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Boulder Druid Endgame Guide

Last Updated: March 5th 2024

Season 3 - ConstructB-Tier

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Welcome to the Boulder Druid Endgame Guide for Diablo 4! This build is all about casting as many Boulders as possible, which rotate around your Hurricane and rip enemies apart in a vortex style area of effect. In Diablo IV, the Boulder Druid closely resembles the classic Hammerdin from Diablo II, making it the closest equivalent in the game to that iconic character. It revolves around Dolmen Stone, which enables this unique playstyle, and Metamorphic Stone which converts Boulder into a Core Skill.

Without Dolmen Stone, Symbiotic and Metamorphic Stone, the final build is not functional. Make sure to acquire them before transitioning to this build.

Once you acquire the core items, the gameplay is straightforward. Cast Hurricane then start spamming Boulder to deal Damage and reset the Cooldown of Hurricane thanks to Symbiotic and Nature's Fury. Use Blood Howl to gain Attack Speed and Heal yourself. Cast Petrify defensively against dangerous threats or offensively to gain a massive multiplier to your Critical Strikes. The Umbral is amazing to refill your Spirit passively via the constant Knockbacks from Boulder and the Slow from Hurricane. Weave in Wind Shear at least every 4 seconds to keep all of your Buffs up and Trample as well for Spirit Generation or to rapidly move to another position.

In this guide we teach you everything you need to know to be successful with the Boulder Druid in Diablo 4. Let's get to it!

Boulder Druid Endgame

This build guide assumes you have a Level 50 Character and finished the Campaign. Level up one of our Druid Leveling Guides.

NM DungeonsAverage

Season 3 - Season of the Construct

In Season 3, you obtain the Seneschal Construct through the Season Questline, then collect Governing Stones or Tuning Stones to add attacks and augment them to support your build. Only certain Tuning Stones work with a particular Governing Stone. Look at the bottom of any Tuning Stone tooltip to see if it is compatible with your Construct's currently equipped Stones. Lastly, they can be leveled up by getting duplicates to max out their power. Check out our full Season 3 guide for more information.

  1. Tempest
    • Resource Support - Great against Bosses since the Umbral won't give you much Spirit against them.
    • Efficiency - Provides a massive critical strike chance bonus, which benefits our many Critical Strike Multipliers.
    • Breaking Support - Helps deal with Barriers.
  2. Flash of Adrenaline - A nice boon to our overall damage output.
    • Tactical - Reduces to cooldown of Flash of Adrenaline
    • Duration - Increases the uptime of both Flash of Adrenaline and Safeguard.
    • Safeguard - An all-around solid defensive option.
Boulder Druid Stones

If you are lucky enough to find Genesis from Uber Malphas, put it in place of Safeguard Support in the above setup. If you find Evernight, it can take the place of Tuning Stone: Breaking.

Skill Tree & Gameplay

Your general gameplay rotation goes like this: Activate Hurricane and Blood Howl then spam Boulder to have them rotate around Hurricane. Move around to position yourself so they hit enemies. Keep using Blood Howl and Hurricane on Cooldown. Use Trample and Wind Shear to recover Spirit when in need. For the most part, your Spirit should stay up thanks to your CC effects and the Umbral. Use Petrify when in need of extra Damage or use it Defensively.

Active Skills

  • Boulder is your main damaging Skill and Spirit Generator thanks to its Knockbacks and the Umbral.
  • Hurricane makes your Boulder rotate around in the vortex. It also provides great utility by slowing down enemies, reducing their damage, and filling up your Spirit thanks to the Umbral.
  • Wind Shear generates Spirit at range and provides Movement Speed, a source of Vulnerable, and Damage Reduction when using Might. It also activates Moonrise easily.
  • Petrify is both defensive and offensive. Its ability to Stun in a huge AoE is great defensively, while the Critical Strike Damage multiplier it provides is excellent offensively.
  • Blood Howl's Attack Speed bonus allows us to get out as many Boulders as possible. It also serves as a reliable Heal since its Cooldown resets with kills.
  • Trample serves as our Movement ability. It also gives a good amount of Spirit on cast.


