Purveyor of Curiosities Gambling

The Purveyor of Curiosities is your one-stop gambling shop in Diablo 4! Here you can use Obols as currency to acquire items for a piece of equipment of your choice. This currency is often rewarded from Local Events and inside Dungeons when you happen upon a Cursed Chest event.

While you can select the gear slot, what rarity of item you get is completely random. Items can come in either common, magic, rare or legendary rarity. Save up those Obols and when you're ready, try to hit it big at this vendor!

All information in this article is from the Press Preview Access of Diablo 4. The content presented here is subject to change, and will be updated as we learn more.

How To Get Obols

Obols are a special reward you receive from completing many of the special Events and tasks in Sanctuary. You can have a maximum of 1,000 Obols at any given time, leaving any extra you come across to waste. Make sure to spend your Obols whenever you're approaching the limit.

Here is a list of the events so far that can reward Obols:

  • Cursed Chest/Shrine Event in Dungeons
  • Completing Quests with a Cache reward
  • Completing Local Events with Mastery
  • Gathering Legions Zone Events
Purveyor of Curiosities Gambling
A Purveyor of Curiosities gambling their wares

What You Can Buy With Obols

Purveyor of Curiosities gambling can get you powerful rare, and legendary items for the small price of a few Obols. The potential item power scales rises with your character's level. You can also purchase Whispering Keys which unlock Silent Chests found in the open world. Any useless items you get can be sold for Gold or salvaged at the Blacksmith to recoup some of your losses.

The cost of each Gear slot is listed below:

  • Axe - 50
  • Sword - 50
  • Bow - 75
  • Crossbow - 75
  • Mace - 50
  • Two-Handed Axe - 75
  • Two-Handed Sword - 75
  • Two-Handed Hammer - 75
  • Polearm - 75
  • Focus - 40
  • Wand - 50
  • Staff - 75
  • Cap - 40
  • Tunic - 40
  • Gloves - 25
  • Boots - 25
  • Pants - 40
  • Ring - 40
  • Amulet - 60
  • Whispering Key - 20



  • The Purveyor of Curiosities is the only Vendor that accepts Obols, a rare currency that allows you to gamble for any gear slot your character has.
  • Obols drop from special challenges in Dungeons as well as in Local and Zone Events. You can only have 1,000 at a time, so if you're approaching the limit, make sure to spend them before adventuring.
  • Obols can also purchase Whispering Keys which unlock Silent Chests.
  • The item power of gambled items scales with your character level.


Written by MacroBioBoi
Reviewed by Rob & wudijo


Dec 7th 2022
Article Created from the Press Release Version of Diablo 4.