Night’s Edge Souleater Raid Build Guide

Last Updated: November 17th 2023

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The Soul Eater is one of the latest Assassin subclass that arrives in Arkesia with the powers of the undead. Choose between harvesting the power of ghostly Ghast skills that cut through foes fast, or unleashing the power of Deathlord Mode. In this article, we will focus on Night's Edge, which focuses on building Edge Meter.

Night's Edge changes your normal Possession Meter to Edge Meter. In Soul Snatch state, your Deathlord Skills will be disabled for 12s but your Ghast Skills will be enhanced. Your main goal, however, is to still make use of the enhanced Deathlord Skills (which can only be used at 3 Soulstones with this engraving).

Strike fast with your ghostly scythe and powerful Deathlord attacks.

MobilityVery High
Back AttackNot Required

Check out the Full Moon Harvester Souleater Guide for an alternative Souleater playstyle.

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 50 before transitioning to it. Check out the 1-50 Leveling guides to reach Level 50.

Check out the Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons guides for an introduction to their content.

Raid Skill Build

Ghast Skills

  • Lunatic Edge is your party 6% damage increase synergy and also the most important part is Shadow Snatch that helps you get high movement speed buff to benefit from Raid Captain, taking Deathlord's Appearance grants extra hit to generate more Soul Stone gauge.
  • Harvest generates a good amount of Soul Stone gauge and also provides Level 1 Destruction Check. Due to its low cooldown, this skill is usually in every gauge gain sequence.
  • Lethal Spinning is one of your higher damage Ghast Skill and provides decent Stagger when needed. It also generates gauge well.
  • Rusted Nail is your Counter skill and can used to generate Soul Stone gauge as well.

Stygian Skills

  • Death Order can generate a good amount of Soul Stone gauge but it can be interrupted easily due to not having any kind of Push Immunity. This skill can replace Astaros or use when lack of skill points.
  • Soul Drain generates a decent amount of Soul Stone gauge with a very fast animation. Because of it's ease of use and multi hits, it's a great skill to pair with Conviction and Judgment.
  • Astaros also provides a decent amount of Soul Stone gauge and it's also one of your highest Stagger Check skill. Usually only use in 422 setup but you can replace Soul Drain in 413 setup if more Stagger is needed.

Deathlord Skills

These 3 skills are your main burst skills in the kit.

  • Reaper's Scythe is paired with Weak Point Detection for quicker animation but you can use Condensed Soul (rotation will need to be adjusted slightly).
  • Guillotine Swing provides a decent Stagger Check and Destruction Check.
  • Vestige provides a good amount of Destruction as the skill can be casted twice with Two Souls, the Destruction Check can be further improved with Weak Point Enhancement. The 2nd row tripod for highest damage option is Concentrated Attack but will be a bit slower.
Use the Scroll Bar to see the minimum Skill Point allocation

Gameplay & Skill Rotation

Night's Edge Souleater gameplay revolves around generating max Soul Stones to enable the next Deathlord Skill cast to be enhanced, dealing additional damage increase. Casting a certain amount of Deathlord Skills will max out Edge Gauge which will automatically enter Soul Snatch state which increases your Attack Speed by 20% , Movement Speed by 10% , and 300% combat resource recovery. Furthermore, Your Ghast Skills are boosted with 120% damage increase along with 40% cooldown reduction, but during the 12 seconds of Soul Snatch state window, your Deathlord Skills will be disabled.

The damage boost and cooldown reduction to Ghast Skills from Soul Snatch state may sound tempting to optimize towards, but it is merely compensating missing damage from not being able to cast Deathlord Skills and in some scenario, it might be damage lost as well if you can't make full use of the cooldown reductions.

The rotations are flexible as long as you can space out generators into different sequences; Soul Drain or Astaros or Lethal Spinning are the long cooldown gauge generators , so choose 1 for the 1st cycle of getting 3 Soul Shard and then continue with Lunatic Edge and Harvest, you can use Rusted Nail to help fill up gauge if you needed a couple more hits from the skills previously before you get to cast a enhanced Deathlord Skill. Reminder the most important thing is that on normal cast Deathlord Skill provides 10% Edge Meter and enhanced Deathlord Skill gives 30% Edge Meter.

Note: Conviction and Judgment can be pair on any of these 3 skills:

  • Soul Drain
  • Lunatic Edge
  • Harvest

You have to adjust your skill sequence whenever the cycle has these 3 skills involved, try not to proc Judgment effect when entering Soul Snatch state as it does not benefit from the buff. Try to proc Judgment for the 1st rotation when you get out of Soul Snatch state to benefit from the cooldown reduction effect.

Examples of Rotations


If you have full Soul Stone at the start or used Deathbringer to get full Soul Stones. you can cast (Enhanced)Guillotine Swing immediately and continue 1st rotation below for (Enhanced)Reaper's Scythe and everything will remain the same after.