  • Nature's Fury enables Symbiotic to reset the Cooldown of Hurricane. It also lets you proc the other Core Storm Skills by casting Boulder.
  • Once you have Tempest Roar, a single point in Toxic Claws enables you to consistently Crowd Control mobs with Neurotoxin, activate Envenom's damage bonus, and benefit from both Damage to and Damage Reduction from Poisoned enemies.
Boulder Druid Endgame Skill Tree
Boulder Druid Skill Showcase

Spirit Boons

Druids can choose 5 out of 16 Passive bonuses (Boons) from 4 different spirits. You have to bond with one of the Spirits in Túr Dúlra to activate two of its Boons. The remaining Spirits can only have one Boon each. Use the following Boons:

  • Deer Spirit: Wariness for additional defense where we need it most.
  • Eagle Spirit: Swooping Attacks provides Attack Speed, improving your damage as well as healing thanks to more casts per second.
  • Wolf Spirit: Bolster is preferred, as other options provide little to no benefits.
  • Snake Spirit: Obsidian Slam provides a little bit of extra damage.

Bond with the Eagle Spirit and activate Avian Wrath for a multiplicative increase to your Critical Strike Damage.

Spirit Boons

Learn more details and how to unlock this class specification in our full Druid Spirit Boons Guide.

Resource & Cooldown Management

Managing your Resources is easy with this build.

Resource Aspect of the Umbral

With a good roll of this Aspect, resource management becomes a walk in the park. Thanks to your many Knockbacks from Boulder and Trample, as well as Slow from Enhanced Hurricane and Neurotoxin, your Spirit constantly fills up. On top of that, Petrify also provides another method of gaining Spirit thanks to its Stun.

Cooldown Reduction

Your goal is to require only one activation of Symbiotic to have permanent uptime on Hurricane. A good roll on Dolmen Stone helps a lot, and the rest comes from your Gloves. If needed, an explicit roll on your Totem is an option. Assuming a perfect Symbiotic, make sure the Cooldown on Hurricane is less than 13 seconds. The required amount of Cooldown required is over 35%, but since not all stats show up on your character stat sheet, looking at the Cooldown value on Hurricane is preferred.

Spirit Cost Reduction

Getting this Affix on your Boots and Totem helps a lot especially vs Bosses where the Umbral is close to useless. You also benefit from the Legendary Paragon Node Inner Beast so long as you Shapeshift every 5 seconds.

Resource Generation

Getting this Affix on your Rings and possibly Totem helps refilling your Spirit especially vs Bosses where the Umbral is close to useless.

Tempest Roar

You gain a small amount of Spirit on Lucky Hit with your Storm Skills with this Unique Helm. By casting Boulder, you proc Storm Skills thanks to Nature's Fury.

Paragon Board

Carefully check your Paragon Boards to ensure correct board rotation. Glyphs go from a radius of 3 to 4 when they reach level 15!

  • If you've yet to acquire Tempest Roar, the Heightened Malice Paragon Board provides very little value. You need enemies to be Poisoned reliably to get the best benefits from this Paragon Board. Consider using Poison Creeper instead of Blood Howl, and take the Packleader Wolf Spirit Boon in the meantime.
Boulder Druid Endgame Build Paragon Board

Level the Paragon Board by scrolling. Each step optimizes progression.


We need to level up our Glyphs to increase their power and activate their Additional Bonus with surrounding nodes. Glyphs have a radius of 3 by default, this increases to 4 at Glyph level 15. Complete Nightmare Dungeons to obtain Glyph experience.

Note that there are some Glyph position swaps and a few adjustments to surrounding Paragon nodes once they reach level 15. See the last two steps in the Paragon progression above for details. The setup displayed by default is the final version of the build.

