Rapid Fire Rogue Endgame Build Guide

Last Updated: August 23rd 2023

Season 1 - Malignant

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Welcome to the Rapid Fire Rogue Guide. This build is a great all-rounder suitable for any situation, with variations available for high-end content where the skill's massive single target damage really gets to shine.

Rapid Fire is an attack skill that unleashes a hail of arrows in a straight line sequentially. This naturally produces high damage output against bosses but makes dealing with packs of enemies difficult.

In order to solve this problem, the build puts a strong focus on Shadow Imbuement, which can be combined with either Rapid Fire itself or Dash to apply the debuff to an entire group of enemies at once. In addition, the Shadow Clone helps us out and has great uptime through the Preparation Specialization.

A major perk of the Rapid Fire Rogue is that you never run out of Energy. With the Improved Rapid Fire upgrade you get almost all of your resources back on every attack, given that at least one Vulnerable enemy was hit, achieved via Exploit Glyph, Blended Shadow Imbuement and the Blast-Trapper's Aspect + Poison Trap combo.

With this build you can do it all and enjoy a fast-paced, simple-to-play Rogue variation. Let's jump in and see what it's all about!

Full Endgame Setup

Poison Trap

Shadow Imbuement


Shadow Step

Shadow Clone

Rapid Fire



This build guide assumes you have a Level 50+ Character and finished the Campaign. Level up with our Barrage Leveling Guide or Penetrating Shot Leveling Guide. If you are looking for a different Rogue playstyle, check out all of our Rogue Guides.

Infinite Energy
Simple Rotation
Frequent Ultimates

Deals Damage at Range ✔

❌ Needs an Aspect
❌ Low AoE Damage
Vulnerability Required
Cooldown Management

Season 1 - The Malignant

Players on the Eternal Realm should ignore this section of the guide. This build is designed to work without Caged Hearts, though it can be enhanced by them.

Diablo 4 Season 1 introduces a new questline to hunt Malignant Monsters across Sanctuary. Defeating them drops Caged Hearts that are placed in Jewelry infested sockets to gain build-altering powers. Check out the full Season 1 The Malignant guide from Chewingnom to learn more!

  • There are 32 Caged Hearts divided into 4 different colors, 1 color for each type:
    • Vicious: Orange, Offensive Power
    • Brutal: Blue, Defensive Power
    • Devious: Pink, Utility Power
    • Wrathful: Black, Super Power
  • The first 3 must be socketed into their respective infested socket color, while the 4th can be placed into any infested socket.
  • You can only have one Wrathful (Black) heart equipped at a time.
  • Once socketed, they cannot be removed. Instead they can be broken down into Invokers to target farm the Caged Hearts you want inside Malignant Tunnels.
  • Higher powered Caged Hearts drop at higher levels.

With this in mind, let's look at the top 3 best Caged Hearts (and alternatives) for this build:

Best-in-Slot Caged Hearts

  1. Caged Heart of The Barber: Allows us to trigger AoE explosions that multiply our damage in monster packs.
  2. Caged Heart of Revenge: Adds tons of damage reduction that's always useful (the explosion is irrelevant).
  3. Caged Heart of the Picana: Triggers extra damage to help with AoE clear.

Alternative Caged Hearts

  • Caged Heart of the Vile Apothecary: Powerful extra damage procs that help us in all situations.
  • Caged Heart of the Dark Dance: Gives us free attacks every 5 seconds, helping with resource management.
  • Caged Heart of Creeping Death: For setups with Poison damage, this is a powerful bonus.
  • Caged Heart of the Malignant Pact: Cycles through great bonuses all the time.
  • Caged Heart of Cluster Munitions: Triggers stun grenades that can Freeze enemies with Frostbitten Aspect once you have found Penitent Greaves. This is a great combo to replace Corruption when engaging high level monsters.

The Barber Setup

If you acquire Caged Heart of The Barber, you have the option to pick up 1-2 points Consuming Shadows for extra Energy recovery because the Heart's explosions are considered Shadow damage. In general, you are looking for:

  • a short timer (best case 2.0 sec) for farming content
  • a long timer (best case 4.0 sec) for high-end content

Caged Heart of The Barber absorbs all outgoing damage but immediately triggers as soon as the target has absorbed enough to be defeated. The main advantage of a short timer is that if you don't deal enough damage to a single target, the explosion triggers sooner and can chain react from multiple targets to blow up an entire pack whereas a longer timer helps in prolonged combat due to the stacking damage buff.

