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Community Tier List – February

Last Updated: February 24th 2024

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The votes are in! Your voices have been heard in our recent poll on class performance, and the results are very interesting.

We've received some amazing feedback after this first poll, and it seems that the community likes knowing what other people think! We want to gather and amplify your thoughts through this poll, as well as future ones, but we also know there are some improvements to make.

Changes to Future Community Polls & Tier Lists

We're looking to make the following changes to our future polls, as soon as possible. Praying to the Maxroll Devs!

  • Current results will be hidden by default until you've cast your vote. We're aware this could have impacted some people's decisions, and hope that this will make future polls more impartial. After you've voted, you will also be able to see the total number of votes for each result.
  • An option to skip voting for classes that you haven't encountered enough to form an opinion on them. This should alleviate some of the pressure to cast a vote.
  • Better timing! In the future, you can expect to have a more timely poll with a specific deadline and quicker results.
  • Fixing visual bugs. Another concern was that people were casting multiple votes by refreshing the page. We want to assure everyone this was just a visual issue, as that would remove your previous vote and only count the new one.
  • Adding a Tier List category to the Lost Ark Maxroll homepage that contains an overview of current and future tier lists.
  • Highlighting changes in ranking. If an engraving changed its rank compared to the previous tier list, it will be highlighted with an appropriate indicator on its left side.
  • Integrating polls within the tier list itself. We're hoping this will improve your experience when casting your vote.

We're excited to share these results with you, and hope to see your votes on the next Balance Patch!

Tier List

Since Supports are in a unique position, we've decided to take them aside from the rest of the classes:

  • Artist and Paladin both received an overwhelming amount of S ratings. This is likely attributed to their invaluable contribution and their flexibility, as well as their well-rounded utility kits.
  • Bard managed to land herself a spot in B Tier. Although her potential is amazing, she can have some trouble with consistency. Her build often has to be specialized either on utility or on mana management and buff uptime, while also lacking the ability to cleanse.

Community Tier Lists are based on the average encounter of each class while raiding through Party Finder and Match Making. It doesn't factor in the absolute potential of each class (commonly known as the Skill Ceiling).

Ratings were based on a scale of 1 - 5 and weighted based on the quantity of votes that each tier received. The average total votes for each poll were around 2700. Builds are listed according to their score, from highest to lowest within their respective tiers, left to right.

S+ Tier

Top 3 Builds

Night's Edge Souleater
Full Moon Harvester Souleater
Surge Deathblade

S Tier

Top Tier Performance [4.5+]

Esoteric Skill Enhancement Wardancer
Predator Slayer
Energy Overflow Soulfist

A Tier

Great Performance [3.5 - 4.49]

Remaining Energy Deathblade
Hunger Reaper
Death Strike Sharpshooter
Pinnacle Glaivier
Order of the Emperor Arcanist
First Intention Wardancer
Barrage Enhancement Artillerist
Taijutsu Scrapper
Empress's Grace Arcanist
Lunar Voice Reaper
Punisher Slayer
Robust Spirit Soulfist
Arthetinean Skill Machinist
Enhanced Weapon Deadeye
Lone Knight Gunlancer
Wind Fury Aeromancer
Shock Training Scrapper
Pistoleer Deadeye
Deathblow Striker
Rage Hammer Destroyer
Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter
Loyal Companion Sharpshooter
Mayhem Berserker

B Tier

Below Average Performance [2.5 - 3.49]

Esoteric Flurry Striker
Igniter Sorceress
Berserker's Technique Berserker
Drizzle Aeromancer
Combat Readiness Gunlancer
Peacemaker Gunslinger
Master Summoner
Demonic Impluse Shadowhunter
Control Glaivier
Evolutionary Legacy Machinist

C Tier

Poor Performance [1.5 - 2.49]

Reflux Sorceress
Gravity Training Destroyer
Time to Hunt Gunslinger
Firepower Enhancement Artillerist

D Tier

Severely Underperforming [Below 1.49]

Communication Overflow Summoner


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Reviewed by Civo, Raeinor

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