Glyph Leveling Priorities

Level 15

  1. Outmatch
  2. Exploit
  3. Earth and Sky
  4. Undaunted
  5. Spirit

Level 21

  1. Outmatch
  2. Earth and Sky
  3. Undaunted
  4. Exploit
  5. Spirit

Also check out our dedicated in-depth guides to learn more about Paragon Boards and Glyphs.

Endgame Gear & Skill Progression

When you start diving into the Endgame, you don't have all the tools available to achieve the final version of the build. Let us guide you through different progression points to give you a smooth transition from our Leveling Guides to the final build.

Progression Goals

Many of your Skill choices depend on what Legendary Aspects and Unique items are available to you. While we can guarantee that everyone has access to the same Codex of Power Aspects, the progression might be different for everyone!

  1. You must have access to Symbiotic, Metamorphic Stone and Dolmen Stone to start playing this build.
  2. Unlock the following Aspects from Dungeons:
  3. Find the following Legendary Aspects either as a random drop or by gambling with Obols:
    • Metamorphic Stone: Gamble Totems.
    • Natural Balance: Gamble Totems.
    • Symbiotic: Gamble Boots.
    • Accelerating: Gamble Totems.
  4. Acquire the following Unique items either as a random drop or by farming specific Boss drops.
    Note: You cannot gamble Unique items with obols!

Learn more details and how to farm Legendary Aspects and Uniques in our General Farming Guide.

Progression Steps

Follow the build's gearing progression from level 50 to 100, including the changes that need to be made as you obtain Legendary Aspects and Uniques.

Note: This build does not have a Starter variant since it requires Endgame items and Aspects.

Early Endgame
Nightmare Dungeon Push
Pinnacle Boss

Since Dolmen Stone and Symbiotic Aspect are required for the build to function, there is no Starter setup.

In this setup, you have access to all Legendary Aspects, allowing you to pilot a much stronger version of this build. Additional Legendary Aspects are used to fill slots that may be replaced with Unique items later on.


  • Use Ballistic Aspect on your Helm as a placeholder for Tempest Roar.
  • Juggernaut's greatly helps your survivability by increasing your Armor significantly.
  • Symbiotic Aspect is mandatory to reset the Cooldown of Hurricane with your Boulder casts.
  • Aspect of Might provides easy uptime on Damage Reduction.
  • Wind Striker increases your Movement Speed. This aspect is almost always fully stacked since you deal so many hits.
  • Aspect of Metamorphic Stone is the bread and butter of the build. It significantly increases the damage of Boulder and removes its Cooldown, allowing you to spam it.
  • Aspect of Natural Balance provides another damage multiplier that is easy to maintain.
  • Aspect of the Umbral refills your Spirit easily thanks to your multiple sources of CC.
  • Aspect of Retaliation provides another significant damage multiplier.
  • Try to get as much Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies on your Weapon and Rings as possible. This will improve your damage multiplier from Earthen Devastation.
Boulder Druid Early Endgame Gear


Until you obtain Tempest Roar, you aren't able to reliably benefit from the damage increase provided by Envenom. Instead, get some more tankiness with Heightened Senses. In Season 3, Poison Support is an option to benefit from Poison synergies without Tempest Roar.

The last point is flexible. Put it in Abundance to generate more Spirit, which helps against Bosses.

Another option without Tempest Roar is to use Poison Creeper instead of Blood Howl, and take Packleader Spirit Boon in the meantime.

Boulder Druid Early Endgame Skill Tree

No Changes

There are no changes to the Gameplay and Spirit Boons.

In this setup, you have access to all Unique items and Legendary Aspects. This allows you to pilot this build at its peak efficiency. Let's take a look at the changes you need to make to implement them. This build really shines with the addition of Tempest Roar.