  • Deathbringer > (Enhanced)Guillotine Swing
  • Lunatic Edge > Soul Drain > Harvest > (Enhanced)Reaper's Scythe > Continue from 2.Lethal Spinning
  1. Lunatic Edge > Soul Drain > Harvest > (Enhanced)Guillotine Swing
  2. Reaper's Scythe > Lethal Spinning > Vestige > Rusted Nail > Lunatic Edge> Harvest > (Enhanced)Vestige
  3. (Lunatic Edge > Soul Drain > Harvest) > *Rusted Nail > (Enhanced)Guillotine Swing > Reaper's Scythe > Soul Snatch state
  4. If you didn't enter Soul Snatch state, you can either use other Deathlord Skills to fill up gauge or do another 3 Soul Stones sequence burst, since Deathlord Skills are your main damage burst anyway.

*If you need it to fill a little Soul Stone gauge.
(3.) Adjust skill sequence cast by delaying the skill that is paired Judgment or cast another skill instead to avoid proccing Judgment buff right before entering Soul Snatch state.

Rotation during Soul Snatch state:

Lethal Spinning > Lunatic Edge > Harvest > Lunatic Edge > Harvest > Lethal Spinning > Lunatic Edge > Harvest

Occasionally you can fit Astaros at the very beginning of the rotation for tiny min-maxing damage but make sure not to use it late or it'll mess up the Soul Stone gauge rotations sequence. You can also throw in a couple Rusted Nail.

Stats Priority

Night's Edge Souleater wants high Crit Rate for consistent damage burst when casting enhanced Deathlord Skills. So, stacking Crit stats or going for Hallucination Set if you are going for a slightly more balanced setting helps for damage consistency.

  • Standard Build: Focus Crit stats as high as possible for consistent damage burst from your Deathlord Skills and a sprinkle of Swiftness stats from necklace and bracelet for cooldown reduction and comfortable attack speed and movement speed.
  • 60:40 Ratio Crit-Swiftness split: get Crit on your necklace and 2 earrings, Pet bonus and bracelet and Swiftness on rings, necklace and bracelet. This will get you around 1300-1400 Crit and 1000 Swiftness stats, this stats spread offer higher cooldown reduction and speed comfy but you will need to use Hallucination Set to compensate for missing Crit Rate. This is the preferred setup for 422 variant.


Bracelets provide beneficial effects to yourself or to your party members depending on the rolls.

Note: Bracelets should not be your top priority to optimize since it'll be much more efficient to optimize your other gear first. Bracelets are costly! So slowly build towards a Main Stat and a Sub Stat. Anything else is extra!

Check out the Bracelet Guide for more details.
Possible Special Effects to Roll:


Combat Stats(Swiftness + Crit)


Basic Effect(Dexterity)
Sawtooth Blade
Weapon Power
Expose Weakness


Class Engravings provide powerful benefits that can significantly change play style. Battle Engravings are generally used to increase damage. Below are the recommended Engravings for this build.

Check out the Engraving Guide for more details.

Starter Engravings

  • Night's Edge engraving, although the bonus effect from enter Soul Snatch state sounds convincingly rewarding but it's mostly just damage compensation as you are not able to use your Deathlord Skills for 12 seconds, so the main important part of this engraving is the enhanced Deathlord Skills which is casting a Deathlord Skills when you have 3 Soul Stones massively increase damage dealt by Deathlord Skills.
  • Grudge* increases damage done to bosses while also increasing damage received from bosses. The engraving is a highly effective damage increase that does not require specific positioning, making it worthwhile even with the penalty.

Add-On Endgame Engravings

  • Keen Blunt Weapon* provides good damage increase since reaching above 58% Crit Rate isn't much of an issue for Soul Eater during core damage burst rotations.
  • Raid Captain goes really well with Soul Eater builds as Lunatic Edge's Shadow Snatch , Support's Yearning Set effect, and Deathlord Mode easily caps out movement speed for the maximum potential of this engraving.
  • Adrenaline can be used for fixing low crit rate and it is easy to maintain stacks with the low cooldown skills available in this build kit.
  • Cursed Doll* provides a significant Attack Power increase at the cost of 25% healing penalty. The healing penalty can be punishing for inexperienced players not familiar with boss mechanics.

(*)These Engravings should only be used at Engraving Level 3.

Optimal Setups

Engravings are listed in order of priority from left to right.

Ancient Accessories Phase

Night's Edge
Keen Blunt Weapon
Raid Captain
Cursed Doll
Ether Predator

Relic Accessories Phase

Night's Edge
Keen Blunt Weapon
Raid Captain

Gear Sets

These are the specific gear sets for each tier.
Check out the Gear Set Guide for more details.