If you don't like the delayed damage playstyle around Caged Heart of The Barber, you can run with Caged Heart of the Vile Apothecary which is a great alternative in all situations.

Skill Tree

Active Skills

  • Rapid Fire is our main attack skill. It deals high singletarget damage and refills its own Energy cost thanks to Improved Rapid Fire, making Basic Skills unnecessary once the core setup is complete.
  • Dash and Shadow Step give you incredible mobility to fly across the battlefield. Dash is also used to apply Shadow Imbuement in large monster packs so that you can chain-react the explosions once you start shooting arrows.
  • Poison Trap a powerful utility tool. While its damage output is secondary, it can trigger various buffs and debuffs that help us out.
  • Shadow Imbuement helps us with clearing packs and applying the Vulnerable debuff.
  • Shadow Clone is our Ultimate Skill that summons a copy to imitate our skills, improving damage output and resetting all our cooldowns thanks to Preparation.


  • Precision is the Key Passive of choice, providing a powerful Critical Strike Damage buff.
Endgame Skill Setup

Rogue Specialization - Preparation

Rogues can choose one out of three special passives that enhance their playstyle. Our choice here is Preparation since we spam Rapid Fire all the time, spending tons of Energy which is immediately recovered through the skill itself. Like this we can reset our Ultimate Skill very quickly and have high Shadow Clone uptime.

In addition, using our Ultimate Skill also resets all other cooldowns to speed up the gameplay even further. Preferably you should have everything on cooldown when you activate Shadow Clone to get the most value out of this effect.

Learn more details and how to unlock this system in our full Rogue Specialization Guide.

Paragon Board

← Scroll to Level →

Level the Paragon Board by scrolling. Each step optimizes progression.


We need to level up our Glyphs to increase their power and activate their Additional Bonus with surrounding nodes. Because Glyphs at level 15 increase their radius, we need to prioritize leveling them by completing Nightmare Dungeons. The following priority order makes sure that you can activate all of your Glyphs as early as possible but you may not receive a benefit until you place them on your Paragon boards later. If you farm only Nightmare Dungeons on your way to level 100, you can also level your Glyphs to 15 in the order you place them to gain an immediate effect. After that, we prioritize leveling our strongest glyphs to level 21.

Glyph Leveling Priorities

Level 15

  1. Ambush
  2. Combat
  3. Turf
  4. Ranger
  5. Exploit

Level 21

  1. Combat
  2. Turf
  3. Ranger
  4. Exploit
  5. Ambush

There are a total of 225 Paragon Points. Starting with level 50 you gain 4 Paragon Points per level, including 20 from Renown, and 4 from Altars of Lilith. Also check out our dedicated in-depth guides to learn more about Paragon Boards and Glyphs.


Your general gameplay rotation is very simple: Rapid Fire to your heart's desire. Simply spamming this skill can already deal with most situations easily, but a more nuanced approach may be required sometimes.