  • Tempest Roar is your forever helmet now. It enables synergies with Poisoned enemies which bring this build to its full potential.
  • With this in mind, you can now roll Damage Reduction from Poisoned Enemies on your Totem.
  • Use Damage Reduction from Poisoned & Damage Reduction while Fortified on your Pants instead of Damage Reduction from Distant Enemies and Damage Reduction from Close Enemies.
Boulder Druid Best in Slot Gear



  • Heightened Senses (3 points)
  • Quickshift (1 point)
  • Abundance (1 point)


  • Neurotoxin (1 point)
  • Toxic Claws (1 point)
  • Envenom (3 point)

With these changes and the addition of Tempest Roar, your Storm Skills procced from Nature's Fury, as well as Wind Shear and Hurricane, Poison enemies, enabling a damage multiplier from Envenom and Damage Reduction from Poisoned enemies.

Boulder Druid Endgame Skill Tree

The Speedfarming setup makes you more efficient in farming the Open World, Helltide zones, Tree of Whispers, regular Dungeons, and Nightmare Dungeons below Tier 45.


You can be a lot more aggressive in your item choices when playing "lower" content.

  • Swap Juggernaut's for Symbiotic Aspect on your Chest.
  • Change Symbiotic Aspect for Accelerating Aspect on your Gloves.
  • Use Tibault's Will Pants to gain damage and Resources after Trample.
Boulder Druid Speedfarming Gear

The Nightmare Dungeon Push setup allows you to dive much deeper into Nightmare Dungeons where the difficulty increases significantly! It aims to become as tanky as possible while maintaining high enough damage output to achieve the highest tier Nightmare Dungeons.

AVOID THESE Nightmare Dungeon Affixes

Before we go into what you should change on your build, take a look at Nightmare Dungeon Affixes that you HAVE TO avoid for a successful push:

  • Suppressor Elites
  • Monster Critical Resist
  • Monster Physical Resist

For the highest tiers, a Nightmare Dungeon that only contains Melee enemies is preferable.


  • Because of the changes to your Paragon Board, socket your Jewelry with a Ruby, Sapphire and Amethyst to cap your Resistances.

Spirit Boons

  • Swap Swooping Attacks for Iron Feather


  • You have to play a lot more defensively in a high tier Nightmare Dungeon.
  • While you are quite tanky, certain monsters and Elite Affixes can hurt, and even 1-shot you at times. Avoid telegraphed attacks at all cost. Make sure you always have safe ground to retreat back to.
Boulder Druid Nightmare Dungeon Push Gear


  • Trample (3 points)
  • Predatory Instinct (3 points)
  • Natural Disaster (1 point)


  • Heightened Senses (3 points)
  • Quickshift (1 point)
  • Preserving Debilitating Roar (3 points)

With these changes you lose out on some damage but gain tankines. Debilitating Roar is incredible at reducing incoming damage.

Boulder Druid Nightmare Dungeon Skill Tree

Paragon Board & Glyphs

To clear the highest level of Nightmare Dungeons easily, focusing on increasing your survivability is key. You grab some extra Damage Reduction from Vulnerable Enemies from the Thunderstruck Paragon Board and as much % Life and Armor as possible.

Boulder Druid Nightmare Dungeon Push Paragon Board

This build has potential to defeat the Echoes of Lilith encounter. As of 1.2, she's become relatively easy to take on, and we'll make a few priority optimizations to skip large portions of the fight. See below.


  • Use a Staff with Aspect of Metamorphic Stone to maximize your damage output. This enables you to cap Earthen Devastation.
  • Roll another offensive stat instead of Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies on one Ring. Thanks to the Staff you don't need both rolls on Rings anymore.
  • Swap Juggernaut's for Ballistic Aspect on your Chest.
  • Change Symbiotic Aspect for Accelerating Aspect on your Gloves.
  • Use Tibault's Will Pants to gain damage and Resources after Trample or Earthen Bulwark.
  • Cheat in as much Willpower, Movement Speed, Spirit Cost Reduction, and Resource Generation as you can on gear.
  • Use an Elixir of Cruelty or Heady Assault Elixir if possible.

