalice icon.
  • Eternity Pacts have a Skull icon.
Standalone Pact items

Lastly, Pacts can only roll or be applied to Armor (Helm, Chest Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots) not Weapons or Jewelry. Helms & Boots can have up to 3 Pacts, Pants can have up to 4, Chest & Gloves can have up to 5. This gives you 20 Pacts max! You can swap Pacts around to activate as many Vampiric Powers as possible.

Cleansing Acid - All
Standalone Pact

If a piece of Pact Armor is well rolled, but doesn't have the correct Pacts you need, there is a way to fix this! Cleansing Acid can be used to wipe away ALL Pacts on a piece of Pact Armor.

This allows you to then place Pacts on that piece of Pact Armor to make it suit your needs. If you don't have an abundance of spare Pacts or just need to replace one type for another, the Alchemists has your back.

Each specific Cleansing Acid followed by the Cleansing Acid - All

You can go to them to augment the Cleansing Acid to only wipe away one Pact type. This is more of the scalpel approach as compared to the meat cleaver method above. Cleansing Acid will be very useful, as you CAN NOT simply override a Pact by applying another over it!

Activating and Upgrading Vampiric Powers

We're here, it's time to select our desired Vampiric Powers and get our Pacts in order.

Sanguine Circle UI during Season 2

Depending on the Class and Build you want to play, select the Vampiric Powers you would like to use. These powers come in two variations: Minor (requires 1-3 Pacts) and Major (requires 6 Pacts). Keep this in mind when planning out which ones you want to take due to the natural 25 Pacts gear limit! See below all the Vampiric Powers you can choose from:

Minor Vampiric Powers (1–3 Pacts Required):

Major Vampiric Powers (6 Pacts Required):

Vampiric Curse, you may have seen that keyword while reading some of these Powers. Vampiric Curse is a general ability that each class gains, a general "ability" that trigeers when using certain Skill types. Per the official blog post:

Vampiric Curse: Killing an enemy affected by your Vampiric Curse stores their soul. Casting a Defensive, Macabre, or Agility Skill will unleash stored souls to attack nearby enemies. You can hold up to 8 souls.

This Curse is the infliction put upon us at the beginning of the seasonal questline. While the proc chance for it is not known, we can assume it won't be too hard to get it to work.

With all that out of the way, select and place your chosen Vampiric Powers into the Sanguine Circle UI to activate them. At this point you are pretty much done. Continue to farm Potent Blood to upgrade your powers from Level 1 up to Level 3 to get the maximum effect from them. Keep spare Pacts around for when you upgrade a piece of Pact Armor and need to re-align your Pacts to maintian the Powers you have, using Cleansing Acid to do so.

Seasonal Questline

Similarly to the Season of the Malignant where a questline with Cormond was guiding plyers through the season story and mechanics, the Season of the Blood offers a questline with Erys the Vampire Hunter. This seasonal questline is made of 8 quests that you will unlock through your adventures in Sanctuary :

  • Blood Money
  • The Hunter's Chase
  • Summons of the Deathless
  • A Witness in the Dust
  • Wolves at the Door
  • Battles of Fear and Faith
  • A Serpent Concerned
  • In Your Blood

The quest A Serpent Concerned will be the final major quest where you will have to enter City of the Ancients and fight your way through the dungeon, slaying two different mini bosses before facing the infamous Lord Zir. To learn more about the fight and its uber version, you can read our dedicated boss guide.

Video Guide

Video Presentation by Wudijo


  • Season 2 introduces a special theme and mechanic for players to discover.
  • Vampiric Powers are only available in seasonal mode and grant special powers to your character.
  • Vampiric Powers will disappear once Season 2 ends.


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Reviewed by Dredscythe

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