  • Rapid Fire is your main ability. Due to the Energy restoration of Improved Rapid Fire you can spam this skill indefinitely as long as you hit at least one Vulnerable enemy which we trigger in various ways (Exploit, Blast-Trapper's, Blended Shadow Imbuement). Preferably, position yourself right in front of your main target to guarantee the hits and profit from Close Damage (Reduction) modifiers. More often than not, you'll end up finishing your main target before the final arrow, so try to line up your enemies to hit more behind them.
  • Against monster packs, activate Shadow Imbuement to infect them and trigger on-death explosions as you mow through your foes. If there are many targets present, it's best to do so with a Dash straight through the center as you can hit all or at least most enemies with a single attack to spread the debuff, then follow up with Rapid Fire to chain explosions. Against bosses, you can also activate it to increase your Critical Strike Chance towards the end of the fight.
  • Activate Poison Trap whenever you are engaged in a longer fight, for example against a pack of elites or a boss. The Poison ticks help you with various offensive and defensive buffs and allow you to trigger the Vulnerable effect through Blast-Trapper's Aspect. It also has a knockdown effect to disable enemies and can reset Shadow Imbuement's cooldown.
  • Dash and Shadow Step are our mobility tools. In addition to the Shadow Imbuement combo mentioned above, Dash can also apply a Crit Strike Damage buff and Slow enemies to apply crowd control modifiers. Use it liberally both in and outside of combat. Shadow Step is great to engage a pack, in particular against Suppressor Elites and Champion monsters. With it you can position yourself right in front of your main target, Stun and deal with them safely before focusing on others. When there are monsters and Elites with crowd control nearby, keep Shadow Step ready for a situation where you may need to get out.
  • Shadow Clone is our Ultimate. Due to Preparation we are able to activate it frequently and with enough Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction achieve around 50% uptime. This cooldown is used for a variety of purposes:
    • 1) Improving AoE clear by adding more arrows.
    • 2) Improving AoE clear by resetting Shadow Imbuement.
    • 3) Improving single target damage against the boss.
    • 4) Gaining Unstoppable to get out crowd controls.
  • Depending on the content you're running, you can choose to hold the cooldown for when you need it the most or simply use it whenever it's ready. It's best to at least make sure that the cooldown reset of Preparation hits most of your other skills before you activate Shadow Clone.

Resource & Cooldown Management

Managing your Resources and Cooldowns is crucial to the success of this build.

Infinite Energy Recovery

Rapid Fire automatically restores almost all of its cost by hitting a Vulnerable target. Any remaining Energy required comes from the natural regeneration of Rogues (8 per second without bonuses). This means our top priority is making sure that we always hit at least one Vulnerable enemy each time we use Rapid Fire.

Before you acquire the Exploit Glyph, you may not reliably refill your Energy between packs. In the early game, it's better to drop Shadow Step for Invigorating Strike which provides extra regeneration and can apply Vulnerable to help with that.

Ravenous Aspect

This is a great resource tool and can be acquired early from the Codex of Power. Even the minimum roll has great value and smooths out the Energy recovery from the start until we drop the Aspect later once we have permanent Vulnerable uptime on most enemies.

Exploit Glyph

For regular farming content, this Glyph is the number one source of Vulnerable. For short fights it guarantees the effect after the first hit against a target, given that you finish them within 3 seconds. You can simply spam Rapid Fire into a pack and trigger it to gain resources back automatically before moving on to the next.

Blended Shadow Imbuement

While there is significant overlap in applying Vulnerable between the Exploit Glyph and this skill, we still include the Blended Shadow Imbuement upgrade to increase consistency. In some packs not all targets blow up at the same time and explosions can be staggered as you work your way through, constantly reapplying the debuff to all surrounding enemies.

Blast-Trapper's Aspect

This legendary aspect is included to guarantee that we keep up the Vulnerable debuff in long fights, for example when we have a tanky elite, some targets that we originally hit with Exploit but didn't finish or a boss that survives longer than usual. In those cases, we throw down a Poison Trap and as long as a single poison tick is applied to a target, they can be made Vulnerable with Blast-Trapper's by shooting at them.

Shadow Imbuement

Use this ability whenever there are multiple targets. It has a short cooldown so it can be activated almost every time you need it, but beware to not waste it when you could be fine without it. Finding yourself in the next monster packs without Shadow Imbuement ready can really slow you down as you have only limited tools to deal with a large group of monsters.

Shadow Clone

Since this Ultimate has a long duration and we reset its cooldown through Preparation, you can use it quite often. Best case, save it for predictable moments where you are engaged in a big fight against multiple elites at a dungeon objective or a boss and use it to reset your other cooldowns. It's also great to get out of crowd control if you get stunned at the wrong moment.

Dash & Shadow Step

Dash is best used to move around faster towards the next pack or to reposition in combat. Together with Shadow Imbuement it offers a great combo to deal with large AoE packs, so it's best to keep one charge ready when you engage enemies.

Shadow Step is best used to engage a pack. When you approach, aim for the highest priority target and jump in to stun and deal with them quickly. When there are monsters with crowd controls around, hold back with Shadow Step until you need to get out of it.