Spirit Boons

  • Use Calamity the get more uptime on the Petrify damage multiplier.
  • Use Calm Before the Storm to potentially reset its Cooldown
Boulder Druid Pinnacle Boss Gear


  • Trample (3 points)
  • Circle of Life (3 points)


  • Prime Petrify (1 points)
  • Enhanced Earthen Bulwark (2 points)
  • Abundance (3 points)

Prime Petrify lets you take advantage of its damage multiplier for a longer duration. Earthen Bulwark helps to reset the Cooldown of Hurricane. It also provides a source of Unstoppable without having to move, which gives Spirit thanks to Tibault's Will.

If you find yourself losing Hurricane uptime, consider Earth Spike instead of Wind Shear to reset the Cooldown of Hurricane more reliably.

Boulder Druid Pinnacle Boss Skill Tree


  • Make sure to have Unstoppable before spawning Lilith to not get Knocked Back when she spawns and activate Tibault's Will.
  • Your opening attack will likely deal enough damage for her to skip Phases. Stand still and precast at her landing zone, to hopefully deal enough damage to end phase 1.
  • At the beginning of phase 2, aim to get Lilith below 80% HP before she spawns boils around the arena. If successful, you won't have to dodge the boils or their fireballs for the duration of phase 2, making this phase much easier. From there, the fight is a DPS check until she destroys all corners of the arena.
  • After all platforms are destroyed, Lilith will teleport to the center of the arena. Simply cast (or precast) a few Boulders as she arrives to end the fight. It is possible that you have to deal with another burning floor mechanic, so be prepared just in case.

Paragon Board & Glyphs

Heightened Malice has absolutely no use in the Lilith fight. Though not mandatory for this fight, this Paragon Board optimizes damage further with a few tweaks.

Boulder Druid Pinnacle Boss Paragon Board

With the anticipated content level of the Gauntlet being about as difficult as a Nightmare Dungeon 70, and the focus on speed, a few adjustments are done to move around quickly and efficiently. Mainly, the addition of Shred as our main Mobility skill.


  • Ring of Starless Skies should replace Umbral if you have it.
  • Swap Juggernaut's for Symbiotic Aspect on your Chest.
  • Change Symbiotic Aspect for Accelerating Aspect on your Gloves.
  • Use Tibault's Will Pants to gain Damage and Resources after Trample and Earthen Bulwark.

Spirit Boons

  • Use Calamity the get more uptime on the Petrify damage multiplier.
Boulder Druid Gauntlet Gear


  • Fierce Wind Shear (1 point)
  • Blood Howl (3 points)
  • Prime Petrify (1 point)
  • Predatory Instinct (1 point)


  • Shred (3 Points)
  • Earthen Bulwark (3 Points)

Shred provides the much needed mobility to go fast in the Gauntlet. Earthen Bulwark helps to reset the Cooldown of Hurricane. It also provides another source of Unstoppable, which gives Spirit thanks to Tibault's Will and Movement Speed via Ghostwalker.

Boulder Druid Pinnacle Boss Skill Tree

Hardcore Adjustments

Hardcore requires you to build into more defenses. Here are some tips to successfully navigate this build through potentially dangerous situations:

  • Use Debilitating Roar instead of Trample. Use it wisely to mitigate a good chunk of damage.
  • Careful around Suppressor Elites. Look out for bad combinations with this Elite Affix.
  • Choose Iron Feather on the Eagle Spirit instead of Swooping Attacks.
  • Focus more on your Chest & Pants while gearing up. Make sure to have only defensive stats on these two slots as they provide a ton of survivability. Not using Ranks to Boulder on Pants is an option.
  • Use a defensive Paragon Board with a focus on Armor and % Life.
  • Save your Petrify for defensive situations.

Check out our dedicated in-depth guide to learn more survival tricks in Hardcore.

Build Scaling & Stat Priorities

Learn about the important build scaling mechanics and stat weights.

