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Vendors in Diablo 4

Last Updated: January 3rd 2024

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The Vendors offer a variety of options for improving your character in meaningful ways! The Vendors include the Alchemist, Blacksmith, Purveyor, Jeweler, and Occultist. All of these Vendors are found in the main city of Kyovashad, but some additional Vendors may be found in the outlying villages and encampments you may encounter on your journey. Gather some Resources in the Fractured Peaks, and return to stay awhile and listen to these Vendors.

The Alchemist: Potions and Elixirs

The Alchemist is where you can spend your hard earned gold and crafting materials to upgrade your Healing Potions, and Craft Elixirs. This is the vendor you go to see when you want to maximize your longevity in combat. Stop in and have the Alchemist improve your Healing Vial, so you heal more per potion or brew Elixirs for a buff to your Stats. You may also exchange your resources into others.

Alchemist location in Kyovashad

The Blacksmith: Upgrade and Salvage

The Blacksmith provides you with options to upgrade your gear, salvage unwanted gear, and repair your items. Upgrading your gear can improve all of the stats of an item with multiple upgrades per item at an increasing cost. Salvaging gear will supply you with crafting materials for future upgrades. Repairing will only cost you Gold to get your item's durability back to full.

Blacksmith location in Kyovashad

The Jeweler: Gems and Socketing

The Jeweler can be visited to craft Gem upgrades and add sockets into your gear for a powerful stat increase. Stats on the Gems include adding more Damage, Resistances, Life or Damage Reduction to the socketable item. You may also unsocket your Gems without losing them and reuse them at another time. In addition, at the Jeweler you can upgrade your Rings and Amulets just like the Blacksmith upgrades weapons and armor.

Jeweler location in Kyovashad

The Occultist: Enchanting and Aspects

The Occultist is the vendor for enchanting gear to change the stat rolls and craft Sigils which are required to open Nightmare Dungeons. In addition, you can imprint Legendary Aspects onto rare/legendary gear to customize your build with powerful effects. After the Blacksmith, the Occultist is your next best friend in Diablo 4.

This vendor is a huge Gold sink so come prepared!

Occultist location in Kyovashad

The Purveyor of Curiosities and Gambling

The Purveyor is here to satisfy those gambling needs. Spend your Obols at this vendor to receive randomly rolled items for a chance at the best gear in the game! You can gamble an item to fill out any gear slot for the potential at upgrading to your current gear or gear that allows another skill build you may want to try out in the future. This is also a great way to target farm specific Legendary Aspects you may need for your build.

Purveyor location in Kyovashad


  • The Alchemist can empower your Healing Vial, brew powerful Elixirs to boost your Stats and experience gain, and refine your resources into others for a small cost.
  • The Blacksmith can be used to upgrade your gear for a cost or salvage gear for some resources.
  • The Jeweler sockets and unsockets Gems and upgrades Amulets and Rings for a cost.
  • The Occultist enchants gear to reroll a stat and imprints Aspects to make build defining gear pieces.
  • The Purveyor uses Obols as currency for gambling gear pieces that can help create new builds or increase the power of your current build.


Written by Jymnasium
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