Endgame Gear & Skill Progression

When you start diving into the Endgame, you don't have all the tools available to achieve the final build versions. Let us guide you through different progression points to give you a smooth transition from our Leveling Guides to the final build version.

Progression Goals

Some of your Skill Tree choices depend on what Legendary Aspects and Unique items are available to you. While we can guarantee that everyone has access to the same Codex of Power Aspects, the exact progression is different for everyone.

  1. Unlock the following Aspects in your Codex of Power:
  2. Find the following Legendary Aspects by farming in Dungeons, Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides, through the Tree of Whispers, or gambling with Obols:
    1. Repeating: Gamble Swords. This is our main Aspect and goes on our ranged weapon for the boosted effect. Make sure you only imprint this on a weapon you're going to use for a while, as it may not drop again soon. If you have no other option, you can also put it on an amulet until you find another copy. This replaces Inner Calm.
    • Umbrous: Gamble Pants. This gives us free Dark Shroud shadows whenever we attack for lots of extra defense. This replaces Protector which falls off at higher levels.
    • Accelerating: Gamble Swords. Grants lots of extra Attack Speed for more damage output, healing and lucky hit effects. This replaces Arrow Storms.
    • Smiting: Gamble Swords. Adds extra Critical Strike Chance and crowd control duration. This replaces Shadowslicer.
    • Synergy: Gamble Swords. Lowers the cooldown of Poison Trap so that we can use it more reliably. This replaces Ravenous once resources are no longer an issue.
    • Ravager: Gamble Boots. The second charge on Shadow Step gives great quality of life and speeds up your runs. This replaces Wind Striker until you find Penitent Greaves.
  3. Find the following Unique items by farming in Dungeons, Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides. Note: You cannot gamble Unique items with obols!
    • Penitent Greaves: Replacing Ghostwalker or Ravager, these Boots offer free Chill for more crowd control, Energy recovery from The Umbral and extra damage from its effect. With them you can replace Innervation with Frigid Finesse to gain a sizable damage bonus.
    • Harlequin Crest: If you get lucky with this drop, replace Cheat's.
    • Doombringer: If you get lucky with this drop, you can use it instead of Aspect of Corruption. This sword has amazing stats and a damage reduction proc to survive high end content such as Nightmare Dungeon Pushing or Pinnacle Bosses more easily.

Learn more details and how to farm Legendary Aspects and Uniques in our General Farming Guide.

Progression Steps

Early Endgame
Best in Slot

Once you have completed the leveling process to 50, only the Codex of Power Aspects are guaranteed. With this setup, you can farm the Legendary Aspects and Unique items you need for the next progression point.


  • Unlock all the Codex Powers mentioned above. Some of them are used only temporarily as a filler, such as Shadowslicer, Inner Calm, Protector, Arrow Storms, Ravenous and Ghostwalker.
  • Edgemaster’s goes on the ranged weapon until we acquire Repeating, then we move it to a regular slot.
  • Ravenous can only go on a ring and is used until the Exploit Glyph is online.
  • Blast-Trapper's goes on the amulet early on for more consistency with the proc in long fights.
Starter Gear


  • This is the base setup with only Codex Powers. The goal is to progress our Energy recovery enough until we reach a point where we don't need a Basic Skill anymore.
  • Invigorating Strike is a useful tool early on to help with Energy recovery in two separate ways: It increases regeneration and applies Vulnerable when at low Energy, which we can use to refill by attacking with Rapid Fire.
  • The skill tree stays largely the same throughout the progression steps, but some adjustments are made as you go depending on the tools available to you.
Starter Skill Tree


Follow the general skill rotation described in the Gameplay section above. While you're still starting out with this build, you may be Energy starved occasionally until you unlock your final form. Try to play around Shadow Imbuement to make enemies Vulnerable for the Energy recovery from Rapid Fire. Use your Basic Skill once every few seconds to keep up the regeneration buff and to apply Vulnerable when at low Energy.

Build Scaling, FAQ & Mechanics

The answer to many questions can be found in the following sections.

Build Scaling

Learn all you need to know about how to scale this build into endgame.