  • Spirit: More Spirit means more casts of Boulder. Tempest Roar, Resource Aspect of the Umbral, Inner Beast, Spirit Cost Reduction and Ressource Generation all contribute. Reclamation also helps, especially if you don't have a well rolled Aspect of the Umbral.
  • Cooldown Redution: Reducing the Cooldown of Hurricane to the point where only one activation of Symbiotic Aspect lets you have permanent uptime means for a generally smoother gameplay experience as your Boulders have much less risk of falling off if you are unlucky with procs.
  • Attack Speed: Acts as a multiplier for your damage by enabling you to cast Boulders faster and stack more of them around your Hurricane.
  • Critical Strikes: This build reaches a high Critical Strike Chance. Make sure to get it on Rings, Gloves, and your Totem. Add to that Scythe Talons, Predatory Instinct and the massive increase from Natural Boulder.
  • Vulnerable: You get Vulnerable procs from the Exploit Glyph and Wind Shear.
  • Earth/Nature/Core: Any modifier affecting these tags will increase your damage output. Keep in mind that you do not benefit from the Wrath tag since Boulder gets converted to a Core Skill. It does not benefit from the Wrath Skill Ranks from Dolmen Stone.
  • Crowd Control: Thanks in part to constant Knockbacks from Boulder and Slows from Enhanced Hurricane, you have consistent CC. Damage affixes that deal extra damage against Crowd Controlled or Slowed Enemies are a great alternative way to increase your damage output. Not to mention Earthen Devastation which benefits greatly from damage vs Crowd Controlled.
  • Envenom: We're able to take advantage of this powerful offensive passive thanks to ‍Toxic Claws, which Poisons enemies whenever we deal Critical Strike Damage to them with Storm Skills which we proc from using Boulder in combination with Nature's Fury.
  • Heightened Malice: A massive damage multiplier that you benefit from so long as there are 3 Poisoned enemies around.
  • Ancestral Guidance: Thanks to the high Spirit cost of Boulder you have permanent uptime of this multiplier.
  • Fortify: Safeguard is the most consistent source since you hit so many times with Boulder. This makes it easy to maintain the Fortified status and get maximum benefits from Damage Reduction while Fortified. Keep in mind that any amount of Life that has Fortify always benefits from this damage reduction stat, even if the hit was received on non-Fortified Life.
  • Armor: Provides damage reduction against Physical damage. The Disobedience massively increases your Armor when you hit enemies. Make sure to get plenty of Armor on your gear and Paragon Boards. The closer you get to the cap, the more value you get out of it. The current cap versus enemies Level 154 is around 13,200 Armor and 9,600 Armor for Level 100 monsters.
  • Life: Any increase to Life you are able to get is welcome. Nodes like Magic Node on your Paragon Boards are always a good way for improving your survivability. You can also get some flat Life on your gear.
  • Unstoppable: Trample provides a short burst of Unstoppable when activated but this is your sole source.
  • Damage Reduction from Poisoned Enemies: We can take advantage of this powerful Defensive Multiplier thanks to Toxic Claws, which Poisons enemies whenever we deal Critical Strike Damage to them with the Storm Skills we proc from using Boulder in combination with Nature's Fury.
    • Natural casts of Wind Shear and Hurricane also Poison enemies when dealing a Critical Strike.
  • Damage Reduction: Any other sources of damage reduction including Guarding / of Guarding or Sheltering / of Sheltering are always welcomed.
  • Resistances: It is important to cap your Resistances and increase your survivability against Elemental damage. A combination of Gems, Jewelry Implicits, Paragon nodes and Armor pieces makes this possible. Druids also has access to Ancestral Fortitude which helps achieve this goal.

Our Damage Explained article explains how to scale your Offense.

Stat Priorities

Choosing the right stats for your gear can make or break your build. You won't always find perfect stats (also known as affixes or modifiers) though, and you may need to make a tough choice between two good pieces of equipment. Use the following list of priorities to compare your gear and pick the best.