Early Game

250-1100 gearscore
Providence Set

1250-1340 gearscore
Dimensional Set

Early Tier 3

1340 -1414 gearscore
Erupting Waves Set

Piercing Gaze Set

Craft any combination of the legendary gear sets listed above and try to push to 1415 as soon as possible.

Tier 3 Legion Raid Set

1415-1490-1580+ gearscore
Nightmare Set
(Preferable for 413 setups)

Hallucination Set
(Preferable for 422 setups)

The name of your set will change with every higher tier gearset you acquire, but the set effect will remain the same. Look for the keyword of your set when recrafting it so you don't easily get lost.(e.g Entropy, Hallucination etc)

Sidereal Weapon

Recommended Sidereal Unity Effects for your Flowing Dawncleaver are Thirain and Balthorr.

Check out the Sidereal Weapon Guide for more details.


Runes enhance Skills with extra bonuses. All Rune drops are account bound and have limited availability, so placement of Runes on the correct Skills is important. Below are the recommended pairings.
Check the Rune Guide for more details.

Reaper's ScytheGalewind
Guillotine SwingOverwhelm
Soul DrainConviction
Lunatic EdgeJudgment
Lethal SpinningGalewind
HarvestQuick Recharge
Rusted NailPurify
Quick Recharge
  • Conviction and Judgment combo can be used for the cooldown reduction effect at the beginning of the rotations or to help sustain Magick Addiction effect from Nightmare Set.
  • Galewind is ideal for speeding up your highest damage dealing skills.
  • Overwhelm helps increases Stagger Check when quick burst of staggers are needed.
  • Quick Recharge is paired with a low cooldown skill, making it a higher chance to proc more frequently.
  • Focus can be used to help alleviate mana management issues.
  • Purify can be useful to cleanse off debuffs applied by certain bosses like Sonavel and Akkan.

Gear Skill Tree

While Gems add benefits to skills, you can also increase the effects of Skill Tree themselves. Skill Tree levels go up to 5 and each level can increase the damage, cooldown reduction or buff that they provide.

For more information on how to add equipment Skill Tree and how to get them, please visit our Skill Tree System Guide.

VestigeMind Enhancement
Concentrated Attack
Two Souls
Reaper's Scythe*Weak Point Detection
Feiton's Red Moon
Guillotine SwingCross Swing
Feiton's Red Moon
Delain Shackles
Soul DrainGravedigger
Death Grudge
Lunatic EdgeShadow Snatch
Deathlord's Appearance
Lethal SpinningKeen Strike
Weak Point Detection
Deathlord's Appearance
HarvestQuick Prep
Day of Anguish
Deathlord's Appearance
Rusted NailQuick Prep

(*) Skill Preferences.


Gems grant bonus damage and cooldown reduction to specific skills. You can only equip 11 of these Gems at a time so it is recommended that you prioritize the Gems for your most important skills.

Please visit our Gem System Guide for more information like how to create higher tier Gems.

Attack Gems

Guillotine Swing
Reaper's Scythe*
Lethal Spinning


Cooldown Gems

Guillotine Swing
Reaper's Scythe*
Lunatic Edge
Lethal Spinning


(*) Skill Preferences.

Having higher level Cooldown Gems help smoothen out the Soul Stone gauge gain rotations with priority display from top to bottom.

Card Sets

Cards are an endgame system for maximizing your character. Below are the recommend sets for this class.
Check out the Card Guide for more details on how to obtain them.

Budget Card Set

Budget Card Set 2

This card set does not replace Light of Salvation set or Kazero's Legion Commanders set, but it can be use if you're new to the game and has set to get your Light of Salvation/Kazero's Legion Commanders set +18 or +30 yet.

Optimal Damage Card Set


  • Night's Edge Souleater has unique gameplay different from many other classes DPS cycles, upon using up too many Deathlord Skills, it will force you into activating your Identity unwillingly disabling your Deathlord Skills skills for the entire Identity duration(12 seconds), during this state you're able to spam your Ghast Skills with increased damage and short cooldown. However the main damage distribution from this build comes from using enhanced Deathlord Skills rather than the Identity mode spams.
  • Night's Edge Souleater focuses on getting high Crit stats for more consistent burst damage from Deathlord Skills since Soul Snatch state does not provide enough consistent DPS depending on situations in raids compared to more reliable burst damage.
  • Although the given examples of rotation might look complicated, it is just concept of rotating a sequence between Lunatic Edge > 1 Long Cooldown Generator > Harvest > Rusted Nail > Deathlord Skills.
  • There's no need to worry about not entering Soul Snatch state, you can just continue cycling back to enhanced Deathlord Skills rotations.
  • Lethal Spinning, Guillotine Swing and Astaros are your quick Stagger Check burst.
  • Rusted Nail is your Counter, the 2nd hit has Counter property as well.


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