  • Critical Strikes: We get as much Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage as possible on our items, with the Combat glyph and the Concussive + Trap Mastery passives. Since we only use ranged attacks, we have great synergy with Precision for extra damage.
  • Vulnerable: We get a good chunk of Vulnerable Damage on our weapons, Rings and Paragons and apply the debuff with the Exploit Glyph. With Blast-Trapper we make sure that the debuff is permanently up in long fights.
  • Energy: Rapid Fire restores its own Energy cost almost entirely when hitting a Vulnerable target. This allows us to freely spam our main attack and benefit from other perks such as the Preparation cooldown resets.

Our Damage Explained article explains how to scale your Offense.
Learn all you need to know to scale Defense with our Defense Explained Article.

Stat Priorities & Gear Options

There are many stats and status effects that generate on gear, but many are not important for your build. See below for a general breakdown as well as a per slot priority in the list.

  • Vulnerable Damage, Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage and unconditional additive damage bonuses such as Damage to Close Enemies or Core Skill Damage are huge damage boosts so stack them as much as possible.
  • Core Stats: Dexterity is the best, followed by Intelligence and Strength. Avoid Willpower if possible. We also pick up some All Stats rolls to unlock Paragon nodes.
  • Defensive Stats: Especially on Chest & Pants we stack tons of Damage Reduction to survive. There are many options available so we try to gather a good combination of all of them.

Fill your item's sockets with the following:

  • Royal Emerald into Weapons because we have near permanent Vulnerable uptime.
  • Royal Ruby into Armor for more survivability.
  • Royal Skull into Jewelry for better defense and extra scaling with Disobedience.

This build benefits the most from the following consumables:

  • Elixirs: Elixir of Cruelty, Iron Skin Elixir, Elixir of Fortitude, Heady Assault Elixir & Heady Precision Elixir
  • Incenses: Song of the Mountain, Reddamine Buzz & Chorus of War

Refer to the table below to see the best rolls for every slot ranked in order of importance. Items marked with * cannot appear on the same item together.

RangedRepeatingWeapon Type: Bow
1. High Damage per Second
1. Vulnerable Damage
2. Critical Strike Damage
3. Damage to Close Enemies
4. All Stats
5. Dexterity
6. Core Skill Damage
Sockets Royal Emerald
Melee 1One of:
Weapon Type: Sword
Damage doesn't matter
1. Vulnerable Damage
2. Critical Strike Damage
3. All Stats
4. Damage to Close Enemies
5. Dexterity
6. Core Skill Damage
Socket Royal Emerald
Melee 2One of:
Weapon Type: Sword
Damage doesn't matter
1. Vulnerable Damage
2. Critical Strike Damage
3. Dexterity
4. Damage to Close Enemies
5. Core Skill Damage
Socket Royal Emerald
HelmOne of:
1. Cooldown Reduction
2. Maximum Life
3. Total Armor
4. Ranks to Shadow Imbuement
5. Crowd Control Duration
Socket Royal Ruby
ChestOne of:
1. Damage Reduction
2. Damage Reduction from Close
3. Damage Reduction from Poisoned
4. Damage Reduction from Distant
5. Total Armor
6. Maximum Life
Sockets Royal Ruby
GlovesOne of:
1. Ranks to Rapid Fire
2. Critical Strike Chance
3. Attack Speed
4. Trap Skill Cooldown Reduction
5. Lucky Hit Chance
PantsOne of:
Implicit: Potion Grants Barrier
1. Damage Reduction
2. Damage Reduction from Close
3. Total Armor
4. Damage Reduction from Poisoned
5. Damage Reduction from Distant
6. Maximum Life
Sockets Royal Ruby
(Best in Slot)
Penitent GreavesImplicit: Movement Speed on Evade
1. Movement Speed
2. Damage to Chilled Enemies
3. Crowd Control Duration
4. Cold Resistance
5. Slow Duration Reduction
Ravager'sImplicit: Max Evade Charges
1. Movement Speed
2. Movement Speed on Elite Kill
3. Damage Reduction while Injured
4. Ranks to Dash
5. Dodge Chance
AmuletAccelerating1. Ranks to Weapon Mastery*
2. Movement Speed
3. Cooldown Reduction
4. Ranks to Malice*
5. Ranks to Exploit*
6. Damage Reduction
7. Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
8. Ranks to Frigid Finesse*
Socket Royal Skull
Ring 1One of:
1. Critical Strike Chance
2. Critical Strike Damage
3. Vulnerable Damage
4. Maximum Life
5. Damage to Close Enemies
Socket Royal Skull
Ring 2One of:
1. Critical Strike Chance
2. Critical Strike Damage
3. Vulnerable Damage
4. Maximum Life
5. Damage to Close Enemies
Socket Royal Skull