  • Helm: Tempest Roar
    1. Damage while Shapeshifted
    2. Critical Strike Damage
    3. Maximum Spirit
    4. Poison Resistance
  • Chest Armor: Disobedience
    1. Damage Reduction from Distant Enemies
    2. Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
    3. Damage Reduction from Poisoned Enemies
    4. Damage Reduction While Fortified
    5. Maximum Life
    6. Willpower
  • Gloves: Symbiotic
    1. Critical Strike Chance
    2. Storm Skill Cooldown Reduction
    3. Attack Speed
    4. Willpower
    5. All Stats
    6. Critical Strike Damage with Earth Skills
  • Pants: Might
    Implicit: Potion Grants Barrier
    1. Ranks of Boulder
    2. Total Armor
    3. Damage Reduction from Poisoned Enemies
    1. Damage Reduction While Fortified
    1. Damage Reduction from Distant Enemies
    2. Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
    1. Damage Reduction
    2. Maximum Life
  • Boots: Wind Striker
    Implicit: Attacks Reduce Evade's Cooldown
    1. Movement Speed
    2. Spirit Cost Reduction
    3. All Stats
    4. Movement Speed for 4 Seconds After Killing an Elite
    5. Willpower
    6. Damage Reduction while Injured
    7. Dodge
  • Amulet: Dolmen Stone
    1. Nature Magic Skill Cooldown Reduction
    2. Resource Generation
    3. Maximum Life
    4. Ranks of All Wrath Skills
  • Rings: Natural Balance & the Umbral
    1. Critical Strike Chance
    2. Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
    3. Physical Damage
    4. Maximum Life
    5. Ressource Generation
    6. Vulnerable Damage
    7. Critical Strike Damage
    8. Critical Strike Damage with Earth Skills
  • Weapon (Axe): Metamorphic Stone
    1. High Damage per Second
    2. Willpower
    3. All Stats
    4. Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
    5. Core Skill Damage
    6. Vulnerable Damage
    7. Critical Strike Damage
    8. Critical Strike Damage with Earth Skills
  • Off-Hand (Totem): Retaliation
    1. High Damage per Second
    2. Critical Strike Chance
    3. Damage Reduction from Poisoned Enemies
    4. Damage Reduction while Fortified
    5. Spirit Cost Reduction
    6. Cooldown Reduction*
    7. Resource Generation
    8. Willpower
      * If you need more of it, make Cooldown Reduction a priority when striving to maintain permanent Hurricane uptime with just one Symbiotic activation

This build benefits the most from the following consumables:

  • Elixirs: Elixir of Cruelty, Elixir of Fortitude, Elixir of Savagery, Elixir of Magic Resist, Heady Precision Elixir, Heady Assault Elixir, Iron Skin Elixir
  • Incenses: Chorus of War, Blessed Guide, Reddamine Buzz, Song of the Mountain, Soothing Spices

FAQ & Mechanics

Once a guide is released, many players have questions on why and how we are approaching certain choices. In this section you can find the answers to the questions that have been asked the most.

Why don't you use Vasily's Prayer?

Where can I find Tempest Roar?

Where can I find Dolmen Stone?


Learn all you need to know about how to scale this build in the endgame.

Dolmen Stone

Aspect of the Umbral

Video Guide

Boulder Druid Build Guide Video

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The Boulder Druid is a tanky and powerful build with good AoE and consistent single target damage. Dolmen Stone, Symbiotic and Metamorphic Stone are mandatory for the build to function. It excels at all content, whether it be Uber Lilith, Speed Farming, or the highest level of Nightmare Dungeons, which is Tier 100. The build features high defenses through multiple Legendary Aspects, as well as a ton of stackable Damage Reductions on gear. Its unique playstyle revolving around Dolmen Stone makes it very enjoyable and as close as you can get to a classic Hammerdin in Diablo II... except for those moments when you encounter a Suppressor Elite.

  • Activate Blood Howl and Hurricane.
  • Spam Boulder and weave in Wind Shear to benefit from many Buffs.
  • Use Petrify against dangerous threats.
  • Fill your Spirit easily thanks to Umbral and your constant CC, in particular from Boulder.
  • Run through hordes of monsters and enjoy your big rocks!

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