Hardcore Adjustments

Hardcore requires you to build into more defenses. Here are some tips to successful in this game mode:

  • Focus more on your Chest & Pants while gearing up. Make sure to have only defensive stats on these two slots as they provide a ton of survivability.
  • Add extra Armor & Maximum Life instead of damage nodes on your Paragon Boards.
  • Include Protecting in your setup, replacing Cheat's. While this does reduce your overall damage reduction, it has the benefit that if you manage to keep your health high most of the time, you get incredible protection against incoming burst damage to allow you to get to safety. For a more defensive variant, you can also keep Cheat's, move Disobedience to the amulet, move Accelerating to a regular offensive slot and replace Corruption to run with 4 defensive aspects.
  • For even more protection, include Eluding instead of Smiting to get out of crowd controls.
  • Be more conservative with Shadow Step and keep a charge ready when you engage enemies that can crowd control you, for example Cold Enchanted elites or Snakes mob types.

Level 100 Endgame Variants

You can optimize your build further for certain endgame activities, such as Speed farming, Nightmare Dungeon Pushing, etc. Let's take a look at the changes you need to make to achieve the best results in them.

Speed Farming
Nightmare Dungeon Push
Pinnacle Boss

The Speed farming setup makes you more efficient in farming the Open World, Helltide zones, Tree of Whispers, regular Dungeons, and Nightmare Dungeons below Tier 50.

AVOID THESE Nightmare Dungeon Affixes

Before we go into what you should change on your build, take a look at Nightmare Dungeon Affixes that you want to avoid because they can massively slow you down:

  • Death Pulse
  • Critical Resist
  • Melee Defenders
  • Suppressor
  • Vulnerable Resist


  • For fast and easy content, we don't need the extra damage boost gained from Penitent Greaves and Frigid Finesse. Instead we play a setup similar to the Standard Endgame variant.
  • Optionally, you can move Accelerating Aspect from the amulet to a regular slot by replacing Smiting Aspect. This allows you to put Wind Striker Aspect there to reach the Movement Speed cap (200%) nearly all the time.
Speed Farming Gear


  • For speedfarming, we can make a few tweaks to improve our setup.
  • Methodical Shadow Step switches to Disciplined Shadow Step for a shorter cooldown.
  • Concussive gets replaced by Stutter Step.
Speed Farming Skills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once a guide is released, many players have questions on why and how we are approaching certain choices. In this section you can find the answers to the questions that have been asked the most.

I feel squishy, how can I increase survivability?

My damage is too low, how can I improve it?

I'm running out of Energy all the time, what's wrong?

My AoE damage is low, what can I do?

What are the pros and cons of Bows and Crossbows?

How to deal with Champions and Suppressor elites?

Can I play this build with different Ultimate Skills?

Are Windforce or Skyhunter great uniques for this build?

How are Dark Shroud stacks generated in this build?

Why Rubies instead of Topazes in Armor sockets?


Dark Shroud Scaling

Penitent Greaves

Video Guide


The Rapid Fire Rogue is a superb allrounder with a toolkit that prepares you for all situations. It's a fun and mobile farming build that with a few tweaks can transform into a DPS powerhouse to take on the biggest challenges the game has to offer. I hope you enjoy a great build.

  • Focus on acquiring Repeating and activating the Exploit as early as possible.
  • Make sure to always apply Vulnerable for Energy recovery from Rapid Fire.
  • Activate Shadow Imbuement and infect many enemies with Dash to deal with large packs of monsters.
  • Reset and summon your Shadow Clone frequently for more damage output.
  • For high-end content, switch to a Combo Points setup for insane damage output.

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